Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clone Agenda & Conspiracy

The Paul is Dead (PID) rumor was so widespread at one point that [Faul] McCartney “was asked a thousand times” if he were “Paul or his clone” that he “prepared a ready-made answer: ‘I am neither Paul nor his clone, but I went out last night with your wife.’”

(Source: “Paul McCartney: A new Interview in an italian newspaper,” MaccaBlog, November 25, 2009)

Well, there is scant evidence to suggest that Faul is a clone of Paul McCartney, especially considering the myriad physical differences. No, he's just a good replica... However, the Clone Agenda is tangentially related to PID research, as clones seem to be used as sources for impostor-replacements. I invite you to peruse two threads on ATS that were started by Getsmart, who has also contributed his research and considerable knowledge to this blog. 

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  1. Hey, Tina, we survived the end of times. Thanks for the research. Freak Faul FcFartney; word!

  2. Tina,

    I'm fascinated by all your research! But there's one question I have that I've never seen answered anywhere:

    What about Paul McCartney's birth family? Surely Paul's parents and brother would know that Paul had be "replaced"! WHY would they have been silent all those years? THAT aspect of this whole story just doesn't make any sense!

  3. Hi, Jonny,

    Of course, everyone who knew Paul knows Faul is a fraud. Blackmail, threats, bribes, etc, would keep people silent. Just look at Mal Evans & Heather Mills...


  4. Faul performed Helter Skelter at the 121212 concerts. Need I say more?

  5. Given Faul's preponderence for fornicating females from the East Coast, one could conclude that his real name is Sandy. Hare Krisna.


  7. Feorge Harrison. Fohn Lennon. Fingo Starr. They left those glaring omissions out of the history books!

  8. Heather Mills definitely knows the real truth or should I say found out the truth. She is scared and she should be. Power and money and lies is a toxic mix.

    I was 6 when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan for the first time. I didn't understand my own feelings of liking Paul in the early years and then strangely disliking him. I had heard the rumor of Paul's death in the 60's but thought it was a hoax at that time. Now and couldn't be more sure he did die and was replaced.

    Hope you don't mind me posting the video.

  9. Just for info, Angie McCartney is releasing her autobiography next week. I'm sure it will have been severely vetted by the powers that be, but you never know there could be some subtle clues in there about Paul. Angie is Paul's stepmother, married his father in 1964. Interestingly one of the stories used by Angie for the promotion of the book is how the song Blackbird came about - inspired by her mother during one of Paul's stays with them - but I googled Blackbird and there are many references to Paul saying it was written in Scotland and was about black civil rights in the US! Who's lying?!

  10. This has probable been posted before but to me is very telling. Here is George Harrison calling Paul by the name Faul and basically saying that the problem between him, Ringo and Faul is the something that has been carried on long enough.

    I can't prove it, but I think George being outspoken was why George was attacked in his home by the deranged and likely brainwashed Michael Abram. The man was there to kill him and if Georges wife hadn't beaten the attacker senseless with a metal lamp-stand he would have.

    It appears George never bought totally into this cover-up and wanted to clear the air. It must have been a very big burden for him to carry the secret around. For the sake of his soul I pray this subterfuge finally blows up in 2013.

  11. These are photos from August 29th 1966 at San Francisco airport.

    The switch has been made.

    Things to note - They are all wearing shades except Faul. John and Ringo look apprehensive. George is smirking as if to say "ok let's see how this one goes".

  12. Here is a photo from the Warwick Hotel in Seattle. Why does only one of the Beatles look happy?

    George looks pissed; John looks disgusted and Ringo looks like he wishes he was somewhere else. Paul has been replaced by Faul.

    My take now is that the removal of Paul happened here in the USA in August between the 25th and 29th..

    If someone could trace Paul's movements between August 25th 1966 and August 29th then this may get solved.

  13. The Beatles - Press Conference Los Angeles, 28 August 1966

    At around 5:34 a female reporter asks John “Have you ever trained or used Beatle doubles as decoys”.

    All quickly answer no and then Paul makes a remark that we asked Brian Epstein to do it but he wouldn’t.

    This is such irony given that the date is August 28 1966 which appears to be so close to the switch date.

    By the way my post above regarding the photo from the Warwick Hotel may is actually listed on some places as the Warwick in NY. The date being August 22. It sure looks like Faul and not Paul. Things are very dicey in August 1966 for the Beatles. To me this appears to be when it all went down.

  14. This is the film from August 29th 1966 at San Francisco airport.

    The switch has been made.

    Things to note - Faul hides behind his own camera coming down the stairs. Paul is never seen again.


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