Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paul is Dead / PID on NCK & Friends - Tina Foster

Tina Foster will be back on NCK&Friends to talk more about PID (Paul is Dead) with host, Jeff Daugherty. The show will air live on Monday, Dec. 10 at 9:30 PST/Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 12:30 EST and can be heard on blogtalk radio here

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Tina's PID interview with Jeff from Dec. 4, 2012 can be heard here:

Listen to internet radio with nckabbalah on Blog Talk Radio

Or see LINK to blogtalkradio video at their website.

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Thanks for your support in getting the message about Paul McCartney out!

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. I found something I though you might find interesting. I found a book at the library it's called "the most Evil secret societies in history" by Shelly Klein. As they start talking about the illuminati and its sub groups it says this: these societies have operated throughout the world in many countries such as Japan, America, Kenya, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
    So if we're looking for possible illuminati connections do you think it's possible that they picked up Faul from one in Kenya? Maybe that what the Kenya trip was all about, getting the replacement. Also Kenya has had several top schooled cosmetic surgeons working there. Hmmmm. I wonder.

  2. Thank you! Yes, the Kenya trip has come up before as a place where Faul might have had plastic surgery. I did not know they might scout for talent in Kenya, but who knows anymore? It's a massive psyop we're trying to expose. As a friend pointed out recently, it's making it harder for the Illuminati to threaten others with replacement, b/c people ARE noticing!

  3. I really do hope we can get this out there and get the truth. I think it's absolutely terrible that poor Paul was just discarded like that and robbed of a burial and remembrance. It's truly heartbreaking

  4. Tina, you are really terrific at radio interviews. I've heard several and you come off as very down to earth and very smart. I'm sure Faul and his co-conspirators cringe at the mention of your name because of this! I've tried to get a few friends to check out your interviews and your blog but nobody cares. I find it par for the course in today's America. Sad. The whole PID thing led me to the illuminati and I think I remember you saying a similar thing. I also have tried to use the PID facts to wake people up to the illuminati, still no luck! Oh well, it can seem lonely to a degree when you see how the worlds power structure works when just about everyone else wont even bother to humour me enough to take a look. Its good to have folks as great as you to get some good information and ideas from so keep up the fantastic work! ®¡¢k

    1. Thanks, Rick. I really appreciate the support. I'm only trying to reach people like you who are smart & who care.

      ☆彡 ☆ミHAPPY NEW YEAR! ☆彡 ☆ミ

  5. They also denied Jamies living family any chance of truly mourning, Also that phoney is claiming ownership to dads work, everyone knows now. Love and Peace Stephen.


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