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Paul McCartney is Dead / PID discussion with Tina Foster on Radio Abirato (Parts 1 & 2)

Tina Foster will be discussing the Paul is Dead psy-op on Saturday, February 9, 2013 on Radio Abirato. The show will be on at 8 pm EST. 

Listen to the show here: ep27-Tina Foster of plasticmacca

Part II:


The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Check the Ed Sullivan show in 1965 BEFORE the 1966 US tour and prior to Memphis and LA and San Fran.

    It's FAUL and not Paul. What do you know.

    8-14-1965 Final Show - FAUL -

    I'll be dammed.

    Compare to Ed Sullivan 1st appearance

    Im Down - LOL :}

    1. It's not Faul in 65. IN fact that verson of Yesterday is the best I've seen-Paul looks at his right hand one time at the start- that's it- his fingers are all over the frets unwatched and independent. Faul is incapable of playing left handed guitar like that- he has NEVER EVER been able to pull it off- campare to this-


      He even slows it down to make it easier to play, but he still cant play it without eyballing his right hand. Faul turns a masterpiece into an out of tune dirge


  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FkQWAc27FU

    At 14:48 John thanks Faul and says "It was just like him' after singing Yesterday.

    They are all so phony. I have this whole thing figured out.

    1. I just re-watched it...I thought I've seen and heard it all but that was definitely unsettling.
      "Thank you Paul. It was just like him."

    2. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought I've seen and heard it all before but that bit when John said, "Thank you, Paul. It was just like him." was very unsettling.

      I initially thought this footage was digitally Faulsified by altering Paul's voice and elongating his face but John Lennon's comment after the Yesterday performance made me realize that this an actual appearance of Faul at the time.


  4. They removed the 64 video from You Boob. The 65 footage is doctored. Go on EBay and snatch up the pre-Faul memorbilia. Last Testament of George Harrison is disinformation because the dates are inaccurate. Freak the polique. Macon Carrington rules and Jonny Dont Play is a CIA shill. Hey, ill-at -ease-illuminati; the ninth rung of hell just got lowered to the tenth degree should you ever attempt to harm or kill me.

    1. Doctored '65 video... I didn't think of that, yet I do know that they've doctored still photos of Paul to make it look like it was Faul. Now I've got to see the original '65 Ed Sullivan tapes! I've heard that Faul could have been Aliester Crowley's son, does anyone have an opinion on this? I do think that Barbara Bush is AliesterCrowley's daughter. There is some really good evidence about her mother being with Crowley at the time of Barbara's conception as well as the photos of them side by side is quite close in the facial structure. So in other words, it's very possible that Crowley had some kids that were bred to hold positions in life in order to help the plan for the destruction of civilization as we know it. One of the little bastards *could be Faul.

  5. Good call anonymous! It's clearly not Paul McCartney on the last Ed Sullivan appearance. Boy this opens up a whole new can of worms of why they trotted him out a year before they did away with Paul McCartney.

  6. Thanks Rick –

    I was just using my God given eyes and common sense and was stunned when I saw this. First it is Paul, then Faul, then Paul, then Faul. What is going on here?

    I did some thinking on this and came up with the following. When you have a valuable asset the first thing you do is insure it. Lloyds of London has insured everything from Betty Grables’ legs to Barbara Streisands’ voice. They insured the Beatles first American tour for 1 million.

    Now take this one step further. Let’s say I have this money maker and want to keep that money machine rolling forever. Well then, just in case get a double. Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin had doubles so why not create or hire a human double. Hollywood does it all the time with stunt doubles.

    Deception is a key feature with the entertainment industry so this scenario fits right in. Unfortunately for us, deception is also a key component of politics as well :{

    Let’s face it, wherever money and power are found, deception usually resides creating a sort of Devils workshop environment. Bad things happen.

    Maybe Paul was sick or just didn’t want to do the performing anymore or Brian Epstein loathed him. Or maybe he had to be removed for other sinister reasons; hard to know without a big break by way of someone coming forward.

    Overall I guess I am disappointed that Paul’s mates never took that step of overtly coming forward with the truth.

    I am going to keep poking around with this and will post anything I find of significance.

    From Wiki - “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive'?

    The meaning is, basically, that lies beget more lies, and that masking lies with more lies creates an ever-more-complex arrangement of falsehoods.

  7. Okay, now we're really getting somewhere. If Faul was onboard with the substitution scheme even earlier than the rumoured "tragic accident," then perhaps that "tragic accident" was actually a phoney cover-of-a-coverup. For many years I disregarded what I suspected were just wild speculations about how Beatlemania was devised and run as a massive piece of social engineering by the demonic wonks at the Tavistock Institute. But this newly discovered puzzle piece, added to the growing mountain of Crowley connections (way beyond the Sgt. Pepper links) that have been discovered by researchers in the post-9/11 era of awakening, suggests it's time for designing a more comprehensive hypothesis/paradigm to explain the emergence of Faul in place of Paul. Perhaps the pair are/were genetically related, if not by conventional parentage, then by the same (dare I say) alien/Nazi "cloning" technology that gave "birth" to the multiple Lee Oswalds (as referenced, long ago, in a cryptic comment from Lee's former bunkmate, the Prime Discordian himself, Kerry Thornley).

    1. What's the newly discovered puzzle piece? That it was Faul in '65 on Ed Sullivan? That Paul was complicit in this switch, or whatever it is? As we've also seen, a lot of photos and videos of Paul have been altered, so who knows.

      I would find it hard to believe that Paul and Faul were genetically related but, in actuality, nothing surprises me anymore.

    2. What's the newly discovered puzzle piece? That it was Faul in '65 on Ed Sullivan? -

      YES. Faul suddenly appears, I believe for the very first time, on the Ed Sullivan show in 1965. Moving forward in time, the real Paul is the 1966 US tour Memphis for sure. However near the end of the same tour, Faul re-appears and embarks from the tour plane in San Fran during. The switching back and forth ends here. From this point forward it is all Faul. The car crash scenario is disinformation. They stop touring and they spend the next years hiding in their wardrobe, hair, drug and transcendental disguises.

      That Paul was complicit in this switch, or whatever it is?
      YES - most definitely complicit. In my opinion he wanted out. All the band and managers were complicit; and those alive still are.

      Some lies take on a world of their own and become so large that they have to be covered up at all costs. I think this is one of them.

  8. Hi there Tina, loved your interview. With respect, there is one subject that keeps coming up that I feel necessary to address.

    As a musicologist and historian I struggle with the strict dogma of 440 Hz vs. 432 Hz.

    First of all, analogue recording, ALL analogue recording, from records to tapes to video to film are running at inexact and unconstant speeds. The tape recorder in the studio is recording the music at fluctauting speed and the tape is played back and mixed at fluctuating speed to two track tape which also recorded and played back at fluctuating speed. Each generation the alanogue recording is dubbed magnifies the error.

    Furthermore, when a tape was played back on a different machine to which it was recorded, it always plays back, however slightly at a different speed. Know it or not, a cassette bought from the store was playing back at different speeds in the house and the car, and on the radio you were hearing a different dub played at a different speed with inherent built in speed variations.

    Every time an analogue recording is transferred to digital it plays differently. In this way audiophiles can analyze the samples on a CD and tell whether or not it was taken from the same digital transfer as another CD. Every transfer is different.

    Not until the advent of digital recording did exact pitch exist outside of live sound. In very recent years a technology called "Plangent Processes" has been developed to correct the inaccuracies of analogue recorings.

    Every new development in sound recording has been opposed by proponents of previous methods, being convince that the mental and physical benefits of listening to music have been lost to technology.

    When the Beatles first hit, generations who had been conditioned to believe Sinatra was good, highbrow music thought the Beatles was amateur kid's stuff, openly mocked by James Bond in an early movie.

    When valves were discontinued in favour of transistors, audiophiles complained of the lack of warmth.

    When we switched from analogue to digital many long term music lovers noted they didn't get the same "massage" from a CD as a vinyl album. The jury is still out on whether analogue actually can sound superior or whether it is more a case of vinyl being more euphonically pleasing by virtue of the format; an actual needle physically vibrating to the music. Ironically this argument has been taken to absurd places in recent years with the advent of Vinyl LPs taken from digital sources; an ignorant listener might be listening to an alalogue dub of a digital CD on vinyl and have no idea what the ANALOGUE version sounded like, all the while thinking they are hearing it.


  9. cont'd from above

    Conversely, in 1966 The Beatles started experimenting with varispeed (in addition to a plethora of other tricks) as a recording and mixing technique, notably on the slowed down backing track of "Rain" which gave the record a droning quality, and they used varispeed to extreme degrees with Strawberry Fields, Pepper and so on. This coincided with the replacement of Paul McCartney and a lot of people stopped liking their music who previously had.
    Actually George Martin had technically used varispeed on the Please Please Me album when he slowed the tape down to half speed to add the piano solo on "Misery", which when played back at normal speed made the piano sound sped up. He used the same technique on "In My Life" (Rubber Soul, 1965)

    As far as 440 Hz being inherently worse than 432 Hz this could manifest in practical terms if you are used to tuning your "A" to 432. By tuning your instrument higher, the strings are stretched tighter and rendered harder to play and more pressure is put on the wood of the instrument (if we are talking about a guitar or a violin, for example.) And to the listener, the slightly higher key might sound slightly more strained, at more vibrations per second and the strains put on the instrument and instrumentalist.

    Let me frame the issue with some questions;
    Given the science of 440 being A in concert pitch which then would be more harmful?;
    A flat (or G sharp) as 415.3 Hz (which it is relative to A being 440) or A 432? Should I also be afraid of all the notes of the scale relative to A in 440? Or would I be safer if I did the numerical calculations and dubbed my entire collection to the pitch relative to A=432 Hz?

    I can't subscribe to such narrow parameters. Music is about freedom of expression, and a musician does not pick up an instrument so they can set about tuning it to a pitch that offends their spirit and destroys their soul while they blindly play away and think they are getting comfort from it.

    Music has been my life, and frankly I feel attacked every time this subject comes up.

    1. Attacked every time what subject comes up?

      The strict dogma of 440 Hz vs. 432 Hz or that FAUL replaced PAUL?

      You do understand the intent of this forum and investigation? Yes?

  10. Very cool video - The Beatles Live In Paris 1965

    All Paul. He is all heart when he speaks French. Just a nice guy. He was a true rock "n" roller. He had moves all his own. Got to find out what happened. Won't be happy until.


  11. Paul is the best bass player I have ever heard. Incredible song writer as well.

    The Beatles in Studio - Rubber Soul + Inedits (1965)

  12. Posted from another website

    Who is this Guy at Pauls House.

    Looks like Paul.


  13. Hi, I have been interested in PID on and off for years now. Recently got back into it. Tonight I edited the weird Sgt Pepper photo with red background, removing their mustaches and making Paul's hair go from left to right and cover most of his forehead, as it was pre-1967. The results are shocking, it is very obviously not the same man. That picture always creeped me out, on a subconscious level I knew something was not right. When seeing this think of the lyric "you've been a naughty boy you let your face grow long"! http://s8.postimage.org/fl3cyriv7/paul_hair.jpg

    youtube downloader

    1. Amazing what good research can uncover! I'm not surprised by the results. It definitely fits the lyrical clues.

  14. I would like to see your picture but the link doesnt seem to work.

  15. Guess what.

    The introduction of FAUL predates the 1966 America Tour.

    This is the Japan July 1966 concert which came before the America tour.

    Watch it, it's FAUL all the way; the music and the stage presence is a total disaster. The remaining Fab 3 are not happy either.


    1. So much of the 20th century is a lie. It's truly amazing... the Beatles, the nonexistent Nazi gas chambers (absolutely proven many times), the Federal Reserve Bank, Jfk assassination, it just goes on and on. It leaves those of us who have bothered to research these historical events in a tough spot when it comes to many polite conversations as what can say because so many people are spinning thier wheels about reality. If you try and educate people about these things they think you're crazy all while you see them as lost in the dark and unable to think critically. Ugh... it's a frustrating position!

    2. Yes I agree.

      Adding to your list is hidden ancient archaeology, the basic foundation of mankind promoted in our history books is intentionally riddled with omissions and errors.

      However, be thankful for the fact that you have an open mind and are willing to apply some critical thinking to the world you live in.

      If organizations such as the The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had their way we wouldn't be having this conversation because this website would be classified as radical thinking and conspiracy theory.

      "It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government." — Thomas Paine

    3. When I watched this video on youtube for the first time, I noticed Paul's voice in this concert as not really good. In my mind I kept asking: What happened to Paul here? His singing was sub-standard. Also, after watching it again...I just noticed that Paul is taller than the rest and a bit slender.

    4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlRGleqYJBk

      The Paul/Faul signature crossover song is "Im Down".

      From the 26:00 minute mark onward of this video the Beatles sound like a home town Battle of the Bands. George laughs and luckily the concert ends.

    5. I tried your link to that video with the Beatles in Japan, but guess what?--it now says that "Apple Corps" has taken it down because it's their property or words to that effect--and, I wanted to see it very badly, too!--thanks, though, anyway. :)

  16. It could well be we are missing the big picture with Paul v Faul as it could well be a case of multiple early Paul's who could well be the some of the same post 66 Fauls too. Some early Paul's have the high arched right eyebrow and some not. http://fabfourdozen.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=pauls&action=display&thread=139.

    Note also the Paul's with the sagging left eye and the ones who don't have this.

    1. Nope. Only one Paul.

      Paul was a dynamic performer. The contrast between him and Faul is huge. If you watch enough video you can see it instantaneously. Their mannerisms on stage are night and day. When the Fab 3 were smiling it was Paul.

      Paul played Bass like you brush your teeth; it was natural based his life long love. You can hear the bass in Paul Beatle songs.

      Faul appears to hit one string at a shot and I can't hear the bass when it's Faul. He tries to impersonate Paul's stage mannerisms but can't.

      He's not Paul. Very few musicians start with playing bass. I think it is noticed in the music. I can hear the difference.

      Here is Paul in the Paris concert. Another key point, Paul was the leader, when he left the band then John took over.

      The Beatles Live In Paris 1965 Full (out of sequence but full)

      This is Faul. Feel free to do the comparison.

      The Beatles - Live - Blackpool Night Out, 1965 (Full Concert)

  17. Did you follow all the threads from the link as i think they show compelling evidence for multiple early Pauls. Some early Pauls have the high arched righteybrow some not, some early Pauls are taller than others and some early Pauls can be seen later as Fauls.

    PID programming: And the pitfalls of a “one Paul/one Faul” theory http://fabfourdozen.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=reason&action=display&thread=271

  18. Yes I looked at them. Thanks for posting. The first time I see Faul in concert video is in 1965, which is earlier than most threads have him Id'ed. There was the switching out of Paul and Faul in 1965 and 1966 concerts.

    Then after Faul was videoed coming off the plane in 1966 San Francisco, Paul to my observations, is not seen again.

    The possibility of two Fauls is definitely out there.

    The Beatles stopped touring after 66 so there isn't much good video to study. However the famous rooftop concert is definitely Faul :{

  19. Surprised you have an ad for The Last Testament of George Harrison disinfo movie here. I can see some people might want to get it, though. -- Anyway: Have u looked at and can you comment about or link to the John Lennon drawing which SHOWS Paul, dead ------ it's posted at youcanknowsometimes.blogspot.com from March 11, 2013.

  20. The illuminati love the number 33 because it is the number of Love, Money and Creativity even more so than the number 24. Here is the alphabet: A is for A Paul Corpse of course. B is for "Because" off of Abbey Road. C is the common denominator of DC5 (and they had a song called "Because" back in '64 covered by Julian Lennon 20 years after produced by red meat eating Dave Clark hims-elf in Abbey Road Studios) and MC5, whose "Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!" gave Two Virgins a run for its controversy in ushering in the counterculture. D is for Demons Behind the Music Industry in which John Todd's testimony from 1978 gets its widest audience today on the internet 34 years after he was murdered. E is for Edie, whom Faul dedicates "Blackbird" to in the Trident Studio Bootlegs from '68 sessions with his tutor, fellow Scot, Donovan P. Lietch, who has to play sideman in the sessions and to this day when he gives interviews about his time in India w/ Mike Love, Mia Farrow , the Maharishi and of course the Featles. F rhymes with Geoff as in Emerick. He was a Beatles engineer who wrote a book. Recently an engineer revealed "Blackbird," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale" intros are all by Bach. G is for Gidget starring Sally Field. H is for Helter Skelter which is what they are trying to bring about by taking away our guns but please do not listen to sociopaths like Ted Nugent. I is for "I Me Mine" which was abut Faul. J is for "Blue Jay Way" because, Rock Scully was Feorge's host when he came to the Haight in the Summer of '67. K is for Kite because H was not for Horse according to Ralphy Ellis of the Swingin' Blue Jeans. L is for LSD. M is for Michael J be it Jackson or Jagger. N is "But everyone knew her as Nancy" Shevell "There aint no Coup" Devil "hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jacks Box" free of charge (your own personal demon/ 30 in the case of the White Book of Revelations Donovan co-wrote "Rocky Racoon." O is for "Obla Di Obla Da" another song Faul ripped off from someone. P is for Pipes of Peace after the masturbatory Tug of War. Q is for Queen ELZ who gave the real Beatles MBE's before they got murdered for revealing illuminati ritual infanticide on the Yesterday and Today cover. R is for Red Rose Speedway. S is for SOS the illuminati code word found in songs by ABBA, Aerosmith, the Police and it is the title of the last episode of the Partridge Family. T is for Texas where the Beatles almost got killed before they died. U is for the umbrellas on the Beatles '65 jacket. V is for Volkswagen. X is for the Broken Cross. Why is for Yes, the November 9, 1966 interactive art at the Indica that Yoko impressed Fohn with because it did not say "Fuck You." Z is for "One Giant Zippo Lighter," in other words, Steve Lightfoot says Stephen King shot John Lennon even though he does not say that John or even Paul were doubles.

    1. I honestly am convinced that the number "33" is used by the satanists because one third of all the angels sided with satan as his rebellion--33 1/3 to be exact--it might be one reason God emphasizes "one third" all throughout the Old Testament, as well--I liked reading your note, and explanations about each letter's 'meaning'--I'd never heard of all that before--very interesting to say the least. As for the number "24"--I think instead of liking that number, they fear it--because, once "24" finally arrives, it's all over for them, period--often, satan co-ops numbers for his own use, and attaches meanings to them that are quite different from the meanings God associates with them--"13"--was a very bad time for satan, but he tries to use the number for his own ends--wishful thinking on his part--"23"--it is believed that God associates that number with death, in His written Word--but, 23, as in 23 hours, is actually still the "11th hour" on our clocks--one hour left until noon and/or until midnight--meaning all hope is not lost, and "11th hour saves" can and do happen. :)


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