Monday, September 22, 2014

Do You Want to Know a Secret? Intro to Paul is Dead (PID)

People who know him say there is “the real McCartney and there is Beatle Paul.” 1
~ Mark Edmonds

“It’s not natural for ANYONE to play Paul [McCartney].” 2
~ Matt Robertson

Paul McCartney once sang, “You don’t look different, but you have changed.” 3 The same could be said for him. In late summer of 1966, the world-famous Beatle went missing. His presumed death has been kept a secret for nearly half a century. 

How has this fact been concealed? A trained double stepped into McCartney’s Beatle boots within a matter of days (August 25-28, 1966). In addition, media manipulation, including photo-, video-, and sound-editing, have been used to further the deception [LINK]. Research on the use of doubles shows that it is not only possible to impostor-replace someone, but that it has been done [LINK].

Compelling forensic evidence has been presented as proof that Paul McCartney was switched out right under the noses of unsuspecting onlookers [LINK]. Will the world remember the talented and charming young musician, or will the operative impostor stand-in  (Faul) permanently hijack his legacy?

This blog is an attempt to expose the replacement and reclaim James Paul McCartney’s memory from those who usurped it. If you have ever wondered, “What happened to Paul McCartney?,” read this blog from the beginning.

More to come...

Stay tuned for Tina Foster’s interview with Jim Fetzer on October 6, 2014.


1 Mark Edmonds, “Sir Paul McCartney confronts the ghosts of his past,” The Sunday Times,” November 23, 2008, available at

2 Sandra Sperounes, "Meet Edmonton's Other Paul McCartneys," Edmonton Journal, November 27, 2012, available at

3 Lennon/McCartney, “I’m Looking Through You,” Rubber Soul, 1965.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. As you know and admit, all four of The Beatles were replaced. They were murdered because they exposed the illuminati's ritual infanticide on the cover of the Yesterday and Today album; also known as the Butcher Album. The first Featles album with the CIA replacements was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A bloodied doll is featured on that cover as well, donning the infamous apparel that welcomes the Rolling Stones. Though many different people have stood in to replace each deceased Beatle, some were more permanent. In rthje case of John Lennon, it was Ralph Ellis of the Swinging Blue Jeans. Ringo Starr: Tara Browne, whose fictitious death is depicted in the lyrics of "A Day in the Life." Paul McCartney? How about Keith Allison, duh! George Harrison? Peter Harrison? Does the illuminati really threaten you and your career? Do you really think David Icke is not a shill? Are any of your interviewers shills? Does your blood boil every time Yoko Ono pretends Ralph Ellis was John Lennon?

    1. Graham Nash also stood in for George Harrison, as those two look similar, and are likely cousins. Nash was born in Blackpool and George is from Liverpool, and both places are located in Lancashire county.

      David Icke IS indeed a shill, and based on comp photos I've seen of him it appears as though he's been repla-CIA-ed with a fake and reptilian-looking clone, as well. No surprise there.

    2. In addition to David Icke there is Alex Jones as well; in his former life he was actually a stand up comedian named Bill Hicks also from Texas. Icke, Jones all outed just like Joan Rivers outed the White House inhabitants. Unfortunately she died within 4 weeks of her remarks which everyone should find highly coincidental.

      I used to believe just Paul and John were replaced but now I believe all 4 were replaced. I now look at all public figures in a different light.

      Speaking of which have you seen John Kerry lately? Something is not right there at all.

    3. MSM even noticed John Kerry looked weird...

  2. Good luck on Jim's show, Oct 6. Glad to share in the exposure of Paul's death.

  3. The Beatles exposed the illuminati. They said the queen and the monarchy raped, killed and tortured infants and children to death in a false attempt to send them to heck.


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