Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Let Me Weep": PID poem dedicated to James Paul McCartney (JPM) by Robin Gilmore

"Let Me Weep"

Robin Gilmore

James Paul McCartney

Ocean flow... Ocean deep
hold the love... let him sleep
You left without a warning
Who could have seen it storming?
No one to hear you singing your last song
They didn't understand you
They walked away and left you
They locked the doors..destroying every key
Fly... please don't cry
Like a sea bird gently drifts upon the breeze
Let your wings catch the wind
Take you where you've never been
With the sunrise you are free
Ocean Red... Ocean Blue
There's still a light that shines on you
Perhaps someday everyone will see
And we won't let it be


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  1. The lengths they'll go to! I found an early picture of the McCartney family and someone seems to have tampered with the parent's noses. They gave them Faul's pointed and down-turned beak--both the same nose.

    This is another source for the photo. But I must say Paul doesn't look at all like the others tampered with nose or not.

  2. I must amend my earlier comments. The more I look I've yet to see any facial feature of Paul's that resembles his family. I see them as much more pointed; very angular. Paul's features were rounded and his face was so sweet -- none of these people, at least in the photos, are good-looking. Paul was dreamy. Could he have been placed within this family as a baby? They say the elite do this all the time to give the appearance that someone has risen to prominence from an ordinary background. What does nayone think?


  4. I say Paul was his mother's son.

  5. Oh And yes this Poem is Deep, & lovely.


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