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Bass Techniques and Stage Presence Paul to Faul Musicians Know the Truth

Bass Techniques and Stage Presence Paul to Faul Musicians Know the Truth

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Published on Jun 28, 2017
As a musician and bass player myself, I watch how other bass players play and perform, I do this to pick up tips and tricks they use to better my skills as a bass player, Paul McCartney prior to 1966 was a bass player with skills and abilities that musicians strive for, he had skills that even today I am unable to master. The Paul McCartney post 1966 did not have the same skill set that the earlier Paul had, in my video I will explain what has changed. As a musician reaches a standard of playing that shows his skill level, he does not go back to looking like an amateur. The second later Paul McCartney has shown me that these two people are very different musicians, they are very different people.

A musician-friend of mine also made this observation: "If you look at the 2:00 mark of the Paul video...he whacks the mic with his headstock! LOL!"

Also compare Paul playing "Yesterday" vs. Faul playing it.

PAUL MCCARTNEY 1965-2011 COMPARISON (use headphones)

Paul McCartney is Dead- Yesterday 1966 & 1976

Paul vs Faul - Analyzing the song Yesterday


Tina Foster, Esq.


  1. I believe it is possible that George Harrison played bass in the studio on many post-1966 recordings. He was certainly more capable on bass than John. It has been admitted that on the Sgt. Pepper sessions, all tracks were done before the bass was overdubbed last before mixing. That did create amazing bass lines on Sgt. Pepper, which makes me think they continued to do that, adding bass last, on all subsequent albums (especially MMT and Abbey Road) with the exception of LET IT BE, where we can see Faul playing bass in addition to George Harrison playing bass on at least one of the LET IT BE songs. Some say that in the film of the rocking version of Revolution, George looks over at Faul like 'C'mon man, you can do it, I taught ya!' So, it is a possibility that George was the studio bass player 1967 - 1969.

    1. George can be seen having a faux go at the Hofner in Another Girl. Omg what a fun video of the Fabs!,another-girl,uvrms.html

  2. John Lennon was a fine bass player and probably picked up the slack as much or more than George. In fact you can see John playing bass in the video for The Long And Winding Road.
    For a more detailed breakdown see here :
    And here:

  3. It could also be that in Revoloution George is looking over at Faul limping along thinking "fucking hell I can't wait for this nightmare to be over..." most of the videos for MMT including Hello Goodbye serve as examples of Faul's fake it til you make it style.

    It's fairly well known that various pro session players were brought into the studio from time to time for basslines post '66 when it came to making records.
    Can you imagine this needing to be the case with JPM? We know George Martin played keyboards on In My Life and possibly Strawberry Fields. But someone else laying bass other than a Beatle? I mean, just listen to Revolver and Rubber Soul w/headphones-- the bass is kick a** and pure Paul.

  4. Jeez that video is well done. Thanks to its creator and TY Tina for posting it. I've been pointing this out to ppl for years. Seems the Mother of all conspiracies is the one ppl are most blind to. They managed to craft such masterful cognitive and aural dissonance around it that the blinders are superglued in place at this point. Young millinials and Gen Z kids who didn't grow up completely immersed in the Beatles wouldn't know Paul from Faul to save their life.

  5. Nice video presentation. Luckily it's hard for fake impersonators to fake real. Faul can't help but give himself away as a fraud. Many people are tuning in to how fake everything seems to be. Hoaxes run by the government, the news, the music industry, the NASA space program, fake cosmology, fake history. We are bombarded by lies, but common sense and truth seeking win in the end.

    Here's some news for you, we are not on a wobbling tilted sphere spinning at 1,000 mph at the equator and traveling around the sun at 65,000 mph. When the foundation of our earth plane existence is a perpetrated lie you know the rabbit hole goes deep. When the foundation is a lie everything else becomes suspect.

  6. Currently on the newsstand is PAUL McCARTNEY at 75 LIFE Magazine Special.

    Lot's of photos of Paul and Faul in the issue. The cover is Paul. Interesting they still mix the two. Any editor with 20/20 vision should be able to spot the vast differences between Paul and Faul.

  7. Replacements, body doubles, planned murders have been evil tools used by secret societies forever. The Eliuod make use of fake deaths as well in politics and the entertainment industries.

    Joan Rivers outed B.Obama as gay and M.Obama as a transgender. Two months later she supposedly died. Not exactly. She broke the Freemasonry code of silence and had no choice but to retire forever.

  8. The vocal and musical difference is obvious to me. Paul and Faul have different singing and speaking voices.


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