Sunday, July 23, 2017

Counterfeiters in High Places: Federal Reserve (PART II) Tina Foster

Joe and Bill from Answers for the Paranormal continue their discussion with attorney Tina Foster regarding the New World Order's plan for the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and Income tax (July 23, 2017).

Counterfeiters in High Places: Federal Reserve (PART II) Tina Foster 

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Tina Foster is the author of "The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements" and the Plastic Macca ~ Paul is Dead blog.

Tina Foster, Esq.

Author of The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

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  1. In reference to your new book and the many Oswald's.

    Let's look at the 11/22/63 Lee Harvey Oswald arrested by Dallas PD. Let's compare his Dallas PD Mug Shot to his so called autopsy photo. Download the images and compare the ears which don't lie. They are not even close to being a match whatsoever. They scream different. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a pick-up truck. Granted the mug shot shows the right side and the autopsy shows the left and unless there is deformity they will be the same.

    All the Dallas PD photos show Oswald’s ears to be left and right normal ears. The takeaway from this is the autopsy photo, the only one by the way, is a complete forgery, a fake. Now this leaves open the door, did this 11/22/63 version of Oswald die, maybe not?

    Lee Harvey Oswald Dallas PD Mug Shot - real

    Lee Harvey Oswald Autopsy - faked

    Lee Harvey Oswald Milers Funeral Home - doesn't look like the 11/22/63 Oswald at all.

    My theory is that the Dallas PD basement where Oswald was supposedly shot was nothing more than a staged event where no one was shot with a live 38 caliber round. You can view the videos and you'll see this whole event just seemed too careless, staged and meant to be captured live to convince a grieving country and close out the assassination of JFK. Oswald shot dead would be sudden closure for many.

    First I believe Oswald was expecting Ruby to be just where he was and perhaps so were many in the basement that day. He looks to the left to make the eye contact.

    A horn blows and Ruby moves in. Notice the guy with cigar casually reaching out in a way he knew what was coming next.

    What I find odd is that the weapon when fired appears to be leveled right at Oswald’s forearm and not his rib cage. Now there is also something here no one has ever picked up on. Oswald appears to be holding something in his right hand, notice his right hand fingers curled.

    Ruby shoots Oswald and he goes down. My theory is he fired a 38 caliber blank. Loud noise no bullet. Now enhance this image and you will see Oswald has something in his right hand. It's something I don't know what but may be important. I doubt Oswald stole a bar of jail house soap Furthermore why would he be allowed to carry anything?


  2. Oswald lay’s on the ground for some time and then is moved to a stretcher. Now look. Whatever was in his right hand he has transferred over to his left hand and is now raising his left hand and appears to make a transfer to a Dallas Detective? Was he transferring something or did he make best friends in one day with the Dallas PD. Something weird going on here, it just doesn't add up.

    So according to what we know Oswald was shot point blank in the left rib cage, lies on the ground for some time, seemingly losing NO BLOOD
    whatsoever. He then possible transfers some unknown object from his right hand to his left and then raises his left hand, the side that just had a hole blown into, and makes physical contact with a Dallas Detective? Wow really. With the fake autopsy photo and this very odd hand clasping it appears that Ruby shooting Oswald was a staged event and I very much doubt the 11/22/63 Oswald was shot or died that day in Dallas.

  3. Here's more convincing proof of a pre-arranged staged the 11/23/63 Oswald shooting in the Dallas City Jail Garage while being transferred to County Jail.

    A photo incredible shows a microphone hanging in the upper right hand corner of the garage casting a shadow against the brick wall. Aslo incredible is that this photo was used in the Warren Commission report as Exhibit 1 Ike Papas (CBS news correspondent). He's the news correspondent with the black hair.

    A microphne was likely used to provide maximum audio impact to sell this as the first live tv assasination ever witnessed by the American public.

    Strangely this microphone does not show up in any of the archived video shown to the American Public via brodcast and does not show up in 99% of available photo images. If the shooting was a live broadcast where is the mic? Was the broadcast tape delayed and edited before it was shown on national TV? Once again more evidence of a powerfully controlled pre-arranged staged event.

    This was 1963, the technology was primitive to today's standards but the use of doubles, manipulated video, images, events was already baked in. I leave this subject alone now, you get the picture.


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