Wednesday, April 18, 2018

These People Do Not Exist 11/2/17

These People Do Not Exist 11/2/17

AI creates computer-generated realistic-looking people from rough sketches (Pix2pix). This Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) created by NVDIA obviously has an application in psyops.

For more about psyops involving doubles, check out The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements.


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  1. Remember that alleged Norwegian Templar shooter a few years back? Check out his trial footage and you’ll see it’s CGI. Many have no idea what can be done, and no Pixar movie will come out to prove it. If it’s in used in cinema, it will be subtle, and you won’t know it’s CGI. But they can simulate a person speaking and behaving in real time based on motion capture of another person, matching everything onto rendered model perfectly. Voice can be matched. Real time... They had lower fidelity beginnings of this technology back around 911... So you can imagine what they can do now in HD. Add actors to mix and it’s going to be a confusing ride.


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