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JPM Hoped to Expose JFK Assassination Lies

In the article, Fleshing out possible motives for the murder and replacement of Paul McCartney, I made mention of how the Beatles were becoming political. A politicized band commanding a world stage could certainly have been a motivation for neutralizing James Paul McCartney. The song, "Taxman," is a hard-hitting critique against government exploitation. In the August 19, 1966 Memphis interview, the Beatles spoke out against the Vietnam War. A book by former New York state legislator, Mark Lane, discusses how Paul took a keen interest in the Kennedy assassination, and did not believe Oswald had killed JFK.

Citizen Lane: Defending Our Rights in the Courts, the Capitol, and the Streets describes Lane's encounter with Paul McCartney, which is retold in the article, Paul McCartney, Conspiracy Theorist:

Lane recounts his first encounter with the then 24-year-old McCartney at a small, private party in London in 1966.

While living in London during that time I attended a small party of about a dozen people. One of them was Paul McCartney. He walked up to me, offered his hand, and told me his name. The introduction was hardly necessary as he was one of the most famous people in the world...
He said, "I understand you have written a book about Kennedy's assassination. I would like to read it."
Paul borrowed the manuscript and 
A few days later, McCartney returned the manuscript without comment, much to Lane's disappointment. But that night, as he was editing it, his phone rang, and a voice began, "Well he could'na done it, could he?" 
Lane, not recognizing the voice and annoyed at the interruption, brusquely replied, "Who is this? And who couldn't have done what?" 
"Sorry. Paul, Paul McCartney, we met the other night. And I meant that Oswald could not have killed President Kennedy." 
Lane soon learned that his as-yet-unpublished book had profoundly moved McCartney, who wished to discuss it further over dinner... Their conversation about Kennedy's murder, and Oswald's possible innocence, continued past closing hours... 
Lane's book Rush to Judgment was published in August 13, 1966, only one week after The Beatles released their groundbreaking Revolver, and quickly became the #1 bestselling nonfiction book in the country. To say it was controversial is a fantastic understatement. It was an outright declaration of war on the trustworthiness of both government and establishment media... 
It was while editing the film version of Rush to Judgment in London that Lane once again crossed paths with Paul McCartney. McCartney had learned of the upcoming documentary, and, as Lane recounts:
(McCartney) asked if there was going to be any music, and I said that the director and I had not even thought about that yet.
"Well," he said, "I would like to write a musical score for the film, as a present for you."
I was astonished by that generous offer and speechless for a moment, but then I cautioned him that the subject matter was very controversial in the United States and that he might be jeopardizing his future.
He added, "One day my children are going to ask me what I did with my life, and I can't just answer that I was a Beatle."
One can imagine the attention Mark Lane's movie would have received had Beatle Paul written the music for it. Many Beatles fans probably would have watched the movie for this fact alone and been exposed to compelling evidence that the official version of the JFK assassination was bogus. This could have been considered dangerous for the powers that be, who were no doubt behind the assassination of JFK and Warren Commission coverup. The Beatle's interest in JFK's assassination may have been considered a threat and may have contributed to the decision to replaCIA Paul McCartney in late August 1966.

Tina Foster
Author of The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements
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Comment by Getsmart:

It looks like he wanted to let the cat out of the bag way sooner than Oliver Stone. It is extremely dangerous to live ahead of your time, for you might die before your time has come.

When we consider that so many eyewitnesses on the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas met with a suspect untimely death, what would have stopped them from killing such a famous musician ? Well, how about the ensuing investigation ? Hence just REPLACE him with a doppelganger, and the trick is done ! Thus Sir Faul is not only aiding and abetting murderous criminals, he is an accomplice of those who assassinated JFK. Not bad for a wannabe celebrity lookalike.


The Luciferian Deception

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  1. The timing of his book is uncomfortably close to the date of Paul's death. Maybe this is why he was murdered? Once replaced they had an outsider step up and allegedly prevent "Faul's" involvement with the documentary for implausible pseudo artistic reasons.

  2. Isn´t it possible he wasn´t killed - just MK-Ultra´d? Maybe had some brain surgery and/or other surgeries?

    1. If that was the case - and I can't imagine for a moment why it might be - then where did he vanish to? Because the fake impostor who has been usurping his identity for longer than he held it himself, to the point of today being confused for the real McCoy, is several inches taller, has a very different head shape, different bone structure and tooth implantation, and is WAY different from the original. Italian Forensic Researchers did a full laboratory analysis of him and scientifically determined he is an impostor. Decades ago he was banned from entering Japan by border patrol passport identity verification because he was clearly an impostor. That his fake identity is protected by Alphabet agencies and a complicit press does not make him the original Paul.

    2. The idea Paul would bow out like that or receive impossible surgeries to do impossible reconstructions after being injured only, is ludicrous. The idea that he died was always the idea, and the evidence of the reasoning above plus the direct evidence in clues and rumour and cover-up levels all support death.

    3. JPM was murdered Faul is taller has green eyes and different chins and bone structure..they murdered cute Paul and he would have promoted LSD and other drugs to his fans

  3. I never knew this JFK stuff about JPM. Where did you find that info?

    I believe you. Not saying that. But really want to look up more of this stuff. It sounds interesting.

    (I also believe JPM was killed and replaced after Revolver or around 1966. However you want to say it. What happened to The Beatles was just eerie and strange, and anyone who says nothing happened to them, it too scared to see the truth. I hope JPM's death is one day made public and the perpetrators are exposed.)

    1. The references (the article and the book it's based on) are linked in Tina's text.

  4. I think you are spot on with this--the scope of this switch is just way too huge to involve just the Beatles trying to continue and make more money. When one considers the CIA takedown of Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, not to mention the huge number of witnesses to the JFK assassination that died under mysterious circumstances, it makes sense.

    John Lennon was also murdered by the "doorman", a member of the "Operation 40" team that was instrumental in the JFK assassination, as well as many others taking place around the world on the behalf of U.S.secret government. His death at the hands of the CIA couldn't just be for some peace issue. Maybe he was getting ready to spill the beans about Paul.

    "The Real Deal " by Jim Fetzer has many interviews concerning JFK and the coverup. He is a professor and researcher. I think it would be good for you two to compare notes. By the way, he is a Beatles fan.

    I believe once this mystery is brought to the attention of the public it will blow the lid off the the NWO coverup for good.

    1. Yes: embarrassment of people who kept quiet and larger cover-up issues you mention are why it's not going to be formally acknowledged in our lifetimes, almost certainly. 50 or 100 years from now or longer, when it can be viewed as a mere curiosity, then family might do a DNA test out of curiosity and, lo and behold, it's "proved". It's proved now, but trickier. RIP Paul.

  5. Operation 40 was code name actually re//rifle which is cross referenced to ONI documents to Roscoe White. ZR/Rifle were on his orders from C.Bowers ONI to "eliminate a threat to world peace".

    Who were these fucking idiots who are mostly killed by their own.

    They are like bears who will kill their own cubs so they can go back do it all over again - animals.

  6. I think,that Paul was much,much,much more than just a Beatle.He was an amazing person.He was an amazing musician-his voice was pure and catchy.He brought so much happiness to his fans and his friends.He had difficult life on so young age-so many live performances,so many work,so many trips.He had a natural talent to be a good person.
    Why ''had''? I am sure,that he is happy where he is now,singing his favourite songs and being with his family.

    1. Yup - so many live performances, so much work, so many trips. Maybe he wanted to retire and become a paperback writer.

      So many fooled.

  7. David Crosby famously announced that there were multiple gunmen in Dallas, at the Monterey Pops festival in 1967.

  8. What was the timing on the 3rd encounter between Paul and Laine? It seems that must've been Faul by the time the film was being made.

    1. We don't know; it may have been Bill (Faul) who made the movie offer ... if so, it doesn't suit his character or role, but Paul himself was already making moves toward such things. We have to ask Mark Lane. Does someone else want to do it, without mentioning PID? I tried and got no reply. Maybe they looked me up as a PIDer.

  9. RIP, Mr. Lane. Say hey to Penny for me. A true Civil Rights warrior.


    1. Hi--can you tell me where you got your info on Ted Kennedy watching the Beatles film "Help!"? I'd love to check it out myself--thanks!

  11. I heard about this before but hearing of it in more detail makes it more real. Certainly interesting that McCartney would've had this very enlightened view of the JFK assassination.

    I'm not sure he was murdered, but I wouldn't rule it out. Stephen Dickinson claims to be the real Paul's illegitimate son and says that he had an encounter with the Beatles in which he asked if it was a n accident or a murder, and they replied, ''We have our suspicions.''

    In any case, I recently found a film, ''The Greengage Summer'' from '61 starring the lovely Jane Asher in which her character (Hester Grey, rhymes with Yesterday) knows someone named Paul who dies accidentally in France and it's covered up! One of the theories is that the presumed car crash was in France. Rumer Godden wrote the novel and screenplay. This could be all coincidence or something deeper.

    I may have seen Jane Asher in The Buccaneers, Robin Hood, The Sword of Freedom, and The 4 Just Men, as she guest starred on them, and I saw those series as a kid. I certainly saw her on The Prince and the Pauper in '62, because it was in only 3 parts.

  12. This is the key to Paul death I think. Perhaps Paul was getting too close to the truth of JFK'S assassination


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