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Crackdown on PID Truth at Icke forum (updated)

As discussed in previous posts, PIAgents cannot tolerate discussion of PID because it threatens to expose a much larger replacement agenda using lookalike doubles. Therefore, they strategize ways to silence PID Truthers.

I just posted about Getsmart yesterday, and today, wakeuptime, another PID Truther on the Icke forum emailed me to inform me that she had been sanctioned for "discussing moderation" (God forbid! The horror!). This person's post about how the PIAgent provocateurs at "Macca Funhouse" coordinated an attack on the Paul is dead thread was deleted and they were "penalized."

Here is the text that was deleted:

Originally Posted by ar20
I've been through other topics on the forum as well with a lot worse disagreements, cursing and a whole host of other bad behavior and it's never been brought to a close.

There definately is something strange going on here.
Why are people so concerned about this discussion in particular?
Excellent post, Ar, and this is the key question. Why are people so keen to shut down this discussion? I've never even been a Beatles fan but I see something major is going on here. Otherwise there wouldn't be such a concerted effort to shut down the truth.
There hasn't been any real debunking. Only insults, , and nitpicking at minor points which bog down the posters. I personally have trouble contending with these people as they don't actually debate... they CONSTANTLY IGNORE POINTS I MAKE then go off on one about something unrelated.

Precisely. That same group shows up --- especially when PID's evidence has been effectively proving that Paul is dead --- and insults, throws in pointless comments, avoid addressing evidence. They simply derail. These are the ones I call shills because they are. Nimoy, who posted some of my posts calling these troublemaker shills, is one of the worst offenders.

Look this information isn't going away. I don't see why this topic should be locked in particular, if the mods did their job and actually READ what was going on it would be clear who the culprits are.
Another great point. Take a look at who's causing trouble and if you want to keep this "calm" you crave, ban the posters who show up only to insult and cause trouble. Problem solved.
They have to ask themselves if it's really that dumb a theory... then why is their concerted effort to derail the topic and shut us up?
This is what I was thinking all day yesterday after seeing yet another threat to close the thread.

What I felt in my gut is justice is being blocked and I don't like one bit the way that feels especially here on Icke's forum. Truth is what he stands for, for goodness sake!

I also hate being told that I have to tone MY behavior down in a topic. I haven't done anything wrong to warrant closure of the thread. It's a sweeping generalisation by the moderators puting us in the mix with the crap that's posted.

Spot on again. LOOK at who the provocateurs are. Its clear.

Calling someone a shill (when they clearly are if they'd look at the topic) isn't a bannable/lockable offence in my book. Notoriously decieving debating tactics are. Until that's cleared up, this topic has no chance.

Right. We get condemned for calling certain posters shills, those who spend their entire lives on PID threads mocking and insulting. Are we really the guilty ones?

It's also a lot better when the banned stay banned and are unable to register new accounts to post solely in this topic.

Why are the repeat offenders allowed to sign up again and continue with their same old antics? In America they release repeat offenders to create havoc in society. Is it the same on this thread?

But hey, I don't have the power... what do I know?

Right. We don't make the final decision. We're just trying to investigate what the truth is. Must be nice to have the power to decide.

Originally Posted by merlincove
The forum IS a place for personal freedom of expression and free speech, although when that freedom of expression is applied to insult and attack other forum members then moderation is required in accordance with the forum guidelines:

The question then has to be why someone like Sea of Green who openly threatened Hermajesty wasn't banned? And why Nimoy who is clearly Lightman reborn is allowed to re-register and continue his abuse?

Members need to remember that other members are here to discuss without the fear of being insulted, threatened or labelled for doing so.

Agreed. But it has to apply to everyone, not the chosen few.

I realize I have no ultimate power in this discussion because the thread's closure will be discussed elsewhere by those with that power.

I will say that this thread's content is important enough that the thread should not be closed.
Truth is important.

Here is the text of the warning she received from Merlincove(n) one of the Icke mods:

Dear wakeuptime,

You have received an infraction at David Icke's Official Forums.

Reason: Discussing Moderation on the Forum - First Notice

after repeated requests from moderation that members do not post insults toward off topic derailment, you choose to attend to posting insinuations about forum members and discussing moderation with a view toward bias.

the forum guidelines ask that members post queries on moderation to the moderation team by PM and not discuss such on the forum and yet you choose to discuss moderation decisions which have been made after careful consideration, banning members and allude to supposed threats.

There is no evidence to support your claim that banned members are posting under new user names and your insinuation to such is missleading [sic]. Where threats have been made, moderation has intervened.

Please stay on topic as has been requested.


This infraction is worth 3 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:


We actually do have evidence that PIAgent provocateurs who were banned on Icke have signed up with new usernames. For example, Light_man was banned for a serious violation of the forum rules, but he is back posting as nimoyl. The mods are either easily tricked with an IP scrambler or simply allow Agents to sign back up. They were obviously very sorry to see Light_man go. After he was banned, I posted about how he had admitted to doctoring photos of Paul and Faul. Poor Light_man wasn't there to defend himself, so I got a warning from Merlincove.

As has been noted before, the Icke moderation team has been thoroughly infested by Agents who have maneuvered themselves into a moderator position so that they can control the information. They harshly punish someone with a "bias," while allowing PIAgents to repeatedly insult and even threaten PID Truthers - they have even coordinated their own attacks against PID Truth.

The mods have closed down discussion of PID in the past, and are now threatening to close the 3rd PID thread, which is very active (it gets close to 1,000 views a day). I am not sure why they allow discussion of PID in the first place, being the domino issue that it is, but it seems to me that they are fine with it as long as people think it is a "hoax." Merlincove recently posted a poll asking people to vote on whether Paul was dead or alive. He shut it down after only 17 votes (before I could even vote). Why? Probably because the votes for PID were outnumbering the votes for PIA. If the purpose of the poll was to show a consensus for PIA, then it back-fired. When it showed more people believed PID, the poll was quickly yanked.

Once people start seeing that Paul McCartney really was replaced, then they have to try to shut down discussion of what happened to Paul and why before the sheeple wake up and remove the wool from their eyes.


Join the discussion: Paul is Dead Miss Him forum

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UPDATE: Technical Advisor, I_Am, has now closed the PID thread at Icke (8/9/10). Here is her post:
I am now closing this thread for a few months.

Everyone is going around in circles, insulting each other and generally, all need to take a step back.

Please do not start new threads or hijack other existing threads about celebs with continuance of this subject. Maybe some of you might even get involved in other topics on this forum. Maybe not!

When this is reopened, hopefully we will see a more relaxed attitude and perhaps rational discussion can take place...

Obviously, PID is a topic that cannot be allowed to be discussed by the agents who have infiltrated and hijacked the David Icke Forum.

UPDATE 2: I_Am is now back-pedaling and offering to sticky the Icke PID thread if I remove the link to this blog in my signature. I think they are uncomfortable with their actions to suppress the Truth about Paul McCartney being exposed to public scrutiny.

UPDATE 3: I_Am has now withdrawn the offer to sticky the PID thread and complains of "ridiculous accusations" made on this blog. All of the "accusations" made have been based on how the Icke mods have behaved and have been documented, such an unfairly punishing PID Truthers while allowing PIAgents to harass and threaten PID Truthers. If nothing else, the mods have rewarded PIA bad behavior by doing exactly what they wanted - close down discussion of PID.

Update 4: Getsmart suffered harsh reprisals from the Icke forum administration after posting about infiltration and hijacking of the Icke forum.

David Icke forum staffer "i_am" has in the past shown the possibility that she at least appears to be an MI5 or MI6 infiltrated agent in position at the top of the Icke internet establishment.

MI-5/6 operatives in the David Icke forum may have infiltrated the administration and moderation of those discussion boards. From that vantage points they, or their colleagues, may post under various identities.

This is a way of manipulating information "in-house" by running the venue where the discussion takes place, much like Facebook was designed and launched by the CIA to directly monitor "in-house" the friendships and intimate conversations of much of the population, but more powerfully, to have instant cross referencing access to personal friendship networks worldwide.

This is not a recent tactic, as inns and meeting halls where political meetings were held have historically been owned and managed by shills working for the established power networks in place at that time. What better source for spying than by running the very network of protests or by taking charge of the popular infrastructures by offering the premises or the logistics attending to their needs? US Aid was similarly infested by CIA agents, explaining why they have many times been targeted when pretending to dispense aid and care to victim populations.

Here is an example of the reprisal for such action, let us hope similar ends are not met by the less exposed Internet Shills doing the same sort of work in the David Icke forums and in discussion groups elsewhere:

Allison, David Icke forum's "technical advisor" i_am - whatever that job title means - is the one who acted to "temporarily?" close the PID thread in that forum on what most in the PID movement feel were illegitimate grounds.

Maybe PID is politically incorrect in Alice Spings where she may be cultivating contacts in the local Aborigine community? I only hope for her that her actions there in person are less controversial and more sincere than those committed virtually in the David Icke forums, where her censorship has shown a proven partiality towards preventing Truth from having a voice.



The Luciferian Deception

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Icke forum silences PID Truther, Getsmart

One of the contributors to this forum, Getsmart, has been repeatedly and unfairly "sanctioned" by David Icke forum mod, Merlincove and "Technical Advisor," I_Am. PIAgents are allowed to repeatedly harass, intimidate, insult, and even threaten PID Truthers who are trying to inform people about Paul McCartney's replaCIAment in coordinated disinformation attacks, but if a PID Truther dares to post anything the PIAgents don't like, they are penalized and "invited" to leave.

Although I respect and admire David Icke, it has become abundantly clear that his forum has been infiltrated and infested by Agents a la Cass Sunstein who seek to suppress the Truth. Government shills maneuver themselves into moderator or administrator positions so that they can "guide" (suppress) any information they do not want to get out. [See related articles on disinformation on this blog].

Getsmart is a special target for the mods at the Icke forum, because he knows about the diabolical Illuminati from first-hand experience. He can expose the vile vermin & their evil methods to keep the wool firmly placed over the sheeple's eyes.

Below, I have re-posted the text Getsmart posted that was immediately deleted by Merlincove, and for which Getsmart was "sanctioned."

The mods at Icke are constantly threatening to close the PID thread, too. Apparently, they cannot stand discussion of Paul's death and replacement. Their actions should not reflect poorly on Mr. Icke, whose devotion to Truth and Justice in the face of oppression is beyond reproach.

The full text can be found at ATS.


You have received an Spam Notice at David Icke's Official Forums
Dear getsmart,

You have received an infraction at David Icke's Official Forums.

Reason: Disruptive Spamming - Second Notice

if you continue to post irrelevant asides as headers to your posts in effect to ridicule forum members who appose your POV then your posts will be removed and further moderation notices issued.

In thread moderation requests asking that members discuss the points raised without insult or insinuation have been made in order to keep this thread and forum free from derision and derailment.

please bear this in mind when posting



This infraction is worth 5 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:


[Quote:Originally Posted by graflok]
So, your logic goes like this then?

- Alien reptilian shapeshifters who covertly control the planet from another dimension = OK
- A lookalike impostor = impossible!

Hi Graflok,

Thanks for pointing out this rather unusual belief system as demonstrated by Dolphinoflight.

While this may be specific to Mind Controlled New Age Californians (all 3 criteria must be present) who would believe only what is NORMAL with normality being defined by what their Controllers tell them is normal - it could also be part of Propagandist Protocol:

- When in a given venue, agree with whatever the membership believes to better debunk what you set out to cover up and lie about.

Since this is the David Icke forum and there is a likely consensus among most members and posters here that the Reptilian Agenda is real or at least "possible" this would mean that to win their minds about anything else you have to be in symbiosis with them: Thus you agree that this is likely, obvious or certain, as think will best serve your purpose.

Then you set forth to contest even the most mundane, obvious and routine factual truths as preposterous, implausible, failing to convince, being delusions, being contrived or willfully deceitful, being lies.

Finally you just DENY, DENY, DENY until others on the fence are either swayed by your barrage of falsehoods or are so confused they give up on ever figuring it out or seeing clearly.




All the best,
David Icke's Official Forums



The person PROPAGATING a lie here is FAUL.

[QUOTE=moving finger;1059122733]1. Because this thread is asking a question, not making a statement. It does not belong to one camp or another. No-one has the right to state who can or can not post in it or what they can post. [/QUOTE]

This thread BELONGS to Mr. David Icke, who has extended to us the courtesy of authorizing our discussion of the topic here. While the question formulated makes it clear that this thread is open to a diversity of opinion, this is probably limited to the following:

A. Paul is Dead - why, how, who, when, where...

B. I don't know - tell me more, help me figure it out...

C. Paul is Alive - I went to his last concert and it was him...

The following opinions presence here is more debatable:

D. Who cares if PIA or PID, it doesn't matter either way.
This only brings nothing but sterile derision to the debate.

E. Paul is Dead - but I'll do all I can to make people believe PIA.
This is because Illuminati agency SHILLS spread LIES and PROPAGANDA.

So I will agree that this venture is a healthy place for those in the 3 first categories. However the occasional presence of TYPE D and TYPE E posters receives a bad reception. For example Toty1994 isn't very appreciated and he claims himself to only be here for "entertainment" = TYPE D. Others who may purposely work to deny the truth to assist Paul's Assassins would be TYPE E.

[QUOTE=moving finger;1059122733]2. It's not the truth. It's a lie. It's a lie not supported by credible evidence or witnesses. None. Carry on and propaagate that lie all you want, not everyone believes it and we are free not to. Find some credible evidence or witnesses and we might be able to get somewhere.

The BLINDING EVIDENCE is against PIA. You have NO credible evidence. Those who know the Beatles before the switch became massively alarmed in the late sixties about his Death! Those who examine with an OPEN MIND the very considerable forensic, video, photographic and documentary evidence are compelled to consider it is the TRUTH that Paul has been assassinated and replaced.

Your calling it a lie only shows bad faith or feature blindness or intellectual dishonesty. The person PROPAGATING a lie here is FAUL. He has been LYING and propagating that lie for over 4 decades. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black !

[QUOTE=moving finger;1059122733]Getsmart routinely claims to have 'respect' for people who genuinely believe Paul McCartney has always been the same person, unless, of course, that person actually states that they believe it and is prepared to defend their position. Then that respect magically vanishes because if they believe Paul has always been alive then they are clearly part of the CIA brain downloading agenda and don't deserve respect.[/QUOTE]

Read one of my recent posts to sincere PIAer Trev:

Finally a sincere PIAer... whew !

If you, moving finger, are part of what you call the "CIA brain downloading agenda" that's your problem to sort out - deal with it and spare us the grief !

[QUOTE=moving finger;1059122733]Cue 'shill' blah blah serving alien agenda drone drone dreadfullly amusing play on user name etc etc....[/QUOTE]

Apparently you don't know there is such a thing as a shill? There is substantial literature in abundance about Counter Intelligence Programs and in the past few years most western governments have stepped up their Internet forum "Intervention teams". I have found it likely that there are a some present right here in the David Icke forums. But this is only logical, because our host is one of the leading Truth Seekers and information conveyors in the World.

Haven't you ever noticed a shill interfering in a discussion? It is common in political meetings as any militants of such organizations can attest. In recent times it has even openly promoted by the Obama administration as a key priority to extend massively to internet forums. Maybe you should think about this before making posts which tend to confuse you with such an agenda.

Regarding agendas, are we to understand from your post that there is no Alien Agenda? That everything is normal in Wonderland? That when those in power do things nobody can explain using geopolitics, economic policy, military strategy or societal objectives, it is all just by coincidence, right? And you also want us to believe that this is the case, simply because you are truly sincere?

I don't mind getting chided about my nickname here, it's actually a funny one to laugh at. If you are sensitive about yours, please tell us why. Otherwise you might want to choose something more mundane if you don't want people to interpret for themselves what is a very cryptic user name: a Moving Finger...



Will FAUL suck out your brains through your nose ?

[QUOTE=dolphinoflight;1059121661]I've been the personal victom if hermajesty's slander and ridicule, with her posting my personal information on her proboard and getting it removed as well as pages of her slander. I've also been harrassed by her via e-mail.
So, don't go talking to me of any PIA harrassment.[/QUOTE]


You are trying our patience here and testing the liberality of tolerance of this forum's moderators by joining here to attack Hermajesty with whom you just stated you have old scores to settle (she was here a very long time before you came aboard to assault her). I would prefer to not believe that you are working hard to disseminate lies or confuse the truth with trivial issues without relevance to the serious matter of James Paul McCartney's assassination and replacement.

Other forum members, those who are SINCERE, here is what David Icke has to say about who is controlling our world, and therefore those who are behind the Assassination and Replacement of James Paul McCartney:

David Icke on the Alien Elite Ruling Earth

[QUOTE=dolphinoflight;1059121661]Also, Paul is a vegetarian and advocates for all of us to be such. that does not fit with the reptillian agenda. and PIAer's rarely address it.[/QUOTE]

Paul claims nothing. He is dead. FAUL claims to be a Vegetarian, which we can justly doubt when we are confronted with the same individual LYING about his very identity. If I claimed to be Napoleon and I claimed to eat only pebbles, who would believe me about my diet???

Faul has a vested interest in lying about his identity, he usurps the popularity of a man qualified by some as a DEMI GOD, and also despoils James Paul McCartney's ESTATE in so doing.

Faul also has a vested interest in lying about his diet, he pretends to not eat meat - possibly because he doesn't like "DEAD" meat? We might be otherwise surprised that he enjoys the flesh of LIVING sacrificial victims. This is something common to the Reptoids whom he works for and is probably a hybrid of. Does he also like drinking their blood - or partaking in their favorite delicacy described by Credo Mutwa, sucking out our brains through our nose? What better front this than to pretend to be a vegetarian militant???

Reason for Editing: Respect for Moderator's latest request.

As an aside, "Dolphinoflight" ("Kathryn" on Macca's Fun House (MFH)) is an internet stalker who claims to be a witch and wishes harm on her imaginary stalkers. She has been banned from numerous forums for trolling, and has forced at least one person to delete her forum because of stalking and harassment. I had to threaten "Dolphinoflight" with legal action because she threatened to defame me and kept stalking and harassing me. This is a common trait of MFH. Their members almost got their forum deleted recently for posting material that not only violated ProBoard's terms of use, but was also illegal.

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