Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Google bomb: "Paul McCartney is Dead"

Paul McCartney (right) 

Help me get exposure to PID by dropping a Google PID bomb. Alex Jones has been able to successfully exploit Google's search engine to by-pass the controlled media and focus attention on certain issues. One example is the TSA controversy involving naked body scanners and enhanced pat-downs. Jones dropped a Google bomb, drove the issue to the top of the Google search rankings, and made TSA's irradiation and molestation of innocent passengers a huge issue.

Let's drop a PID Google bomb. Simply enter "Paul McCartney is Dead" a bunch of times in Google. Let's see if we can drive PID up in the search rankings and get more people looking into the tragic replacement of Paul McCartney. Maybe one day, there will be justice for Paul. Thanks for caring!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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