"For me, Paul McCartney is in the illuminati, the end."

Earlier this week The Beatles icon Paul McCartney confused a large portion of his fans when he posted a mystical-looking drawing on his Twitter account.

Depicting what looks like a triangular shape surrounded by an orb of spherical emissions, several fans were quick to point out the drawing’s close resemblance to The Eye of Providence; a frequent symbol associated with the mystery-shrouded secret organisation the Illuminati. [scroll down - html is messed up]

The name Illuminati refers to a number of secret societies – both fictional and real – which have existed throughout history with significant political influence. Several present-day organisations claim to have links to the original Illuminati, and many conspiracy theorists claim that world events are being controlled by a secret society. BeyoncĂ©, Katy Perry, Madonna,  Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber are all among the celebrities who have been accused of supposedly belonging to the Illuminati in the past.

It remains to be seen if Paul McCartney’s drawing is a teaser for a forthcoming album or something more complex, representing a hidden message informing us all that Maccers actually belongs to a secret society with unprecedented global influence. Membership to a secret club with hidden powers of persuasion could certainly explain why he’s invited up on stage without fail to play ‘Hey Jude’ at every single national event that ever takes place in the UK.

To get a clearer picture of what it might all mean, we asked art critic Gabrielle de la Puente – one half of the contemporary art critic duo The White Pube – to enlighten us about what Maccers’ newest artwork could represent.

Hi Gabrielle! Do you think Paul McCartney’s artwork shows any creative potential at all?

I am fully optimistic, and god knows why! I think musicians should have an visual artistic identity, it helps them make sense to me – they become the full aesthetic package. Like, the fact Lorde also writes short stories or Britney paints flowers on her mansion balcony. I’m into that. I encourage it.

What do you think it means in a symbolic sense?

Art doesn’t have to have meaning and if there is any symbolic content then it’s not up to the viewer to go mad trying to understand and guess at it. Artists don’t owe meaning to a visitor, it is just what you make of it as a viewer. For me, Paul McCartney is in the illuminati, the end.

Right! So where do you think this artwork fits within the art canon as a whole?

His work fits very tightly into ‘famous creative white men who draw things with their clean fingers on iPads’. A la David Hockney.

If Paul McCartney wants me to give him a studio visit and a crit. I’d be very happy to, but I’m not giving him that advice for free. As a fellow Liverpudlian, he should pay it forward. My inbox is open.

Ok. And imagine seeing this piece at an exhibition. What would your review say?


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For more information about the Illuminati, see Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception by Michael Adair.

Tina Foster also discusses probable Illuminati involvement in Paul's death/disappearance in Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney.