Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Narrative on Anti-Semitism: Addressing Blind Spots in Media Coverage (video) (video)

Mainstream media has brought attention to the rise of anti-Semitism globally, but there is a blind spot in addressing the crisis affecting Palestinians, particularly in Gaza. Israel's actions towards Palestinians, including settlements, home demolitions, and military operations, violate human rights and international law. Media bias in favor of Israel often overlooks the suffering of Palestinians. Consumers can influence media coverage by engaging with outlets, supporting alternative sources, holding media accountable, and educating themselves and others on the complexities of the conflict, promoting empathy and justice for all affected communities.

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"Zion's Legacy: The Nakba Catastrophe and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" @

Attorney and author, Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA, is the author of “CODE RED,” “Zion’s Legacy,” “Downsized,” and "Den of Vipers.” She is known for challenging established narratives in her quest for truth.



Tina Foster is an attorney, Paul is Dead (PID) expert, and the author of

Tina Foster, the author of "Plastic Macca" and "The Splitting Image," fearlessly delves into controversial subjects such as government conspiracies and secret societies. Through thought-provoking writings, she challenges conventional wisdom, inviting readers to question official narratives. Despite facing criticism, Foster's work sheds light on lesser-known information, encouraging critical thinking and inspiring readers to explore hidden histories. Her contributions to alternative research have made a significant impact, emphasizing the importance of alternative perspectives in fostering a well-rounded understanding of our world.

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