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Well, this will be an especially controversial interview for some people, since I talk about the replacement of John Lennon... Try to keep an open mind (& open eyes).

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Tina Foster

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Imagine: John Fennon

Imagine, if you will, a band of highly popular and influential musicians that butted heads with the controllers of the media. Before the Beatles made it big, they seemed harmless enough. The lovable Mop Tops crooned about love, loss, and normal problems everyone experiences. No one thought that, once they got big, they would use their position to improve the social consciousness. From their soapbox atop the world stage, they would draw attention to problems affecting humanity at a deeper level. The Beatles did continue to sing about love, but added societal concerns, such as excessive taxation and having to become enslaved to the state for one's survival. The song, "Taxman," criticized Her Majesty's government and its almost punitive taxation system. Many people who had never considered the lack of fairness in the tax system began to think about it. Multitudes of dissatisfied subjects are a threat to the ruling elite. The Beatles as social commentators was disturbing to those in power. In addition, the Beatles were promoting religious beliefs that had the potential to free people's minds from control. Meditation breaks the shackles of mind control. The belief in the eternal soul removes the fear of death. Many people have been controlled by the fear of death - either due to the threat of eternal damnation or the cessation of existence. Once people realize that the consciousness (the soul) continues on, then there is nothing to be afraid of.  The control once wielded to great effect is lost. No one amongst the ruling elite appreciated the Beatles exposing the masses to such ideas. 

John Lennon attacked Christianity outright. In his famous statement, he said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. HIs point was that the Beatles were comprising a larger part of people's lives than Jesus was. In good form, John apologized, but it did challenge people's belief structure. In his observation, John had hit a nerve. The outraged backlash betrayed how close to home John's words had struck. Many knew it was true, but did not want to admit it - not even to themselves. In actuality, Jesus was not the problem, but rather the control structure of the Christian Church. John had simply used Jesus as the symbol of the Church, and was heralding the loss of control over people the Church had suffered. His statement appears to have been exploited to tarnish John's image. After this statement, the Beatles as a threat to the established order could no longer be tolerated by the powers that be.

Once the decision had been made to remove the Beatles from the public stage, suitable replacements had to be found. As it turned out, the Beatles were easy to replace. Putting facial hair and colorful clothes on them, and keeping them out of the spotlight helped conceal the impostors. It is true that the public noticed that they seemed different, but only Paul was really suspected of having been replaced. His double did not portray Paul very well. In passing off the subterfuge, many techniques were employed. Audio and visual tampering helped create the illusion that the Fab Four were still with us. In addition, the infrequency of appearances helped people forget what the originals had been like. "John" appeared in "How I Won the War," but every screenshot was carefully managed. The actor playing John playing the character, Gripweed, had to study John to interpret how John would play that role. He did a pretty good job, as no one really suspected for a long time that it was not John.

At any rate, the doubles were completely bought and sold by their masters. It is important to understand that they were controlled opposition. The Beatles had been true to themselves and spoken their true minds. The replacements said what they were told to say. Even "John's" revelation about LSD was false information. He said LSD set people free, but in reality, it is a mind control drug. Many people incorrectly think that this statement precipitated his assassination. In actuality, John had been out of the picture for many years and his double was simply being retired. It was determined that it would be better for him to go out in a "blaze of glory" that would be seared into the public consciousness. Questioning the official story would be most unpopular, as it would be seen as a sign of disrespect. Only now can people entertain the possibility that the assassination was staged. It is not so far-fetched considering that a CIA guy (Jose Perdomo) was the doorman, how Paul's double reacted so nonchalantly to the news (It was a "drag"), and how quickly the body was "cremated." It may well be true that John was killed, only years earlier...

Now the time has come to wrap this up. Many indications exist pointing to Beatles' replacements. It may be more difficult to see that John was replaced than Paul, but the tells are there. Look at the eyes, the smile, the stance, the cutting wit, and the woman John chose - a beautiful blonde. The personality of Beatle John was nothing like "John" played by an actor. Discern subtle and not so subtle differences. Embark on the path to uncovering one of the most ambitious psyops in history - the impostor-replacement of the Beatles.


Tina Foster
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Stay tuned for Tina's discussion with Jim Fetzer - to be posted as soon as it is available.

Monday, September 29, 2014

And in the end...

And in the end, quite a daring conspiracy to kill and replace a world famous musician has been revealed by various PID researchers. Oodles of circumstantial evidence that Paul McCartney was impostor-replaced has been presented over the years. Just based on the forensic comparative analysis alone (Carlesi and Gavazzeni, Wired Itala, 2009), it is obvious that Paul is no longer with us.

Once it sinks in that the lovable Mop Top was switched out, the natural impulse is to look for reasons as to why anyone would do such a thing. Unfortunately, this is difficult to determine and involves much speculation. However, one can look to clues left in the music and album art, as well as take into consideration other factors, such as people’s state of consciousness, music, the drug culture, and even the Vietnam War.

Once one realizes that Paul McCartney was effecting a change of consciousness, then what once seemed perplexing starts to make sense. During the Beatles’ reign as kings of the pop-charts, they saturated the airwaves with the frequency of Love. People responded by loving them in return. Paul wove Love into the fabric of his music. When people heard it, the melodies resonated with the heart chakra. The heart opened, and Love flowed from one person to the next. 

Once Love began to inundate people’s very souls, it started to cause a realignment towards Creator. In very real terms, the music was changing the world. Just as the shift was gaining momentum, the powers that be decided they had to stop it. To that end, Paul, as the instigator of the shift in consciousness, had to be removed. In what appears to have been a well-planned and executed operation, the famous Beatle was assassinated and impostor-replaced with a lookalike double. Paul was (perhaps) dumped in Puget Sound, never to resurface. In Los Angeles, Paul’s body double appeared in public for the first time on August 28, 1966. Upon the Beatles'/Featles' return to England, it was decided that it would be best to minimize the new Paul’s exposure. During the next few years, all public appearances were carefully managed. In the intervening years, the new Paul seems to have become confident in his role as the famous Beatle. In a joint action, Paul McCartney, as he is now known, seems to have tried to free himself from the constraints of being Beatle Paul. To that end, it seems he has tried putting out music under the alias of Fireman. Is the new Paul is desperate for approval of his work? Is he fed up with Paul’s work constantly being lauded while his is dismissed? Does he keep producing music in the hopes that he will be recognized for his own work one day? 

After stepping into Paul’s Beatle Boots, new Paul ceased to exist as his own person. Eventually, it appears he became angry and irritable stuck in the role of a much more talented musician. The relationship is akin to sibling rivalry, with Paul being the one who outshone his impostor. In the past, new Paul resented his famous target. Now, however, it seems he has learnt to deal with the dichotomy through conscious separation of his two identities. In very real terms, Paul’s stand in keeps Paul’s memory alive, even if it is a false impression of how reality was. 

Now that Paul is being separated out from the conjoined twin relationship he was forced into with new Paul, people are remembering what a talented bright light he was. Paul is being reclaimed as one of the public’s favorite heroes. In killing Paul, those responsible unwittingly created a situation in which his memory would impact future revelations. With the unmasking of his double, Paul has become the central figure in exposing the impostor-replacement psyops that occur behind the scenes. Because of Paul, many people are now aware of a most evil program to kill certain individuals and replace them with controlled doubles. Paul’s popularity, talent, and good looks make him the ideal vehicle for exposing this hidden agenda. It is quite ironic that those responsible who wanted to exploit his charm for propagating evil on the planet ended up revealing their own evil secret program through Paul’s inept impostor.


Tina Foster
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Stay tuned for Tina's interview with Jim Fetzer, which will air on October 6. 2014. The possible replacement of John Lennon and the other lads will be discussed. The link will be posted to the Plastic Macca blog as soon as it is available.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Do You Want to Know a Secret? Intro to PID

People who know him say there is “the real McCartney and there is Beatle Paul.” 1

~ Mark Edmonds

“It’s not natural for ANYONE to play Paul [McCartney].” 2
~ Matt Robertson

Paul McCartney once sang, “You don’t look different, but you have changed.” 3 The same could be said for him. In late summer of 1966, the world-famous Beatle went missing. His presumed death has been kept a secret for nearly half a century. 

How has this fact been concealed? A trained double stepped into McCartney’s Beatle boots within a matter of days (August 25-28, 1966). In addition, media manipulation, including photo-, video-, and sound-editing, have been used to further the deception [LINK]. Research on the use of doubles shows that it is not only possible to impostor-replace someone, but that it has been done [LINK].

Compelling forensic evidence has been presented as proof that Paul McCartney was switched out right under the noses of unsuspecting onlookers [LINK]. Will the world remember the talented and charming young musician, or will the operative impostor stand-in  (Faul) permanently hijack his legacy?

This blog is an attempt to expose the replacement and reclaim James Paul McCartney’s memory from those who usurped it. If you have ever wondered, “What happened to Paul McCartney?,” read this blog from the beginning.

More to come...

Stay tuned for Tina Foster’s interview with Jim Fetzer on October 6, 2014.


1 Mark Edmonds, “Sir Paul McCartney confronts the ghosts of his past,” The Sunday Times,” November 23, 2008, available at

2 Sandra Sperounes, "Meet Edmonton's Other Paul McCartneys," Edmonton Journal, November 27, 2012, available at

3 Lennon/McCartney, “I’m Looking Through You,” Rubber Soul, 1965.

Tina Foster
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Paul McCartneys? It's a faux photo

This photo ca. 1968 has been touted as "proof" that Paul McCartney was still alive in 1968. Others have claimed it shows three Paul McCartneys.

The most obvious problematic sections of the photo have been enlarged. 

Left - There is a grid-like pixelation pattern throughout most of the background. It is almost like a web on top of the picture. 
See how the pixelation is on the right side of the blow-up, but not on the left side? A low-dpi (dots per inch) scan can make an image appear pixelated, but it would still be a consistent pattern throughout the image. However, the original image that was posted was 600 dpi - a very high resolution (twice what is necessary for print). 

Middle - Notice how there is no pixelation whatsoever in this section? It is stark white. Absolutely no "netting" pixelation to be seen. As stated, the pixelation should be consistent throughout. The inconsistent pixelation is a tip-off that the photo was hacked together from different images.

Right - This person's head does not appear to be behind the mast, but rather cut off (or covered up) by the mast. 

This "photo" appears to be a composite of several different images. It fails as "proof" that Paul was still around in 1968. It is not clear whether that is actually Paul's picture. Even if it is, it could easily have been pasted in.

If anyone notices any more problems with the photo, please post a comment. 


Tina Foster
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"How I Won the War" PID clue

A friend sent this. It needs to be fleshed out more, so if anyone wants to help with the research... :)



In the dark comedy "How I Won the War" with what appears to be a John Lennon double, I believe there is a significant "clue" in the plot.       


                 In a twist of surrealism, each soldier that dies under the Lieutenant's command returns immediately after, replaced by a soldier painted to resemble a plastic army man. From Goodbody's perspective, that man is still alive. Footage shown during the death scenes of these characters is tinted a certain color for each incident (green, then pink, then red, then blue), and the dead soldier 'returns' in that color.

                Those are the same colors the new Beatles are dressed in on the cover of the Sergeant Peppers album!!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Saul is dead? - Andrew Griffin


Turning back the clock to 1970, the year after Coe had her relationship with Burt “Robin” Ward, issue #222 of Batman on DC Comics featured a fantastic Beatlesque/Paul is Dead storyline called “Dead Till Proven Alive” which focuses on a Sgt. Pepper-yBritish band called “The Oliver Twists.” Odd clues about the band have piqued the interest of fans and conspiracy theorists – and Dick Grayson (Robin) as well.  Fans think one of the members, “Saul Cartwright,” is actually dead-and-replaced (PID'ers refer to him as "FAUL" for Fake Paul). Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are on the case. (Oh, did you know that this week - July 23rd - DC Comics had "Batman Day"? I have been seeing Batman refernces all over the place lately.)

This, of course, was a plot straight out of the then-hot Paul is Dead conspiracy theorywhich claimed that Paul McCartney of The Beatles had died in 1966 (the same year the Batman TV series premiered on ABC) and had been replaced by an imposter, the “PID” theory which we have addressed here at Red Dirt Report.

This particular issue of Batman is, as we noted, number 222. Paul McCartney, on his syncky Memory Almost Full album has a jazzy bonus track called “222.” That number has been coming up a lot lately, as noted in this week’s crash of TransAsia Airways GE 222 on one of Taiwan’s Penghu Islands (h/t Loren Coleman at Twilight Language)...

Read the entire article HERE

See the Batman 222 Plastic Macca Post HERE 


Tina Foster
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