Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tina Foster: Paul McCartney is Dead/PID (Opperman Report 2016)

Tina Foster: Paul is Dead
Opperman Report (Jan. 23, 2016)

I had a great chat with Ed Opperman about Paul McCartney having been impostor replaced in 1966. As people who have followed this conspiracy theory know, this is a deep rabbit hole. It exposes doubles and impostor replacements, weaponized music, the drug agenda, and the NWO, all of which are discussed in this interview.

Audio file: https://www.spreaker.com/user/oppermanreport/tina-foster-paul-is-dead-better-audio


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Did Cynthia Lennon Give Clues to PID [Paul is Dead]?

Thanks to Lewis Carroll (a contributor to the Plastic Macca Blog) for submitting this information.

Lewis Carroll suggests that Cynthia Lennon provided some clues that Paul McCartney died/was replaced in her book, "A Twist of Lennon." 1 In it, she wrote the following cryptic story:
I bought a clockwork bird in a gilded cage which I wrapped up carefully, just leaving the winding mechanism at the base exposed. Before handing it to John, I wound it up. The imitation bird warbled loud and clear from its perch as John unwrapped the strange looking gift with an expression of sheer disbelief on his face. Birds were not his favorite pets.
One gets the feeling while reading Cynthia's first book that she is sometimes speaking in code with thinly veiled references. Perhaps because she is afraid for her life if she revealed openly what was troubling her. The little story above seems like a harmless anecdote until you think about --- why would she put that in the book and what was her point? 

These phrases and words can mean something significant to PID researchers:

"bird in a gilded cage" 

"wrapped up carefully" 


"imitation bird warbled" 

"from its perch" 

"strange looking" 

"expression of sheer disbelief" 

"his face" 

"not his favorite pets" 

You see, we have to read between the lines to glimpse the desperate message. It seems Cynthia was trying to preserve her code words and phrases for future generations who might read and understand the significance. I believe other Beatles biography books contain code and veiled references to a sinister truth. PID researchers like myself are continuing efforts to smoke these codes out into the open instead of leaving them in their burrows, eternally hidden. The word "exposed" is pretty significant, as is "imitation." In addition, the phrase "bird in a gilded cage" may be a reference to a song written in 1900 by Arthur J. Lamb. The following is an excerpt from the lyrics:
I stood in a churchyard just at eve, When sunset adorned the west; And looked at the people who'd come to grieve For loved ones now laid at rest.
Could this be a reference to Paul - the singer - now laid to rest?

As further food for thought, Cynthia Lennon wrote on page 146 of the same book regarding the 1966 Beatles American tour:
To add to the misery of the impending tour, a prominent American and highly successful clairvoyant predicted that the plane carrying the Beatles to America would crash with no survivors. This unwelcome piece of information really gave us all the heeby-jeebies. Our farewells before John embarked on that journey were long and lingering. We were convinced that we wouldn't see each other again. John was sure that if the plane didn't crash, some incensed religious fanatic would pull a gun on him and kill him. It was a very worrying time for all concerned.
Is it possible that something bad really did happen to Paul (and perhaps to the other Beatles) on this American tour? Forensic evidence does seem to prove that at least Paul was replaced circa August-September 1966 [click here for article].

A TWIST OF LENNON by Cynthia Lennon, 1980. Avon Books was a division of the Hearst Corporation, New York, 140


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