Monday, August 26, 2019

Voice prints show that Vivian Stanshall was not Faul ("Bill Shepherd")

The following images are of voice prints provided by Tonny Nowhere Man. They refute the claim made in Memoirs of Billy Shears that Vivian Stanshall was a Faul ("Bill Shepherd.")

Tonny's video analyzing Paul McCartney's v. Faul's voice prints is HERE.


Friday, August 23, 2019

Plastic Macca: Tina Foster & Andrew Favretti discuss Paul McCartney's death & replacement (PID) - Part 1

Plastic Macca: Tina Foster & Andrew Favretti discuss Paul McCartney's death & replacement (PID) - Part 1

Attorney and author, Tina Foster, discusses her book, "Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney," with Andrew Favretti. We refute some of the unsupported claims made in 'Memoirs," talk about Faul behaving badly, and more. Recorded: Aug. 23, 2019


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Friday, August 16, 2019

The new McCartney Voice Print Analysis! The imposter unmasked! (Tonny Nowhereman)

Tonny Nowhere Man has now finished his voice print analysis of Paul McCartney (1966) vs. Faul (1967). The voice prints show that there were two "Paul" voices. 

Tonny said, "There are two 'Paul McCartneys' playing the significant parts, ever since September 1966. It means that Tina was absolutely right earlier, when she told us that the real Paul was most likely already replaced between August and September of 1966."

He continued (paraphrasing), "Dr. Truby, already back then, with the little means he had, in 1969, was on the right track!" Tonny added, "[Faul] was never [Vivian] Stanshall, for ex. - and so much more!"

Voiceprints constitute evidence of identity that are admissible in court. More info HERE.

YouTube and Vimeo promptly banned the video that contains his findings, but it is available on Brighteon HERE.

Tonny also proved using voiceprints that Vivian Stanshall was never a "Faul," which is a Faulse claim made in Memoirs of BS. More information HERE. This is confirmation of the face prints I did of Vivian Stanshall and Faul, which showed no match. I discuss that in Plastic Macca.


Monday, August 12, 2019

John Oliver Admits Paul McCartney is Dead (VIDEO)

On the August 11, 2019 episode of  "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" (HBO), John Oliver "joked" that the original Paul McCartney was dead.

John Oliver: “Think of all of the people who are dead right now: … The original Paul McCartney.”

Anyone who has researched PID for more than 5 minutes knows that the real Paul has been missing since late August 1966. The truth is put out there, but in a "joking" manner, so that people do not take it seriously. However, their karma is clean because they told the public what the score is. 

At 1:00-1:06.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Thanks to Diane Maria Bernadette Sanabria for posting this to the Plastic Macca Facebook group.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Liam Steen: Stinky BS Artist & Disinfo Agent

Behind the calm facade of Faul McCartney's empire, there is panic. PID (Paul is Dead) is becoming widespread and more mainstream. The usual tactics of ridicule, threats, and discrediting researchers are now ineffective at combatting the truth from coming to light. 

A new strategy has been deployed: Insert an "insider" into the PID mix. This person claims to have inside knowledge about "what really happened," but offers no proof, and even admits to using a fake name. So what is "LIam Steen's" real name? William Epstein? Who knows? Who cares? [He is now claiming to be Ringo Starr, by the way!] He is just another con-artist trying to distract people from the truth with some dumb story that Paul McCartney died of a "heart attack." He seems to be confusing things: Ringo was the sickly one, not Paul [LINK]. 

If people think Paul died of "natural causes," they will not bother to investigate any motives for taking Paul out, such as the social-engineering agenda. Also, assuming that Paul died of "natural causes," they found a trained double for him within two days? I don't think so. At least he admits that his book is going to be fiction.

How do you hide a needle? You dump a haystack on top of it. That is what is happening with PID. An avalanche of disinfo is getting dumped on top of it to obscure the truth. 

Please do not Faul for "LIam Steen's" BS without any proof. It is time to sharpen up those critical-thinking skills. 

UPDATE: The very first sentence of Stinky's new fictional book about PID has got it wrong. He writes in the prelude: "Exactly 50 years prior to this release, the first publishing of the 'Paul is dead' rumour was made. It came from a university in Iowa..." Anyone who has read my book, Plastic Macca, knows that that was NOT the "first publishing" of PID. In fact, a few newspapers in England reported on it as early as January 1967 (more information is in the book). The book is entitled "The Painful Truth About Paul McCartney." What is true is that it is a painful read. 

Someone I know relayed this message: "I just read from an except of Liam's book that Paul orchestrated his own replacement." Liam Steen also claimed that Paul died when he fell in Jane Asher's bathroom and hit his head on the bathtub circa Jan. 1967. So, I suppose Paul orchestrated his falling in the bathroom? This is very weak, but unfortunately, some people are gullible and buy into it.

Another comment about the first chapter of his PID book:

"I did scan through the pdf that had been built up to promise so much... just appalingly bad! I mean, even though I expected it to be bad, I had hoped it would give at least one piece of new, interesting and/or credible information! NONE! He's just bodged together the info he's gathered this year from all his new PID friends. It's a really shoddy piece of trash IMO Worse than I'd imagined. The Pied Piper lives on!"

And someone else wrote: "I didn't even read the whole 1st chapter. It's lame AND it pissed me off. IMO it victimizes Paul yet AGAIN."

Tina Coia writes, "Back about 6 months ago, I was having conversations with Liam Steen, Kenny Milne, Chuck McFadden, Louise Kizer, Vera McClaren and one time to the man himself that goes by the name of Paul McCartney!...  First, Liam said that Paul was born with Coronary Artery Disease...CAD for short! I immediately googled it and found it was impossible to be born with CAD! So, I confronted Liam with that bit of info so he had to do some quick thinking and that's when he changed the cause of death to a congenital heart ailment or heart attack! Starting to see the picture now? Kenny Milne also decided who he was going to annoit the person to proliferate this nonsense and so A.D. Clarke became the chosen one! I knew this 6 months before Clarke did! According to Liam, Paul's death and burial site was classified, but not too classified that Liam knew about it, but he actually attended the funeral! Well, in the U.S., the word classified means just that....not any Dick or Jane can get that info! But maybe the U.K. does it differently! BTW, Paul's certificate of death is also classified! If Liam opens his mouth to speak, I guarantee you it will be a lie!"

Someone else srote: "He makes Faul out to be a self-sacrificing hero and Paul an insecure egomaniac who INSISTED Faul replace him. It is literally unbelievable. Good luck pushing through it b/c it was painful to even read it. I couldn't finish it. I just couldn't."

More information: Proof That Liam "Stinky" Steen is a Fraud


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Beatles Conspiracy/Paul is Dead (PID) ~ Tina Foster on the Red Pill Hardcore radio show

Beatles Conspiracy/Paul is Dead (PID) ~ Tina Foster on the Red Pill Hardcore radio show

Attorney and author, Tina Foster, discusses the Paul McCartney is Dead conspiracy theory with V on The Red Pill Hardcore radio show.


Recorded: August 7, 2019

Tina Foster is the author of

Email Tina at faulconandsnowjob at hotmail dot com.