Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paul is Dead/Beatles CT: Good Vibrations show w/ Tina Foster, Matt Sergiou & Mark Devlin

Tina Foster, Matt Sergiou, and Mark Devlin discussing "Paul Is Dead" on 
Good Vibrations podcast, Vol. 42  (June 18, 2014). 

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From Mark Devlin's website:

As 'conspiracy theories' go, the suggestion that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by an impostor is right up there with JFK, 9/11 and the moon landings hoax. When first heard, the very idea sounds preposterous. But how many who scoffingly dismiss it have spent any time looking into the hard evidence for the switch? Two years ago the suggestion that Jimmy Savile could have been sexually abusing children on BBC premises for 50 years would have been greeted with similar derision.
In this volume, Mark Devlin chats with Tina Foster, proprietor of the Plastic Macca blog, (, the web's leading source of information on 'Paul Is Dead'. Also along for the ride is Matt Sergiou, who runs the Conspiro Media blog, (, documenting the darker side of the entertainment industries.
Tina goes through a multitude of evidence for McCartney being replaced, from data presented by two Italian forensic experts, to over 400 lyrical and symbolic clues placed in The Beatles' music and imagery. We revisit the comments made by Heather Mills in 2007 about her discovering 'a terrible secret' about Paul, which take on new significance if viewed from this perspective. Also discussed are some aspects of 'Paul's intriguing behaviour in recent years, and some of the occult elements of The Beatles' music. We end by speculating on who the impostor, (or impostors) may be, and on whether this secret will ever be revealed, or will remain a theory that goes with everyone to their graves.
As with all things, each listener must of course make up their own minds. but please do listen to all the information first!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Message of Hope on Paul's Birthday

In the aftermath of James Paul McCartney's covert identity transfer, the Illuminati exploited Paul's influence and popularity for their own agenda. The first agenda the impostor served was to promote drug usage. Just as drugs were popularized by CIAlebrities, so too was a new culture of dark, demonically influenced music. Led by Paul's replacement, the counter culture became riddled with CIAlebrity hosts. To clarify, in the famous person - or the famous person's double - the seeds for transforming society were planted. Because the CIAlebrity could sway the public into thinking in certain ways, a gradual shift in consciousness could be achieved. The Illuminati sought to change public perceptions about sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. The Illuminati are aligned with dark entities. A hateful desire to control everyone causes the Illuminati to seek help from the Dark Ones. Demons, in turn, make their own demands, such as blood sacrifices or easier access to host bodies. Demons need a host body on Earth in order to "live." Possession is simply the demon taking control of the host's body. Many do not believe possession is a real event, but it does occur with some frequency. At any rate, a demon can only possess a person who has been primed. A person must have a compatible energetic vibration to the inhabiting invader before the demon can permeate the physical body. If the frequency of the energy is not a match, no possession can take place. Demons need to get people's energy down to the depths where possession can occur. To that end, cultural icons have created a society in which degraded morals have become not only accepted but venerated. Once the overall energetic frequency is lowered, each individual is more vulnerable to possession.

Once certain deceptions have been discovered, it is impossible to keep it hidden forever. Paul's disappearance was concealed in plain sight. Paul was the Beatle who insisted on integrity, honesty, and loyalty the most. As Paul was the de facto leader of the band due to his song-writing genius, replacing him with a willing stooge was the first order of business conducted by those culprits. Killing Paul was akin to cutting the head off of the snake. In the end, mankind's enemies gained control of this most influential rock band. 

In the intervening years, many have come to realize that Paul died and was impostor-replaced. Certainly, most are still blind to the deception, but enough have now awakened to cause the double trouble. On his last concert tour, it was decided that Faul might be subjected to more public scrutiny than he could handle. In the past, it was easier to play off PID as a big joke. Now, however, many are simply not buying Faul's flippant dismissals. Just as death is encroaching upon Faul, his identity as an impostor Paul McCartney is in danger of being revealed. In the beginning, Faul's public appearances were minimized and carefully controlled. As time passed, and as Faul managed to convince a suspicious public that he was Paul, he became more brazen - almost taunting people and daring them to challenge him. His overconfidence betrayed him. Paul was charming, and not abrasive as Faul is prone to be. People's minds may have been fooled by Faul, but the myriad inconsistencies stuck in the craw. Once confronted with such inconsistencies, some realized instantly that they had been deceived.

Apart from the personal tragedy regarding how the events impacted Paul and his loved ones, the PID deception brought cultural changes that did not serve the best interests of mankind. Music, fashion, culture, and moral codes were all subverted to a greater or lesser extent. Dark forces crept in to lead humanity in a certain direction. Drugs played an integral part in the strategy. Once, humans could be blindly led, but no longer. It is not just that people awoke to differences between Paul and Faul. A fundamental shift is occurring on this planet that shines light into darkness. In the light, it is not possible to hide deception and lies. As more light enters this reality, more and more secrets will be exposed. In coming to terms with PID, one allows light to enter one's consciousness. As light permeates more individuals, a shift in consciousness takes place. A sea change is expected to occur in humanity in the not-too-distant future. If and when this transpires, people's lives will be much different. This is the very change the dark forces have tried to suppress. Once the light began to flood in, however, there was really no way to stop it.

In the end, Paul's replacement attempted to do the impossible: Prevent the shift in consciousness from occurring. After Paul had gone, the dark forces had some success subverting the culture by exploiting the Beatles' enormous influence to promote their agenda. Ultimately, however, they are failing to keep people down. For now, that is enough.

Stay tuned for a PID interview with Mark Devlin of the Sound of Freedom Show on June 18, 2014.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Sir" takes a break from his tour, but why?

I don't have any good theories, but this is highly unusual for a Faul tour.

News published 6/9/14...

(Reuters) - Former Beatle Paul McCartney, following his doctors' orders as he recovers from a viral illness after falling ill in Japan last month, has rescheduled some U.S. dates on his world tour.
"I'm sorry but it's going to be a few more weeks before we get rocking in America again. I'm feeling great but taking my docs' advice to take it easy for a few more days," McCartney said in a statement released on Monday.
He is expected to make a complete recovery.

The 71-year-old Grammy-winning musician canceled his sold-out "Out There" tour dates in Japan and a concert in South Korea after being hospitalized for the illness.
The tour will resume in Albany, N.Y., on July 5. Concerts are scheduled from June 14-26 in Lubbock, Texas; Dallas; New Orleans; Atlanta; Jacksonville, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Louisville, Kentucky, have been rescheduled in October.
All tickets for the original shows will be honored for the new dates, according to the statement.
McCartney and drummer Ringo Starr are the only surviving members of the Liverpool band that shot to international prominence and made their U.S. television debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show" 50 years ago. The group's last public appearance together was in 1969.
After the group split up, McCartney formed the band "Wings" and has also had a long and successful solo career.
(Reporting by Patricia Reaney; Editing by Eric Kelsey and Dan Grebler)


Some South American fans posted concert footage on YouTube of the Peruvian "Out There" concert. It's the usual theatrics and stage gimmicks and the dude simply cannot sing. He tries, but he sings out of tune. Maybe they decided he's such a bad singer, they have to do something.

Something's up, any ideas? Whatever it is, I suspect something is being changed that was going wrong, but what?