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Beatle Paul is Dead CT: Tina Foster on Separating Fact From Fiction (Vitalis News)

itunes picBeatle Paul McCartney is Dead (PID): Separating Fact From Fiction on Vitalis News w/ Michael Cavallis and guest, Tina Foster.

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Tina Foster is an attorney practicing in Seattle-area and has researched the area of doubles and imposter-replacements, focusing on Paul McCartney, since 2008. She has examined how they are used in psy-ops by intelligence, military, and the entertainment industry.  Some of her research is posted at Plastic Macca - Paul is Dead:

In the world of truth seeking, it doesn’t get much bigger than this topic and it is extremely difficult to separate truth from fiction, rumour and misdirection. But what does it say about us, society that we have allowed some very unusual and suspicious behaviour to go unchallenged for so many years.
Not surprisingly, It is very difficult for many people to believe that Paul was replaced, none more so that in UK where Paul is recognized as UK’s number one son.

 In order to understand how a switch could have successfully taken place and the rouse carried out for over forty years we have to look at the history of background information on doubles and impostor-replacements. We readily accept for example that Churchill, Hitler, Stalin all had doubles but we have difficulty in accepting celebrity imposters, why?
So how and when did the rumour begin, there have been many theories, some so blatantly inaccurate that it is reasonable to assume that this is the “firms” disinfo service swinging into action and or possibly the work of shills, the theory that Paul died in a car crash is just one example and we show that circumstances surrounding this event makes it pretty much implausible.

Why was Paul replaced? Why did the music of The Beatles change so dramatically from the upbeat fun songs about love, peace and harmony, to some very strange and dark music with cult messages in both song and cover albums? Why did John Lennon go to so much trouble to back mask?  And what of the messages analyzed in reverse speech?
And what of the physical evidence, facts are facts and the truth is the truth, and if we disregard all the theories, supposition and circumstantial evidence including the law of probability, Francesco Gavazzeni (information technology – computer scientist) and Gabriella Carlesi (expert in anatomy & craniometrics) have proved that Paul had been replaced in 1966.

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Beatle Paul is dead (PID) Separating fact from fiction with guest Tina Foster [Listen to interview with Michael Cavallis from Vitalis News - July 26, 2013]


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Plastic Macca: Paul McCartney is Dead (Tina Foster on Radio Ab Irato - Part 2)

Tina Foster talked about the Paul McCartney is Dead CT on Radio Ab Irato. 

Recorded July 20, 2013.

Watch Part 2 

Here is the show from February 2013 (Episode 27) with more background information on doubles and Paul is Dead (PID). 

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Or listen to the 1st show here: ep27-Tina Foster of plasticmacca


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Exposé of Disinfo Hit Piece “Paul Really is Dead: the Last Testament of George Harrison”

Exposé of the movie, “Paul Really is Dead: the Last Testament of George Harrison,” a film by Joel Gilbert

Despite its promising title, “Paul Really is Dead: the Last Testament of George Harrison” (PRID)  is a disinfo hit piece of the poorest quality. Change in belief comes about when good information is presented in a believable manner. To convince people they have been duped by a double of Paul McCartney requires compelling evidence, such as forensic analysis. This movie contains the poorest so-called “evidence” available out there on the Internet. The people behind Paul’s assassination have seeded the Internet with much disinformation regarding the Beatles and especially PID (Paul is Dead conspiracy theory). A modest amount of investigation reveals PRID to be a vehicle for presenting PID in the worst possible light. 

It appears that the filmmakers were handed the script and told to find a George Harrison voice double to narrate. Even if they did receive the tapes as they claim, they admit upfront that the recording could not be authenticated as being from George Harrison. Despite this, they continuously refer to the narrator as being George. This smacks of purposeful dishonesty. The fact that it is not George Harrison’s voice should be readily apparent with a simple comparison between the narrator of the film and a recording of the real George Harrison.
Paul was killed in 1966, yet many so-called “clues” from 1965 and early 1966 (pre-replacement) are referenced in the film. Even if one does not consciously catch the mistakes, one’s consciousness does register them. Even though the truth is Paul was replaced, the resonance effect is somewhat over-ridden by the false information. The viewer feels an initial realization that s/he is being presented with Truth. This feeling is blotted out as the false information accumulates, tipping the scales in the viewer’s mind. Once this occurs, the mind that was once open to PID slams shut. 

Careful analysis of this movie reveals it to be a deliberate attempt to squash any openness to PID as even a possibility. The narration by the voice double is a constant bug in the ear whispering to the viewer that s/he is being presented with false information. In other words, the initial lie that George Harrison recorded the tapes already puts doubts in the viewer’s mind, which is constantly reinforced. Apart from that, the viewer is told that Paul is Faul, which the subconscious recognizes as untrue. Other false information offsets the core truth that Paul was replaced. 

Dealing with the opposition to the truth coming out about James Paul McCartney (JPM) is no easy task. This author has attempted to point out some of the problems with this film. I encourage you to add your own observations in the comments. Below are some discrepancies in the film that I have observed (in no particular order). 


1. “George” says he met Paul when he was 14 and Paul was 16. Paul was only 8 months older, so how could he reckon that? Paul was born on June 18, 1942 and George was born on February 25, 1943. The date they met appears to be in February 6,1958 []. At that point, George was 14, but Paul was still 15.

2. “George” says Paul was killed on the night of November 9, 1966. The next morning, MI5 informed the other Beatles, and they spent two days in an MI5 safe house. The next day, the Beatles announced they would stop touring. 
In reality, Brian Epstein announced the Beatles would quit touring on September 11, 1966.
3. “George” said there was a Paul lookalike contest in 1966, and claimed there was no winner announced, but that “William Campbell” was the secret winner. I believe the film makers did not realize that there was a Paul lookalike contest in 1965 in which Keith Allison won. 
4. “George” said John Lennon called Faul “False Paul.” A biography of John Lennon (I believe by Ray Coleman) said that John actually called him “Faux Paul.” This is more in keeping with John’s witty turns of phrase, as this sounds like “faux pas,” which could be a double entendre. 
5. “George” references “visual clues on album covers” which were pre-death and replacement. The filmmakers say Paul died in November 1966, so why are they trying to use “clues” on the following that preceded Paul’s death? 
Butcher Album / Release Date:1966-01-01 [,id152101,len.html]
Rubber Soul / release date Dec. 3, 1965, 
Revolver / Release Date August 5, 1966 []) 
6. “George” says the record company the Beatles started was A Paul Corporation, but really it was Apple Corps (a play on apple core or even a Paul Corpse).
7. “George” said he wrote a song “Taxidermist” as a clue, because Paul was taken to one, but that the song was changed to “Taxman.” This makes no sense as taxidermy is “the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals and especially vertebrates” [] Paul may have had a wax effigy made of him for Sgt. Pepper, but I highly doubt he was mounted on someone’s wall as a trophy.
8. “George” said Paul’s "parents" attended Paul’s funeral, but Paul’s mom had died when he was 14. How could she have attended?
9. “George” said the album “Yesterday & Today” came out after "Revolver" but that is incorrect. 
 “Yesterday & Today” / Release Date:1966-01-01 [,id152101,len.html])
Revolver / Release Date August 5, 1966 [])
10. “George” said “I’m Only Sleeping” was what Paul looked like dead. If Paul had been decapitated, burned, and lost an eye in the supposed car crash, why would he look like he was sleeping? 
11. “George” claims John Lennon wrote “Yesterday” for Paul. “Yesterday” was released on “Help!” on 6 August 1965 (UK) [], more than a year before the narrator says Paul died. 
12. “George” claims a doll on the Sgt. Pepper album cover has a split head to show Paul’s supposed head injury in the accident, yet at the beginning of the film, he claimed Paul had been decapitated. Interestingly, the filmmakers do not reference Jayne Mansfield, who appears on the album cover and who was actually killed in a car crash. 
13. “George” claims he said “oh, bury my body, o untimely death” at the end of “I am the Walrus.” In fact, “The voices at the end of the song came from a BBC broadcast of the Shakespeare play King Lear...” [From Songfacts at]
14. “George” says Faul’s picture on the White Album sleeve was Faul's passport photo. However, one may not typically wear glasses in passport photos. 
15. “George” says John puts open palm sign over Paul’s head on cover of “Yellow Submarine,” when it was clearly the sign for Il Cornuto. 
16. “George” claims “Yellow Submarine” was a reference to Paul’s death in that it symbolized coffins buried under a sea of green grass. This song, too, was released prior to Paul’s replacement. It appeared on “Revolver,” which was released on 5 August 1966 (UK) []
17. “George” claims Russ Gibb announced on Oct. 12, 1969 that Paul was dead, but in reality, Tom Zarski called in that night to “rap” about Paul being dead. It was news to Russ Gibb at that point. 
18. “George” says John came up with the idea of the “Let It Be” album after “Abbey Road.” The Beatles began recording “Let It Be” a year before they started recording “Abbey Road.”
“Let It Be” Recording Date February 1968 - April 1970 []

“Abbey Road” Recording Date February 22, 1969 - August 20, 1969

19. “George” claimed Faul had gone into hiding in “Central England,” when in fact, Faul had moved to Scotland. Paul had bought the farmhouse in Campbelltown on June 17, 1966 [source:

20. “George” claims John “latched onto” Yoko Ono in 1970, but in fact, he met her on November 9, 1966 (the other 9.11.66 []). Her continuous presence in the recording studios has been blamed by some for the Beatles breakup. 

21. “George” claims “Rita” - the passenger in the car the night of Nov. 9. 1966 - was Heather Mills. This is impossible, as Mills was not born until 12 January 1968 []

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Fleshing out possible motives for the murder and replacement of Paul McCartney

Below is a brief discussion of why James Paul McCartney may have been replaCIAed. For a more in-depth analysis, please see Tina Foster's book, Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney,

On August 25, 1966, the Beatles played their last concert with the original line-up in Seattle. After that, a body double began impersonating Beatle Paul. "Bill" is the name by which the lookalike is known in certain circles. In a brief period of time, Bill usurped the name and image of Paul McCartney. His identity has been subsumed into Bill's identity. As a result, Beatle Paul's memory is intertwined with the double's. Despite fans noticing that Paul was "different," Paul has more or less merged into Bill over the years. 

A major stumbling block for some people in seeing that Paul McCartney was replaced is not understanding why it might have been done. As it was, certain people found the Beatles to be a threat to their goals. When the Beatles began to get political and spiritual, they bumped heads with some very powerful forces. As the Beatles were a powerful force themselves, their challenge to the powers that be was deemed to be unacceptable. Certain actions had to be taken to neutralize the threat. 

Just what was this perceived threat posed by the Fab Four? To understand all of the facets of the Beatles' threat to the System, one must be informed about the Luciferian Illuminati. Without this knowledge, Paul's replacement will seem incomprehensible. 

The Illuminati are a secret society of people who pledge allegiance to the dark side. These people have managed to gain control of many of the world's industries and governments. The Illuminati operate in collusion with demonic entities. Once an Illuminati member attains a certain level in the hierarchy, s/he will become demon-possessed. The process is outlined in greater detail in Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception by Michael Adair. Understanding the connection between the ruling Elite and evil entities is key to understanding what happened to James Paul McCartney and why.

In a position of global popularity and influence, the Beatles used music to counter the agenda of the dark side. Certain musical frequencies advance spiritual enlightenment and uplifting. The Beatles acted as agents of the Light to manifest a shift in consciousness by using frequency, melody, and certain words, such as "love." As their efforts began to take root, the Controllers took action against them. Paul, as the musical genius of the band, was seen as the main target. His music had to be interrupted as it put too many positive vibrations on the planet. His voice had to be silenced, if his role as a force for positive change was to be derailed. Once Paul was out of the band, the music catered to the dark agenda. Elements of Paul's compositions were used to maintain the illusion that he was still in the band. A careful examination of the music will reveal that songs of the later years lack the consciousness-raising quality of songs penned by the original Beatle Paul. It is not a quality that can be reduced to notes on a page, but rather is to be felt in one's heart chakra. People who resonate with the Light will feel an energy surge in their hearts when listening to songs composed by Beatle Paul. Despite cobbling together melodies that were more or less pleasing, Bill could never capture that quality. Indeed, it was not his intent to manifest a shift in consciousness towards Creator and the Light. His aim was to counteract and nullify Paul's effect. Bill could not completely erase Paul from history, but he could tarnish his legacy. As a result, Paul's contributions have been sullied by their association with Bill's. 

In addition, Paul and the Beatles criticized the government for exploitative taxation (“Taxman”), revealed Satanic Ritual Sacrifice (“Butcher Album”), and questioned the Vietnam War. Paul had also taken a keen interest in the Kennedy assassination, as recounted in attorney Mark Lane’s autobiography, Citizen Lane. Apparently, Paul did not buy the official story.

History awaits a separating out of Beatle Paul's work from Bill's. Once this occurs, a reevaluation of the music will restore Paul's place as the songwriter who propelled the Beatles to the toppermost of the poppermost and to the spiritual heights attained by enthusiastic fans of a band that resonated with Love. 

On July 20, 2013, Tina Foster spoke about PID on Radio Ab Irato

"I've done several interviews about the PID theory for my radio show. Tina Foster has done the most thorough comprehensive work on this subject matter."

~ Ed Opperman, The Opperman Report

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The Charming, Amazing Rude Faul McCartney

Written by WilliamBillyShears

When we look at celebrities we have our favorite ones. You can tell which ones are a "class act" and which ones are a fake replica.

If your new to the entire story of the killing and replacement of James Paul McCartney, you have to look at a lot of the evidence that is out there.

My own search for the truth around the Paul is dead / Paul was replaced story started in the late sixties and it was not until 2010 while living in New Zealand that I devoted over 1000 hours to the subject of "Faul." 

I'd like to thank Tina for allowing me to place additional research here. It means a lot to me as I am a syndicated radio and music producer by profession and took on the name of William Billy Shears to simply be able to "research" and "vent."

Paul (left) vs. Faul (right)

There are millions today who were not around in the early 1960's when John, Paul, George, and Ringo hit the world stage. So first I want you to watch the real Paul. Yes, thousands of photos and videos are being changed as Faul's manager even stated that over the past 5 years that he has managed "Faul," that all of the photos and videos are being retouched. (I smell more fish).

To get you quickly up to speed I want to you look at an original James Paul McCartney. You may have to watch it more than once as he replacement (and there may be more than one), took over since 1966.

A link to the video above:

Got it? The reason I became so obsessed with the story was I noticed bizarre differences in not only his "personality," I noticed changes in attitude.

Now fast forward to 1968. Really compare the two interviews. Now I know what is below is from 1968 and if you look carefully, you'll see that the mannerisms are "imitated" not real.

This video was placed here for educational purposes only and without profit.

After looking at hours of video tape, I also started looking at photographs that look strange to me. Ready to look at a few? Hold on to your seat bels.

So how did the charming Paul turn into such a rude guy.....

                                         This video was placed here for educational purposes only and without profit.

If you think the above picture(s) [removed], are Paul you better look closer. The video at the top of the post is very telling. Now look at another situation where Faul is just rude:

One researcher wrote:
Little is known about the impostor. He is sometimes known as William Shears Campbell, or William Sheppard. It is said that he once won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest, and was plucked from obscurity to become the new Paul. Some have claimed to have known him, but few have corroborated their tales. What is known is that the Faul was required to have many plastic surgeries in order to look more like Paul. Retouching on album artwork and official photos was painstakingly done. In attempt to hide the imperfections, he grew a mustache. And for long, no one suspected a thing. Foolishly, many still don’t.
Most have considered the story of Paul’s tragic death a mere hoax — a story, and a blatantly unreliable one at that. Until now.
Before you watch this final video below.....I want you to think about something ready? Why did Billy Preston Die on June 6, 2006? (Often considered the 5th Beatle...why 06/06/2006.....666).

Here is what Faul Had to say......directly:


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