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Beatle Paul is dead (PID) Separating Fact From Fiction on Vitalis News with guest, Tina Foster

Beatle Paul is dead (PID) Separating Fact From Fiction on Vitalis News with guest, Tina Foster 

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Tina Foster is an attorney practicing in Seattle and has researched the area of doubles and imposter-replacements, focusing on Paul McCartney, since 2008. She has examined how they are used in psy-ops by intelligence, military, and the entertainment industry.  Some of her research is posted at Plastic Macca - Paul is

In the world of truth seeking, it doesn’t get much bigger than this topic and it is extremely difficult to separate truth from fiction, rumour and misdirection. But what does it say about us, society that we have allowed some very unusual and suspicious behaviour to go unchallenged for so many years.
 Not surprisingly It is very difficult for many people to believe that Paul was replaced, none more so that in UK where Paul is recognized as UK’s number one son.

 In order to understand how a switch could have successfully taken place and the rouse carried out for over forty years we have to look at the history of background information on doubles and impostor-replacements. We readily accept for example that Churchill, Hitler, Stalin all had doubles but we have difficulty in accepting celebrity imposters, why?

So how and when did the rumour begin, there have been many theories, some so blatantly inaccurate that it is reasonable to assume that this is the “firms” disinfo service swinging into action and or possibly the work of shills, the theory that Paul died in a car crash is just one example and we show that circumstances surrounding this event makes it pretty much implausible.

Why was Paul replaced? Why did the music of The Beatles change so dramatically from the upbeat fun songs about love, peace and harmony, to some very strange and dark music with cult messages in both song and cover albums? Why did John Lennon go to so much trouble to back mask?  And what of the messages analyzed in reverse speech?

And what of the physical evidence, facts are facts and the truth is the truth, and if we disregard all the theories, supposition and circumstantial evidence including the law of probability, Francesco Gavazzeni (information technology – computer scientist) and Gabriella Carlesi (expert in anatomy & craniometrics) have proved that Paul had been replaced in 1966.
Beatle Paul is dead (PID) Separating fact from fiction with guest Tina Foster [Listen to interview with Michael Cavallis from Vitalis News - July 26, 2013]

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  1. Beatles Shea Stadium 8-15-1965 - Faul

    Look closely its Faul and not Paul. Faul replaced Paul for this show too. Ed Sullivan the previous night as well. 1965 was the year of switching in and out of the real Paul with the fake Faul.

    The body movement, the voice, the whole shtick. It's good but like counterfeit money it's not the real thing and most need to look closely (easy for me).

    Here are two videos; Faul forgetting his lines and being obnoxious and in both cases being called on the carpet by (the real) John Lennon pre-1968.

    Hard Days Night - Faul forgetting his lines at around 2:19

    Help – Faul being obnoxious and booing thru the mike because fans ran out on the field. Something Paul would never have done. John was upset and comes over to talk to him; starts around 0.15. I have never seen John like that. Dead giveaway this is not Paul.

    Brian Epstein is standing next to the band too. Sorry Brian the plan ultimately failed. This is now 2013, RIP and come back a more honest man.

    Download these videos because they are disappearing fast from you tube. Many I had previously bookmarked have been banned to watch by Apple corp. but are still up on line. That’s different too.

    I feel like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid; if they would just pay me to tell them what videos to take down I’d just tell them so they could stop wasting my time.

    Instead they keep taking down videos and forcing me to watch other videos I wouldn’t have watched and then finding out more dirt :} Keep up the effort Apple Corps; you too Faul.

    1. Good observation, Anonymous !

      Look at that those ears :-)

      And some smoking guns...


      I think and assuming that you've also read the comments below about Paul and Faul.
      Faul, as a CLEAR WINTER lad clearly looked tired and washed-out in that marigold-colored top suit ( In the other hand, Paul -as a DEEP WINTER lad-will look still awesome if he wears it )

    2. Nice catch on the android ears.

      My favorite is this one

      This ear is straight out of the sci-fi channel; I blew it up to 250% got creeped out.

    3. " This ear is straight out of the sci-fi channel; I blew it up to 250% got creeped out."


      Are you using photoshop to zoom it out ?

      BTW, this pic ( Thanks Tina for putting it in your facebook account photo album ! ^_^ ) is something that support that Paul is a DEEP WINTER and Faul is a CLEAR WINTER.

      PID vs PIA discussions and debates seems rare on focalising about the striking differences on skin tones between Paul and Faul. Both of them of course were raven-haired guys, somehow skin tone and eye color making the thick line that separating them.

      About the skin...

      Paul : His fair skin has an olive-tone ( some kind of green and gold undertone ), earthy looking, just like those Mestizo guys. From Wikipedia about olive skin :"Fair olive-skinned people have light skin that in cold weather may seem "fair" or "pale", but a slight but usually noticeable olive hue remains. " Even though Paul's skin having a 'gold' undertone, but that just a bit and cool undertones seems more dominating.

      Faul :Nah, this is the smoking gun. Faul has a milky pinkish skin with translucent quality, so giving him pinky and creamy look. He can have hundreds of knifeworks to make him look like Paul, somehow he can't imitates Paul's fair olive skin ( no matter how many efforts he do to put a tan on his skin ), because thats a unique mark for Paul and it happens because of biochemical process inside Paul's body.

      The eye color...

      Paul : Obviously has a dark hazel eyes. These and his raven hair are his striking features, no matter in color or BW pictures.

      Faul : Aha, this is another smoking gun ! Faul also having hazel-colored eyes, somehow in comparison to Paul, Faul's eyes are sparky and clearer, jewel-like. This feature once made me confuse and nearly putting him in DEEP WINTER subcategory but somehow thanks to PID truthers for telling the possiblity that Faul is using brown/hazel colored contact lenses to cover his green eyes. So definitely Faul is a CLEAR WINTER.

    4. I'm not using photoshop. I have a mouse with a scroll wheel. If you hold down the CTRL key and move the wheel forward it will enlarge an image and vice versa.

      BTW - If you are the person who posted this pic. I have to bet that's Paul to the left standing and Faul with his chipmunk cheeks sitting to the right.

    5. Oh, okay...
      I tried to zoom the pic with Google Chrome zoom, somehow still can't catch up the thing that freaked you out.

      About ....

      Lets visit this site first, and then judged it by yourself...

    6. It this photo here, the 16mm pristine Shea print for sale with Faul and George.

      Zoom in around 500% to Fauls ear. Look at the lower half of the ear.

    7. Um, note that when Paul stretched his face for a note or was caught in an expression with his cheeks puffy, he looked like Faul once Faul had more filler (by 1968). They had passing resemblance or it would not work. Shea is Paul. Only death accounts for the switch-out; there is no evidence of Faul before that which holds up to careful thinking on the faces. However, it does leave one wondering how Faul got in so quickly; he may have been helping get cars off their backs (that kind of double). But Paul is Paul.

  2. Hi Tina,

    " And what of the physical evidence, facts are facts and the truth is the truth, and if we disregard all the theories, supposition and circumstantial evidence including the law of probability, Francesco Gavazzeni (information technology – computer scientist) and Gabriella Carlesi (expert in anatomy & craniometrics) have proved that Paul had been replaced in 1966."

    Cavazzeni & Carlesi have proved that Paul had been replaced in 1966... And I do believe not only just them come with a strong proof.

    A strong proof, but with minimal effort in comparison to the method used by Cavazzeni & Carlesi.

    Anybody who are involving in color and beauty consultation already know who is Carole Jackson-the author of 'Color Me Beautiful'( CMB ). This book is about Seasonal Color Theory, which were popular during 1980's. Since then, CMB been around for several decades and is still being used by many professionals around the world such as image consultants and fashion consultants. From 4-seasons theory, CMB evolved into more accurate 12-seasons theory.

    Lora Alexander, image consultant and color analyst who wrote the book 'Color Revival' make 12-seasons theory easier to dummies to understand.

    A simple explaination can be found here :

    BTW, how 12 season color analysis can prove that James Paul McCartney was replaced in 1966 ?

    According to 4 season color theory, Paul and Faul both are belonging to the same season : WINTER. Somehow, by using more advance 12 season theory, Paul is the guy in DEEP WINTER subcategory, but his dark hazel eyes permits him to wear some clothes in DEEP AUTUMM subcategory. While Faul is the guy in CLEAR WINTER subcategory, and probably look good in some colors from CLEAR SPRING.

    Anyone can believe that Paul was replaced in 1966 by just observing on this simple differences. Tell me if you want me to write an article about it. (^_^)

    BTW, have you seen this pic before this, Tina ? Its really shocked me.

    1. Here - I thought you may like another view to the ship of fools.

      Here we have Paul, Faul and number 3, Mr. insurance policy in case Faul falls overboard or OD's (I guess).

      Identify the rest of the crew and and I'll send you my Dick Tracey decoder ring. A 40 year family heirloom.

    2. Faul is a summer, yes, and Paul was a winter.

  3. Here you go. This is a video that gives a context of 66-67 (and today).

    Great group, great song, I really like it. The Mamas & Papas - Dedicated To The One I Love.

    Now you see one guy playing a guitar correct? Where is the rest of the band, where is the rest of the music coming from? drums, organ, etc. Not from who you are looking at I can tell you for sure.

    Lip sync; music sync, people sync.

    Wake up and smell the tyranny.

  4. The late great John Todd said KISS were Kings in Satan's Service (rather than Knights in Satan's Service.)Gene Simmons based the KISS model on t(T)he B(F)eatles. Can U Dig it? "Do you know? Would you care to let it show?"

    1. I always got an evil vibe from Kiss. When Gene Simmons finally unmasked and started appearing in TV shows like Miami Vice (first I saw him), it was confirmation for me he is a snake.

      I'm not sure what the difference between Kings of Satan and Knights of Satan are. To me that's like trying to tell the difference between horse shit and cow shit; they're both evil and suck ass losers since the beginning of time.

      John Todd was phoney lunatic who had as many alias as conspiracies. I classify him as the predator type, like your guy Simmons, who unfortunately, continue to haunt humanity. Todd is gone now and that's one less psycho on the planet.

      When Simmons goes it's Margarita time for me.

      BTW - What are you attempting to communicate in your cryptic post other than you like John Todd and want to bait people with some imbecile puzzle?


  6. In regards to the physical differences. I see comparison photos where I am convinced and then the next one I see they look so much alike (photos from pre and post 66 as well as pre 66 and his late age). The one thing that I could never put my finger on until recently is the part. Faul looks so strange in the early days because they were trying so hard to cover up the fact that Paul's natural part is on the left and Faul is clearly on the right. (not to mention the difference in texture and color in late 66/early 67.


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