Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Paul McCartney's 70th birthday - share your PID/PWR story

Today, June 18, 2012, would have been Paul McCartney's 70th birthday. I thought it would be nice to invite all of you to share your personal PID/PWR-awakening experience. 

For me, the moment of revelation came on August 1, 2008. I was researching something and I happened upon a random link to Sunking's PID website: LINK. I remember thinking at the time that I would spend a couple of minutes looking into it, but that it couldn't *possibly* be true that Paul McCartney had actually been replaced. Well, I promptly fell down the PID rabbit hole and have never emerged. 

It took a couple of days of intensively studying the comps before I could really see the difference, but when I saw it, a wave of horror overcame me. I just knew something very bad had happened. I was very sad about the loss of a talented and special person and regretted what *could have been* with respect to the fabulous songs he'd never write. I was horrified that the powers that be could get away with such an outrageous travesty. It was disturbing to realize how the wool could be pulled over the public's eyes, and they could be trained/conditioned to see something that wasn't there. 

I promptly set out to expose the FACT that Paul had been replaced by getting the information out in front of as many people as possible [see LINK]. This blog has had over 500,000 hits now. PID research has uncovered all sorts of weird and wacky things, such as impostor-replaCIAments, Illuminati, Tavistock, MK-Ultra, etc. 

So, please share your story with us. When did you figure out Paul had been replaced? What are your thoughts and opinions about what happened? Simply post your story in the comments section or email them to me at faulconandsnowjob (at) 

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Happy Birthday, Paul! <3