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Denny Laine as Faul McCartney: Clues in "Penny Lane" (Getsmart)

Regarding Denny Laine having been at least one Faul McCartney, there could very well be clues in the lyrics of “Penny Lane.”

The Beatles - Penny Lane Promo Video

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In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to know.
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello.

The first paragraph may be about Denny Laine being coached to recognize all the people he is supposed to know when impersonating Paul McCartney.

Another interpretation of the barber might be a reference to the Queen's Headsman - or executioner - in modern days perhaps an MI5 assassin, passing in review every head he had the pleasure to know or "all the people that come and go." (This second interpretation is more sinister but possibly more accurate?)

On the corner is a banker with a motorcar,
The little children laugh at him behind his back.
And the banker never wears a mac
In the pouring rain, very strange.

While one cannot be sure whether in the 1960's top City bankers were called “Rainmakers,” they traditionally did not wear Macintosh trench coats, but instead used umbrellas by Swayne Adeney Brigg. This could be a delegated agent coordinating and bankrolling the technical phases during Paul's replacement.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back

This could refer to it no longer being Paul who is in our ears thanks to his singing and in our eyes due to stage appearances and photo sessions, but instead "Denny Laine is in my ears and in my eyes."

In Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a portrait of the queen.
He likes to keep his fire engine clean,
It's a clean machine.

Denny Laine
The fireman might refer to Denny Laine being used to "put out a fire" or engage in similar emergency problem solving action. That his action is temporary may be illustrated by the hourglass? That this was a command performance out of duty to Queen Elizabeth II is said by the portrait in his pocket. Keeping the fire engine clean might refer to Mop Up crews or Wet Teams who discretely eliminate anyone who might leak the truth.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
A four of fish and finger pies
In summer, meanwhile back

"A four of fish" refers to fourpennyworth of fish and chips but could also mean that The Four Beatles are Fishy. "Finger pie" is sexual slang of the time referring to intimate fondlings between teenagers in the bus shelter. The combination of "fish and finger" also puns on fish fingers, which might refer to the fact that the fishy Beatles are as genuine as frozen fish fingers are fresh fish.

Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
And though she feels as if she's in a play
She is anyway.

The shelter here might again refer back to finger pies where sex was used to enroll impostors? Pretty nurses used convincing means such as drugs to addict and further control impostors? Poppies are bled to derive opium and base morphine refined into heroin. Was Denny Laine turned into an addict to ensure his compliance?

[Comment by Tina: the nurse might feel like she is in a play because it is all staged]

In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer,
We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim.
And then the fireman rushes in
From the pouring rain, very strange.

The barber was the most dangerous man throughout history, and kings made sure he was their most trusted confident as he could at any time slit their throats. Here, the barber probably means the hit man used to terminate Paul, as the banker watches, Denny Laine - the emergency replacement - rushes in, but due to the great rainfall, there is no real fire hazard, but only a false emergency provoked by the agents.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back.
Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies,
Penny lane.

Denny Laine is now the voice and image of Paul. Yet he remains in anonymity exemplified by a suburban life out of the limelight, where he sits "and meanwhile back." He backs the lie, the intrigue, the conspirators. 

Denny Laine was stuck in some suburban nowhere land after Paul had been murdered. He was complaining in those lyrics about not actually getting personal satisfaction or progress in his own life for accepting to impersonate him. It seems clear that he was a disabused and deceived subject of the Queen lied to about what had happened, until it was too late.

Here is a possible general interpretation which remains to be discussed and argued in various ways.

From this song, Denny Laine apparently left clues that he was called into service on the pretext of assisting the Queen by his emergency replacement of Paul. It was supposed to be only for a short time. He was, perhaps, first lured through sexual favors and then drugged into compliance. 

He later learned that the alleged emergency he was called upon to assist with was not a real emergency, but a situation provoked by assassins, who used him to conceal their feat. It also became clear that it was not intended to be short term. In the lyrics of this song, he is saying as clearly as he could, while remaining alive, that Denny Laine is now what you hear and what you see - instead of Paul.

It would be interesting to see how long Denny Laine was forced into compliance before probably being himself killed and replaced with another Faul?

Guest commentary by Getsmart

Edit: Thanks to an anonymous commenter for noticing that the bus sign in the promo video said "...enny Lane" with the first letter obscured. That appears to be yet another clue...

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The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth

Friday, October 19, 2012

Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, and Mass Consciousness Waking From Its Slumber

In the many years I have been researching PID, I have come to hold certain beliefs. Below are my musings based on my research into PID. 

Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, and Mass Consciousness Waking From Its Slumber

Beatle Paul McCartney was replaced by the Illuminati. Quite a few indications of this can be discerned from his death and replacement. Paul was likely kidnapped after the concert in Seattle on August 25, 1966. The car that was taking him to the airport may have been run off the road. Paul may have then been yanked out of the car and shot in the head execution-style. This scenario may have been revealed in “Condensed Cream of the Beatles” [see more information]. It appears that Denny Laine stepped into Paul’s Beatle Boots immediately, having been prepped to serve as Paul’s double. Denny may have then jumped into the idling car, which then sped off to the airport to take him to LA, where he had two days R&R to prepare for his new role. Paul’s body may have been weighted down with concrete blocks before it was dumped into Puget Sound, never to resurface.

Denny Laine
But why might Paul have been replaced? He proved to be a threat to the System. Paul was using the world stage to do good for humanity. For example, Paul was using music to raise the consciousness of people by writing music that was in a frequency that caused an alignment with Creator. His music also resonated with natural harmonics, which causes fractured energy to heal [see more information]. John Lennon’s lyrics often focused on the loftiest of emotions: love. The combination was causing listeners to feel a sense of well-being, optimism, and happiness - even elation. The ruling class did not want a shift in mass consciousness to occur. The El-ites started to panic when it seemed as though the Beatles would conquer the world. They not only wanted to stamp out the Beatles, but entirely subvert everything the Beatles had accomplished. The Beatles had to practically be re-created in the image of an Illuminati puppet-show.

The result of the infiltration and hijacking of the original Beatles was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (SPLHCB). It was revealed that the original Beatles were “dead,” whether in fact (Paul) or metaphorically. This new band no longer criticized the government for exploitative taxation (“Taxman”), revealed Satanic Ritual Sacrifice (“Butcher Album”), or demanded questioning of the Vietnam War (Paul had also taken a keen interest in the Kennedy assassination, as recounted in attorney Mark Lane’s autobiography, Citizen Lane. Thanks to Andrew Griffin for this information). This SPLHCB did not lead listeners onto a deeply spiritual journey  à la “Tomorrow Never Knows” [see more information], but rather encouraged their fans to pop LSD tabs into their mouths. This served to simulate a spiritual awakening, while blocking the pineal gland, preventing a true spiritual experience from occurring. 

This new band took music and turned it into a weapon. Charles Manson was perhaps commissioned to write “Helter Skelter.” The song was written to be disturbing to the body’s energy matrix. Fractured energy leaves a person more vulnerable to disease and psychic attacks. This song is but one example of how music has been used in psychic warfare. Independent of degraded music, LSD use was promoted in songs such as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Drug-dealing by star promotion became popular when Denny gave his ITN interview talking about LSD. So many kids tried LSD after learning that rockstar Beatle Paul liked it. Each one who took it experienced a simulated spiritual experience that left them more susceptible to mind control due to the psychotropic properties of the drug. While the Beatles may have intended to help their audience experience an authentic spiritual awakening, SPLHCB intended to prevent a mass rise in consciousness.

Keeping with people’s expectations of the Beatles was next to impossible. The Beatles had been funny, talented, and charismatic. The replacements were too focused on pretending to be the originals to have the natural, easy, and unaffected air of the original Mop Tops. This led, in part, to some people noticing that Paul was different (not to mention the physical differences). It was decided that the faux Fabs should minimize their public exposure as much as possible. “Paul” was sent to the remote farmhouse in Scotland to keep him out of the public eye. The others were pretty much sequestered in their mansions. “Paul” had it rough for a time in 1969 when he fell under suspicion of being a double. Luckily for him, LIFE magazine came to his rescue. During the intervening years, memories of Paul faded, and Denny eventually became Paul in the public’s mind. Now, Denny has subsumed Paul’s identity into his own. He has worked hard to erase Paul from history. In the process of becoming Paul, Denny gained the world and lost his soul.

In this time of Revelations, the mask of deception is coming off. There is a wave of recognition crashing against the power that be’s carefully orchestrated psy-op. As more people become aware of the ruse, more energy is focused on exposing the impostor-replacement of individuals, with Paul being a central figure. At some point, the flood will overwhelm those trying to dupe the public with doubles. When that occurs, Paul’s identity as a force for good in the world will be reclaimed. With that awareness, Beatles music will be listened to with an ear towards the eternal spiritual domain of Love. Until then, researchers shall continue to expose to the world that Paul is Dead. 

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