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Denny Laine as Faul McCartney: Clues in "Penny Lane" (Getsmart)

Regarding Denny Laine having been at least one Faul McCartney, there could very well be clues in the lyrics of “Penny Lane.”

The Beatles - Penny Lane Promo Video

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In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to know.
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello.

The first paragraph may be about Denny Laine being coached to recognize all the people he is supposed to know when impersonating Paul McCartney.

Another interpretation of the barber might be a reference to the Queen's Headsman - or executioner - in modern days perhaps an MI5 assassin, passing in review every head he had the pleasure to know or "all the people that come and go." (This second interpretation is more sinister but possibly more accurate?)

On the corner is a banker with a motorcar,
The little children laugh at him behind his back.
And the banker never wears a mac
In the pouring rain, very strange.

While one cannot be sure whether in the 1960's top City bankers were called “Rainmakers,” they traditionally did not wear Macintosh trench coats, but instead used umbrellas by Swayne Adeney Brigg. This could be a delegated agent coordinating and bankrolling the technical phases during Paul's replacement.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back

This could refer to it no longer being Paul who is in our ears thanks to his singing and in our eyes due to stage appearances and photo sessions, but instead "Denny Laine is in my ears and in my eyes."

In Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a portrait of the queen.
He likes to keep his fire engine clean,
It's a clean machine.

Denny Laine
The fireman might refer to Denny Laine being used to "put out a fire" or engage in similar emergency problem solving action. That his action is temporary may be illustrated by the hourglass? That this was a command performance out of duty to Queen Elizabeth II is said by the portrait in his pocket. Keeping the fire engine clean might refer to Mop Up crews or Wet Teams who discretely eliminate anyone who might leak the truth.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
A four of fish and finger pies
In summer, meanwhile back

"A four of fish" refers to fourpennyworth of fish and chips but could also mean that The Four Beatles are Fishy. "Finger pie" is sexual slang of the time referring to intimate fondlings between teenagers in the bus shelter. The combination of "fish and finger" also puns on fish fingers, which might refer to the fact that the fishy Beatles are as genuine as frozen fish fingers are fresh fish.

Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
And though she feels as if she's in a play
She is anyway.

The shelter here might again refer back to finger pies where sex was used to enroll impostors? Pretty nurses used convincing means such as drugs to addict and further control impostors? Poppies are bled to derive opium and base morphine refined into heroin. Was Denny Laine turned into an addict to ensure his compliance?

[Comment by Tina: the nurse might feel like she is in a play because it is all staged]

In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer,
We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim.
And then the fireman rushes in
From the pouring rain, very strange.

The barber was the most dangerous man throughout history, and kings made sure he was their most trusted confident as he could at any time slit their throats. Here, the barber probably means the hit man used to terminate Paul, as the banker watches, Denny Laine - the emergency replacement - rushes in, but due to the great rainfall, there is no real fire hazard, but only a false emergency provoked by the agents.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back.
Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies,
Penny lane.

Denny Laine is now the voice and image of Paul. Yet he remains in anonymity exemplified by a suburban life out of the limelight, where he sits "and meanwhile back." He backs the lie, the intrigue, the conspirators. 

Denny Laine was stuck in some suburban nowhere land after Paul had been murdered. He was complaining in those lyrics about not actually getting personal satisfaction or progress in his own life for accepting to impersonate him. It seems clear that he was a disabused and deceived subject of the Queen lied to about what had happened, until it was too late.

Here is a possible general interpretation which remains to be discussed and argued in various ways.

From this song, Denny Laine apparently left clues that he was called into service on the pretext of assisting the Queen by his emergency replacement of Paul. It was supposed to be only for a short time. He was, perhaps, first lured through sexual favors and then drugged into compliance. 

He later learned that the alleged emergency he was called upon to assist with was not a real emergency, but a situation provoked by assassins, who used him to conceal their feat. It also became clear that it was not intended to be short term. In the lyrics of this song, he is saying as clearly as he could, while remaining alive, that Denny Laine is now what you hear and what you see - instead of Paul.

It would be interesting to see how long Denny Laine was forced into compliance before probably being himself killed and replaced with another Faul?

Guest commentary by Getsmart

Edit: Thanks to an anonymous commenter for noticing that the bus sign in the promo video said "...enny Lane" with the first letter obscured. That appears to be yet another clue...

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  1. Noticed ... the bus sign said "...enny Lane" with the first letter obscured. At 0:44.

  2. wow, very interesting. I never would have considered all of that to be found in the lyrics, but I can see that it all fits.

  3. I read an interesting post on posted on January 30th 2005,Penny Lane=Denny Lane.Misty is right in saying that it all fits.

  4. This is all fairly new info for me, and it all makes a lot of sense - thanks for the great site and your bravery.

    So what's the story with the guy who's "the real" Denny after Aug. 66? (Have you covered that already and I missed it?)

    While reading the article, I wikipedia'd him, and I was totally shocked to see first thing as the screen opened 'Denny on stage with Wings 1976' - wow, the tricks & connections have no bounds it seems. Who do you think that was in the Wings pic, was he replaced with an imposter after quitting Moody Blues (as wikipedia states "in August 1966")?

  5. Tina,

    Look at the video at 2:40. Faul is handed his guitar by the servant, and instinctively moves to play it with his right hand, then re-adjusts to play with his left. Strange.


    William Ramsey

    1. Whats so strange,really? Faul was right - handed! And they probably thought no one would notice.

  6. What happened to the video? Seems this always happens to videos uncovering something...

  7. I've noticed that too. In fact an entire timeline full of pics was deleted off of the official Paul Mccartney website. Seems very fishy to me that all these pics, videos and stories keep magically disappearing. Another thing that had me extremely bothered was the was the thread was handled at ATS forum. I recently came across it while looking at pics and I did actually sit there and read all 140+ pages and I must say the way the mods handled that thread is very alarming and raised some serious red flags for me. As a mod on a forum I would have never allowed member to personally attack others like that. They just say there and did nothing. Ridiculous. That shit would never fly around our forum :) they couldn't even make any point it was oh your stupid. That is not contributing to a topic at all and they should have been banned from the forum for repeated breaking of rules. I don't give two craps what they say about lighting and camera lenses, my man has the same color hazel/brown eyes the real Paul had and no light or angle will ever make his eyes look green. Brown, yes, green, NEVER!!! Same with my eyes. They are green and can appear blue or slightly yellow in different light but they will never ever look brown. It just doesn't catch anyone else's attention that he had black hair and brown/hazel eyes and now has red hair and green eyes? I'd love to see another person in history that this has happened to because as far as I know that's not possible by genetics. As black haired people age it becomes gray and peppery not red. Another thing I noticed that hadn't been mentioned before was the arch of the eyebrows. That's something that can only be changed by facial surgery. If you look at pre 66 Paul and then at Faul you'll notice the arch of the right eyebrow, our left, magically jumps to the outer edge of the eye instead of inward where it's suppose to be. Then many surgeries later its moved and his eyes have been lowered as well. I really really hope that more people start to take this seriously and that this fraud can be exposed and poor Paul can finally have a remembrance service like he deserved. So sad that he was just tossed aside and forgotten :( no one deserves that.

    1. Great reasoning! Faul said in his book the most annoying thing he was told over + over was to " keep arching my damn right eyebrow!"

  8. In any lane there is a barber who is familiar only with your eyes, your ears and the way your hair sits naturally.

  9. I think the most interesting verse in Penny Lane is:

    Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
    The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
    And though she feels as if she's in a play'

    Many Americans have never seen a "roundabout". It is a circular piece of concrete in the middle of an intersection. People navigate it in a way that avoids the need for a traffic light. The UK is full of these and they are quite efficient. The thing is that people can drive all the way around it, so while you may be "behind a shelter", if it's in the "middle of a roundabout" then you are in plain sight all the time.

    Now you have a nurse selling poppies... Almost everyone would immediately think heroin or opium when they think "poppy". So there is a medical person selling illegal drugs in a way that is partially hidden "behind a shelter", but also in plain sight "in the middle of a roundabout".


  10. Look up "Jo Jo Laine". Married to Denny, in Wings, died mysteriously at age 54. Is there a "Get Back" connection?

  11. Denny Laine's still alive--I think. He was part of it, though.


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