Sunday, November 29, 2009

Questions about John Lennon's assassination

This interview with Dr. Stephen Lynn, the physician who attended to Lennon after he'd been shot, raises some troubling questions.

  • The doctor said everything, including Lennon's bloodstained clothes, was destroyed
  • The medical records were given to an administrator and put in a vault
Why did the hospital destroy evidence in a murder investigation? Why weren't the medical records, clothes, and other evidence given to investigators? Are the records still locked in the vault, or were they also destroyed?
  • The doctor was John Lennon's neighbor and saw him regularly but didn't know who it was until he opened the wallet
  • The nurse at the hospital said it didn't look anything like John Lennon
Lennon was supposedly shot three times in the chest. There was no suggestion that his face had been injured. Why was he so hard to recognize?

To research the circumstances surrounding Lennon's death more fully, I recommend the book, The Murder of John Lennon by Fenton Bresler.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Paul, they had him murdered

O, untimely death, death!
~ Oswald, King Lear, Act IV, Scene VI by William Shakespeare

What happened to the real Paul McCartney? After researching PID extensively and considering the attacks on the other Beatles, it is my opinion that he was murdered. To be more specific, I believe he was shot execution-style by agents for the Illuminati. I believe this happened in mid to late August 1966. [See Was Paul McCartney replaced in August 1966?] I think the "car accident" scenario is just disinformation meant to lead people away from the Truth.

One source of clues is from reverse speech. Reverse speech seems to reveal either the truth of the matter, or at least betray what the speaker knows or thinks. Reverse speech has revealed disturbing clues that Paul was shot. Here is some background information on reverse speech:

...It is called Reverse Speech, the phenomenon of hidden backward messages in speech. It initially gained worldwide fame in the early 80s as those strange backward messages in rock and roll. Since that time, research has progressed significantly and it is now known to exist in all forms of human speech.
If human speech is recorded and played backwards, mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard very clear statements. These statements usually appear in short sentence form and are nearly always related to the forward speech. It appears constantly throughout language, so much so in fact, that it is believed to be a natural part of our speech processes.
The pioneer and 20 year veteran of this field, Australian David John Oates, describes Reverse Speech as another form of human communication. He states that language is bi-level, forward and reverse. As the human brain constructs the sounds of speech, it forms those sounds in such a way that two messages are delivered simultaneously. One forwards, which is the conscious mind speaking, and the other in reverse, which is the unconscious mind speaking.
The applications of this discovery are exciting. On the surface level, it can act as a sort of Truth Detector as Reverse Speech will usually correct the inconsistencies of forward speech. If a lie is spoken forwards, the truth may be communicated in reverse. If pertinent facts are left out of forward speech these may also be spoken in reverse. It can reveal hidden motive and agenda and other conscious thought processes...In the state of Oregon, it has been used in criminal investigation and its results independently verified by DNA testing in one case...
(1) Human speech has two disctinctive yet complementary functions and modes. The Overt mode is spoken forwards and is primarily under conscious control. The Covert mode is spoken backward and is not under conscious control. The backward mode of speech occurs simultaneously with the forward mode and is a reversal of the forward speech sounds.
(2) These two modes of speech, forward and backward, are dependent upon each other and form an integral part of human communication. One mode cannot be fully understood without the other mode. In the dynamics of interpersonal communication, both modes of speech combined communicate the total psyche of the person, conscious as well as unconscious.
(3) Covert speech develops before overt speech. Children speak backwards before they do forwards. Then, as forward speech commences, the two modes of speech gradually combine into one, forming an overall bi-level communication process...
Q9 What do you do with Reverse Speech?
In every situation where people are speaking and extra information is required Reverse Speech can be useful. It has been used successfully in police investigation work...
Q15 What is the difference between Backward Masking and Reverse Speech? Backward Masking is a recording technique were words and statements are deliberately inserted backwards into the sound track, whereas Reverse Speech is a naturally occurring part of every day conversation, happening naturally with no technical manipulation...
Q17 What kind of messages do you get with Reverse Speech? Messages come from all areas of the mind. Sometimes the can come from very matter of a fact parts of the mind and discuss normal every day topics. Other times reversala seem to come from the unconscious part of the mind and give us reasons for current behaviours and health issues. It can even predict future out comes of current behaviour. At the deepest levels of Reverse Speech statements can be found that talk about the the soul itself.
Q18 As you are talking can you hear the reversals of other people? The simple answer is yes. The brain is constantly hearing and decoding Reverse Speech and we recognise it as instinct or gut feeling.

Here are some songs that have been reversed and reveal morbid messages.

Paul is bloody

Paul, they had him murdered

at 3:40 - Pass the gun love, it kills the love, the love is cold. (reverse of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps")
at 5:27 - Worst of all, he's in the dark chills (or chilling). Remember this please. (reverse of "I am the Walrus")
at 6:14 - He said, "Get me out! Get me out!" Paul is what is. Paul is hare Krishna. It seems, Paulie is bloody (reverse of "Blue Jay Way")

At 4:57: Oh Rock Shield Pistol in August
At 5:05: Mac is new

He's dead, he's dead, etc (reverse of "Helter Skelter")

Paul is dead, really really dead

...Go ahead kill him...
Help me out here
Just kill him (air line...pull it) [Scream]
Is that it? He's dead [Screams continue]
All hear me, dead ...
Paul, they had him murdered

5. witchcraft we must look at the net [Internet] dead man on rock, he got him to win it... he got him to win it that scares Paul, that's not reality now that he got kidnapped, forbid a worst man burn the witch, devil's fault this reality was in my (home or own)

11. Shot now, gets to the hospital if he needs it.

14. Last night, he ran off had meetings, yep, killed him. What now slipped out of the world - shook then. Even any, that means if anyone rubs me off, they'll track me. They shot him, now. Oh!


Putting the clues together seems to reveal a tale of kidnap & murder.

... Go ahead kill him...
Help me out here Just kill him (air line...pull it)
[Scream] Is that it?
He's dead [Screams continue]
All hear me, dead ...
Paul, they had him murdered

Oh Rock Shield Pistol in August
He said, "Get me out! Get me out!" Paul is what is. Paul is hare Krishna, it seems. Paulie is bloody
he got him to win it that scares Paul, that's not reality now that he got kidnapped
Pass the gun love, it kills the love, the love is cold.
Shot now, gets to the hospital if he needs it.
Last night, he ran off had meetings, yep, killed him. What now slipped out of the world - shook then... They shot him, now.
Paul is bloody dead man on rock, he got him to win it...
He's dead, he's dead, etc
Paul is dead, really really dead

Mac is new

In this interview clip, Faul says: "But you know, I don't imagine I am him 'cause otherwise it would just blow my head off" ... I think it's a revealing clue as to what happened to Paul that Faul subconsciously let slip.

The 1974 film, Braverman's Condensed Cream of the Beatles offers imagery that supports the theory that Paul was assassinated. Please see Paul was murdered: "Condensed Cream of the Beatles" for more information.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How music is used to further the NWO

Forty years later, the Beatles ... are a consolation against
the continual assault on music lovers by the record industry.

~ L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican

Sound and music have effects on the human body. Music can actually be used for manipulation and control purposes. Some interesting studies were done by Professor Emoto from Japan on sound can affect water molecules. [Website: Miraculous Messages from Water] [archived here].

Professor Emoto took pictures of water molecules that had been exposed to different types of music. One can see that the molecules arrange themselves quite differently depending on the music. For ex, water exposed to Beethoven's 6th Symphony looks like this:

Water exposed to heavy metal music looks like this:

(Sorry, he did not specify what heavy metal music it was.)

According to Matthew Ward, discordant music "fracture[s] the body’s energy":
...Not all sound that is proclaimed on Earth as music IS music! I’m not restricting compositions to a narrow band of “masterpiece” musical styles, but rather I’m saying that piercing, clashing, raucous, dissonant sound is not music, it is noise. Those sounds fracture the body’s energy, short circuit its electrical system, shatter its equilibrium, and prevent light from entering...

Messages from Matthew
37. There is NO balance or any redeeming quality whatsoever in “heavy metal” compositions any more than there is goodness in a concentration of heavy metals in your body. The strong dark undercurrent in this NOISE is strategically designed to shatter the body’s energy and prevent light from reaching the souls of those who are captivated by these raucous sounds. This fact needs to reach those who regard “heavy metal” as entertainment instead of the strong deterrent to spiritual clarity that it actually is...
Music's ability to affect the body, mind, and soul is used to manipulate people and serve the Agenda.
...Well, what people in general don't think about is that music is vibrations. What frequency the music vibrates on is directly determining what emotions and reactions you get from it. Classical music has its own vibration, which often lifts us up spiritually. Rock music has another frequency, hip-hop another and rap music yet another. Do we really think we have a choice as of what to listen to, as a society? Are we really that blind that we think that we, the consumers, are setting the trends? No, my friends, the trends are set by the Illuminati owned music industry, where they know exactly how frequencies work - they have the best scientists working for them, so what can we expect? One day, pop and rock is what they want us to listen to, the next day the trend is punk rock, then rap and then back to rock in an endless stream. Almost within a blink of an eye, the music you listened to yesterday is now not hip anymore and you are not supposed to listen to it, unless you are a nerd or something. They, the Illuminati-owned music companies, are the ones who decide what we want to listen to, and don't get fooled to believe it's anything else than that. The music they produce vibrates on the frequency they want us to vibrate on for the moment to enhance the New World Order [NWO] Agenda! And that's it. They want to keep us on a certain frequency, where they can control us as a whole...
Wes Penre, "How Pop & Rock Music is Used to Manipulate Us," June 13, 2005

This video offers insight into how music is used to control people:

Paul McCartney wrote some very classical-sounding songs ("Eleanor Rigby," "Love in the Open Air," etc), but then the sound changed to songs like "Helter Skelter."

...McCartney (sic) then "wrote 'Helter Skelter' to be the most raucous vocal, the loudest drums, et cetera" and said he was "using the symbol of a helter skelter as a ride from the top to the bottom—the rise and fall of the Roman Empire—and this was the fall, the demise."[1]...
Vladimir Lenin once said: "One quick way to destroy a society is through its music." Was this what the Tavistock Institute (Illuminati) was trying to achieve? Could it be that Faul was used to serve this agenda? Let's not forget that Charles Manson wanted to commit random murders to "trigger Helter Skelter."

It seems there is more to Charles Manson than we have been led to believe... For example, some believe he may have been an intelligence asset:
Charles Manson, who was both a slave and a handler, is an example of how a penetrating hypnotic stare is used by the Programmers.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charlie Manson, John Hinckley Jr., Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh and John Salvi are some notable names of infamy, strongly suspected of being pawns who were spawned by MKULTRA.
The Manson Family and the Hell's Angels were instruments by which enemy forces could attack and discredit hippies and critical American youth who had dropped out of the establishment.

From Monterey Pop to Altamont.
OPERATION CHAOS: The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture
by Mae Brussell, November 1976
What Manson did was a milder version of the US army's Operation Phoenix, which is the purpose of all the Mind control killings, terror (see: Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder by Dave McGowan), and gun control. Designed, and succeeded, in ending the good feelings of the 60's.
What Terry revealed was that the murders attributed to the Son of Sam, the Manson Family, and numerous other interconnected killings (including possibly the Zodiac murders) were not what they appeared to be. While these killings appeared to be the random work of serial/mass murderers, they actually were contract hits carried out for specific purposes by an interlocking network of Satanic cults .....In other words, these were professional hits orchestrated and disguised to look like the work of yet another 'lone nut' serial killer. Which is, of course, exactly what Henry claimed his crimes to be, several years before investigative journalist Terry published his convincingly documented work.
[Mae] Brussell ... believed the Manson family was set up by counterintelligence types to blacken the image of anti-war-music-and-youth longhairs who were becoming a threat to the dominant culture...
[1988] CIA-Mafia conspirators can rest easier by Warren Hinckle
She [Brussell] alleged in a radio broadcast that the Manson Family was working with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to commit mass murders.
Conspiracy Theorist Mae Brussell Dies of Cancer
The Illuminati owned music industry uses sound frequency in music to manipulate and control us. The music is used as part of the Agenda to further the NWO.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth