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Happy Crimble! ~ Beatles Christmas

The Beatles - Christmas Record 1964

This PID version of "A Christmas Carol" was posted by Semolina Pilchard at PID Miss Him forum: 

Fakob Lennon has been dead as a doornail these past 29 years. This story has been needed to be told....
 Ebenezer Faul Mc Cartney is aka Scrooge. He's a mean old man now, but there was a time when he took the identity of another man, Paul Mc Cartney. He just came in and took over the identity and has lived these past 4 decades pretending to be someone else.
After a failed marriage, and numerous multitudes have discovered this secret....Ebenezer Faul went home to his lonely mansion and turned in to slumber on a cold Christmas Eve.
The hour was late, the clock struck midnight and Ebenezer Faul was sipping a nightcap, and sitting in his parlor when he heard the sound of chains and a moaning voice. Ebby Faul ( we will refer to him in short from this time forward) looked around and thought he was tripping, saw the faint image of Fakob Fohn Lennon, the man who pretended to be John Lennon, in chains.
Fakob Fohn groaned to Ebby Faul, "Faul, Faul listen to what I share with you....I want to warn you that you must tell the world your real identity or else you will spend eternity in chains, as I am, because I pretended to be someone I was not. I am to tell you that these chains will never be broken for me. But for you, if you come clean, will not have to bear the weight that I carry. This very night you will be visited with 3 at 1 am, the second at 2 am, and the 3rd visitor at 4 am."
Ebby Faul sat befuddled and mumbled, "Oh, I must have suffered from a bit of undigested tofu..perhaps those onions have taken leave of my brain. This is just a delusion."
Ebby Faul fell asleep. But the clock struck 1, and a spirit from the past came to visit Ebby Faul, the spirit looked very much like the real Ringo, who was replaced in 1964...Ebby Faul rubbed his eyes. The spirit didn't speak, but he took Ebby Faul to Liverpool in 1959. There was a very young John, Paul and George playing in a band...Ebby Faul looked as the spirit of Ringo past pointed at the young Paul. The spirit said to Ebby Faul, "This is not you. You were never here. You had no past with these young men. These were the real men who became the Beatles....You must realize that this isn't even your life that you are looking back upon. Who were you and where did you come from? You are living a lie."
In a whirlwind Ebby Faul returned to his den and awaited for the second visitor. When the clock struck 2, another young figure appeared, this time, the spirit looked like the real George....The spirit showed Ebby Faul the multitudes of people on their computers discussing how Paul was replaced as well as other conspiracies. This spirit reminded Ebby Faul, "These people know your secret. Many people know the secret, but not everybody knows. Not everybody would believe what is discussed on the internet. But the time has come, and is overdue, when you tell the world your secret."
The spirit also showed Ebby Faul looking at the images displayed at the museum, showing Ebby Faul's face and telling how this is about Paul Mc Cartney and people telling their children of how much they loved the Beatles. The spirit said, "Ebby Faul, don't you see what you have done? You have altered the course of this band because you claimed the identity of one of it's original members. You have taken his name and spoiled his legacy with your music, your actions and words, and even how you have dressed and lived. You have lived a lie. You must tell the truth."
The next thing Ebby Faul realized was he was back in his den and waiting for his final visitor. Unlike those who have visited before, this one was clothed in a black robe. He showed Ebby Faul his future, being locked in chains and going through space and time in torment because he lived a lie. Voices moaned, but no bodies were seen, "Faul, Faul, change your ways, or you will spend forever paying for this wrong that has been done."
Ebby Faul awoke in his den. He realized the things he did was wrong, and knew what his future would be, so he decided to do something for the world on Christmas Day.
It was breaking news that broke through the airwaves on television, radio and internet, it was worldwide broadcast, a news conference. Ebby Faul spoke to the dozens of microphones that were standing before him and as he braced the podium, he spoke these words, "People of the world, the time has come, and long overdue, that you were told the truth. In 1966 the Beatles stopped was because Paul Mc Cartney had been murdered. It was not a car wreck and it was not a hoax. He was killed. But the plan wasn't complete and they needed someone to continue in the footsteps of Paul. Well, I am a phoney. I took the image of Paul and became Paul Mc Cartney. These past 43 years was a lie. I was not Paul, but pretended...and I woke up to realize I could no longer live this lie. My life has been a lie and I've lied to everyone about who I was. I recorded songs that were not mine, and sang them as though I had. I performed in concerts for people who were attached to an image of a man that I am not. I cannot live this lie any longer and I have to tell you this. I don't know if you'll forgive me, but I am so terribly sorry for the wrong I've done." 
The mike went dead. The press was in shock....and Ebby Faul walked off the platform and into obscurity.......
....Of course this is just a dream....This is NOT real. If this had been real, you would have seen it on ET, E! and all such "entertainment" news, the regular news and all talk shows....
....from the fog of days gone by, the voice of Tiny Tim speaks out.....
"Tip toe thru the tulips....with me......" 
Yes, for those who were old enough to remember Rowan and Martin's Laugh in of the 1960's, there was that hideous man, with long stringy hair, who wore a long coat and played the ukelele with that hideous falsetto "Tip toe thru the tulips"....
You certainly wasn't expecting the tiny Tim who had limped with his that's another story...remember???
Have a Harry Isthmus, a Scarey Litmus, a Hairy Gizmos, and of course, a Happy New Ear!

Gary Crimble and many Rudolph!


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Faul's False Ears

Faul's false ears are considered by some to be the "smoking gun" that Paul McCartney was replaced. Let's take a look at what Paul McCartney's ears looked like first. As you can see, the earlobes were attached.


Let us compare Paul's versus Faul's ears. Sometimes Faul's ears look unattached, sometimes they look just plain fake.

Paul McCartney & Wings Mull of Kintyre live '1977

Here are some more pictures showing obvious anatomical differences between the ears of Faul and Paul.

In this video from 1979 (starting at 1:00), Plastic Macca has an unattached earlobe and the ears are a different color from the skin on the face. This betrays what is most probably an ear prosthetic. 

Paul McCartney in London UK Euston Rd on 24 October 1979

The following video shows obviously faulse ears... 

Paul McCartney and Wings- Mary had a little lamb

I don't know how much plainer it can be that those are not the same ears. This was also the conclusion of two Italian forensics experts, Francesco Gavazzeni and Carlesi Gabriella in an article in the August 2009 Italian issue of WIRED magazine. This is a machine translation of part of the article:

...Technically called trago [tragus:]. All we have two, one by ear, but the characteristics are different for every human being. ‘In Germany, a recognition procedure craniometric, identification of the right ear is even tantamount to fingerprint, ie the collection of fingerprints,’ recalls Carlesi. But what is trago? It is the small cartilage covered with skin that overhangs the entrance to the ear and ear canal, like the whole ear, cannot be changed surgically. How then to explain the differences between the right ear of Paul McCartney in a previous snapshot to 1966 and probably a built in the late nineties? It is not only to betray trago a different conformation as well as other parts, just above the ear canal entrance, measurements and dell'antelice propeller. Things that ordinary mortals might seem irrelevant or unclear, but instead, every day, allowing the experts to locate and identify persons, bodies, photographs...
"Ask Who Was the 'Beatle,'"
EDIT: Here is some information on using ear biometrics to identify people. In this case, the different ears can be used to detect the imposter.

...When employing face or lip as a biometric, changing of their appearance with the expression of the subject creates problem but in case of ear the shape and appearance is fixed.
...Identification by ear biometrics is promising because it is passive like face recognition, but instead of the difficulties to extract face biometrics, it uses robust and simply extracted biometrics like those in fingerprinting. The ear is a unique feature of human beings. Even the ears of “identical twins” differ in some respects. There are persons in crime laboratories that assume that the human external ear characteristics are unique to each individual and unchanging during the lifetime of an adult...
Person Identification Using Ear Biometrics
Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Md. Rashedul Islam, Nazmul Islam Bhuiyan, Bulbul Ahmed, Md. Aminul Islam

... All we have two, one by ear, but the characteristics are different for every human being. "In Germany, a recognition procedure craniometrico, identification of the right ear even tantamount to fingerprint, ie the collection of fingerprints," recalls Carlesi. But what trago? It is the small cartilage covered with skin that overhangs the entrance to the ear and ear canal, like the whole ear, not be changed surgically ...
Fabio Gigante Andriola and Alessandra | 15 July 2009
EDIT: A member of Macca's Fun House - a forum with the express purpose of suppressing the Truth about PID - is trying to use this doctored photo as "proof" that Paul's and Faul's ears are "the same." It has been sufficiently proven that the ears were markedly different.

There are also plenty of examples of Faulsification of photos. Please see 

Faulsifying evidence: photo-tampering & illusion creation for more info.


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Was Paul McCartney killed in late August 1966?

My research indicates that Paul McCartney was replaceed in late August 1966. I am confident it was Paul during the 19 August 1966 Memphis interview and in Seattle on August 25. "Paul" seems different during the 28 August, 1966 LA interview. In that interview, "Paul" keeps putting his hand up to his face as though to casually hide it, as though self conscious and maybe trying to prevent anyone from noticing subtle differences between him and Paul. Is the Paul of August 28 just a Paul impersonator? Granted, he does a great job of impersonating Paul, but if you watch these clips carefully, you will probably pick up on differences. I believe it is, in fact, a double on August 28, 1966. Therefore, I believe that the timeframe for Paul's replacement is sometime between August 19, 1966 and August 28, 1966.

Aug 28, 1966 - is this Faul?

Aug 19, 1966 - Memphis vs. Aug. 28, 1966 - LA


Paul from Aug. 19, 1966 (left) compared to "Paul" on Aug. 29, 1966 (left). In the picture on the left, Faul is disembarking from the plane in San Francisco. This would be the last Beatles concert.

Faul on the left (Aug. 29, 1966) vs. Paul on the right:

Paul (left) vs. Faul (middle and right):

On the left is a picture from Sept. 1966 at the Melody Maker Music Awards. Compare to a picture of Paul from Aug. 19, 1966.

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Compare this Sept. 1966 picture to Faul from June 1967's famous LSD interview with Independent Television News (ITN):

The Beatles would never play live again after Paul's replacement (not counting the impromptu roof-top concert at Twickenham Studios).
After the group played a concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on 29 August 1966, they announced that they would stop touring.
In this video from the Rotten Apple series, it says the following at 0:48:

09 11 1966 04:00 pm
Brian Epstein announces the Beatles will never play live again

Nov 09
Brian phones Arthur Howes, telling him they won't accept more live

I am confident Paul was gone by the time this announcement was made. 9 11 1966 is an interesting date to choose. Perhaps it was chosen for its numerological significance?

Here are some observations by Getsmart:
The following photo is from The Beatles' Press Conference at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium taken immediately before their concert on Sunday August 28th, 1966. 
The image was not reversed, as can be ascertained by the button placement on George and John's jackets. Ringo appears anxious and George and John are sullen. Paul has grown taller than any of his mates, his left hand is passively at his belt, where you position your rarely used secondary hand. He is smoking very nervously with his right hand, and in so doing partially masking his face for the photo. Dodger Stadium was "Opening Night" for Sir Paul.

Edit (11/12/10): It appears that photos from the Aug. 25, 1966 concert in Seattle were recycled and portrayed as being from San Francisco a few days later. In my opinion, the photos from Seattle are of Paul. Therefore, the time frame for the replacement seems to be between Aug. 25 and 28, 1966. More on that to come.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In memory of John Lennon

In honor of John Lennon's official death on December 8, 1980, here are some of my favorite clips with John.

Here are some strange "coincidences" surrounding his death:

John Lennon was assassinated outside the Dakota Apartments in New York on Dec. 8, 1980.
The Dakota became a national historic landmark on December 8, 1976.

13 years to the day after the release of "Magical Mystery Tour" album (December 8, 1967), a man with the initials M.D.C was presented as his assassin. There is a sign in "Magical Mystery Tour" that says "The best way to go is by M&DC."

The guy who shot him was Mark David Chapman. A guy named Mark Lindsay Chapman was cast to play John Lennon in a 2007 movie called "Chapter 27."

The Dakota was where "Rosemary's Baby" was filmed in 1968, which was a movie about Satanism and murder.

See also: On John Lennon's 70th Birthday, troubling questions remain regarding his assassination 

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