Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paul is Dead/PID on NCK & Friends (Tina Foster)

I'm excited to be talking to Jeff Daugherty about the Paul McCartney is Dead situation on  NCK&Friends next week. The show will be at 12:30 am EST on December 4, 2012 ( 9:30 pm PST on 12/3/12) . Here is some information about the show: 
A special treat this week!  Tina Foster ( joins us for an absolutely fascinating discussion of the Faul McCartney/Paul is Dead phenomenon.  Hear why she believes original Beatle Paul McCartney was killed and replaced with a double, aka "Faul", and be prepared to learn of the staggering spiritual motivations and consequences behind it. LINK

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You can also listen to the show here or download the link here.

Thanks to Jeff at NCK&Friends for a great interview. He did a fantastic job of summing up a mountain of information!


Tina Foster was back on NCK&Friends to discuss more PID madness with host, Jeff Daugherty, on Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. The show can be heard on blogtalk radio here

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