Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paul is Dead/PID on NCK & Friends (Tina Foster)

I'm excited to be talking to Jeff Daugherty about the Paul McCartney is Dead situation on  NCK&Friends next week. The show will be at 12:30 am EST on December 4, 2012 ( 9:30 pm PST on 12/3/12) . Here is some information about the show: 
A special treat this week!  Tina Foster ( joins us for an absolutely fascinating discussion of the Faul McCartney/Paul is Dead phenomenon.  Hear why she believes original Beatle Paul McCartney was killed and replaced with a double, aka "Faul", and be prepared to learn of the staggering spiritual motivations and consequences behind it. LINK

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You can also listen to the show here or download the link here.

Thanks to Jeff at NCK&Friends for a great interview. He did a fantastic job of summing up a mountain of information!


Tina Foster was back on NCK&Friends to discuss more PID madness with host, Jeff Daugherty, on Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. The show can be heard on blogtalk radio here

Part II

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  1. I can't wait got this. I just want to say thank you so much for all the research you do. I had heard this was a rumor briefly and never thought too much of it but once I started reading and seeing things put in perspective it's all starting to make sense. I think it's terrible that poor Paul never got to be memorialized and remembered for the sweet lighthearted person he truly was. It's obvious that before 66 he was sweet and joked in a light hearted manner and after we was just cold and dark and very sinical

  2. That top picture is not Faul in 1969, more like 1979

  3. I fully agree with the first post! Thank you for all the research you do! I too thought this was just a hoax until I actually started looking into everything. The rabbit hole goes mighty deep I must say. In fact while looking at different things at the library I found out that Alister Crowley actually did have a son who supposedly died as a child. Creepy. Maybe he didn't actually die and was being prepared for some sort of evil service. What if this creepy Faul guy is actually that kid. O.o I can't say anything for sure but what I do know is that this person claiming to be Paul Mccartney is not the same Paul from before 66. That much is obvious.


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