Friday, July 25, 2014

Saul is dead? - Andrew Griffin


Turning back the clock to 1970, the year after Coe had her relationship with Burt “Robin” Ward, issue #222 of Batman on DC Comics featured a fantastic Beatlesque/Paul is Dead storyline called “Dead Till Proven Alive” which focuses on a Sgt. Pepper-yBritish band called “The Oliver Twists.” Odd clues about the band have piqued the interest of fans and conspiracy theorists – and Dick Grayson (Robin) as well.  Fans think one of the members, “Saul Cartwright,” is actually dead-and-replaced (PID'ers refer to him as "FAUL" for Fake Paul). Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are on the case. (Oh, did you know that this week - July 23rd - DC Comics had "Batman Day"? I have been seeing Batman refernces all over the place lately.)

This, of course, was a plot straight out of the then-hot Paul is Dead conspiracy theorywhich claimed that Paul McCartney of The Beatles had died in 1966 (the same year the Batman TV series premiered on ABC) and had been replaced by an imposter, the “PID” theory which we have addressed here at Red Dirt Report.

This particular issue of Batman is, as we noted, number 222. Paul McCartney, on his syncky Memory Almost Full album has a jazzy bonus track called “222.” That number has been coming up a lot lately, as noted in this week’s crash of TransAsia Airways GE 222 on one of Taiwan’s Penghu Islands (h/t Loren Coleman at Twilight Language)...

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