Sunday, January 22, 2012

PID/Paul is Dead on Check the Evidence w/ Tina Foster

Paul is Dead Podcast (PID-cast) on January 21, 2012 [LINK]

Andrew Johnson and Tina Foster discuss PID evidence, clues and possible motivations for the murder and replacement of Paul McCartney.

Download - Tina Foster - Faul - PID - Discussion of the Evidence - 21 Jan 2012 

Beatle Paul (left) vs. Faul McCartney (right)

Was Paul McCartney "Replaced" By a "Double" in 1966? 

This article by Andrew Johnson at Check the Evidence website discusses PID evidence, whistleblowers, and how Paul's image has been co-opted by the powers that be to further the Agenda. 


Some years ago, I came across some evidence that Paul McCartney had been "replaced" by a "double" - some time in 1966. Paul was replaced by "Faul". This is, again, one of those stories which people can snort with laughter at, as it just seems unbelievable for so many reasons. A close member of my family who, like me, is a fan of the Beatles found it very difficult (impossible even) to entertain the notion that McCartney could have been replaced. Who can blame him - watching things like "Anthology" or any of the numerous Beatles-related documentaries and interviews makes is hard to believe that "Faul" could have the memories that were really Paul's.
Nevertheless, the physical evidence is quite compelling - as shown in this detailed analysis here Read More
Check the Evidence website [LINK]

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