Monday, March 23, 2020

Illogical Disinfo Fools Beatles' Fans (duplicate)

On October 26, 1965, the Beatles were awarded Members of the British Empire (MBEs). View on Youtube

They were photographed holding their medals. 

Unfortunately, disinformation agents Hell-bent on maligning the Fab 4 have  photoshopped upside-down crosses on top of the MBEs.

This disinformation campaign is intended to undermine the Beatles' positive influence by making them appear to be "Satanic." (To gain a better understanding about how both sides use music, please read Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney  by Tina Foster).

One should question whether the Beatles would have really allowed themselves to be photographed with upside-down crosses. Unfortunately, it is child's play for the dark side to manipulate the gullible masses. Please do not fall for such amateurish disinformation tactics. Please counter it whenever possible.

Because Fasces Book arbitrarily blocked this link, I had to make a new link for this post to try to get around their censors HERE.