Friday, May 14, 2010

I believe in Featles: CIAlebrity impersonator, "John Lennon" (updated)

The Beatles will exist without us.
~ George Harrison

Someone once asked, "OK, so Paul was against the Illuminati's dark agenda, but the other Beatles were OK with it?" This made me cringe, because no, I don't believe the other Beatles would have gone along with promoting war or a psycho-chemical, psychological warfare agent (LSD). Timothy Leary once said: "I declare that The Beatles are mutants. Prototypes of evolutionary agents sent by God, endowed with a mysterious power to create a new human species, a young race of laughing freemen." I do not know about the "mutants" part, but I do believe Leary had the rest of it pretty much right. I believe that the original Beatles were a powerful force of light and love. The Beatles were laughing men who were warm and funny. The music was amazing, and they had a great time playing live.

The dark forces had to take control of the music and the message, because the Beatles had the power to effect change. The dark ones do not want Light forces of truth and goodness to lift up the masses and wake people up. They had to stamp out the Beatles to suppress the positive energy and effects the Beatles were having. They had to wrest control of the juggernaut that was the Beatles since the lads were not going to play ball. Some of the personnel had to be "let go" so that the power and influence of "the Beatles" could keep the cash flowing and could keep manipulating the masses.

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There were clues in "Yellow Submarine" and Sgt. Pepper that there were duplicate Beatles. For example, the "old" Beatles were shoved to the side on Sgt. Pepper, while the "new and improved" Beatles are front and center. The Beatles were dead, as the grave with "BEATLES" on it attests.

In "Yellow Submarine," there is a scene with a duplicate Beatles band playing in a bubble. It is interesting how the mustached Sgt. Pepper version of John is showing the Illuminati sign of allegiance to Lucifer ("Lucy in the Sky," "Bring on the Lucie").

All of this is old news as far as it relates to Paul McCartney. It should not come as a shock that Paul was not the only person to ever be impostor-replaCIAed in the history of the world. In Questions about John Lennon's assassination, I posted an interview with Dr. Stephen Lynn, the physician who attended to "John Lennon" after he had been shot on December 8, 1980. The interview raised some very troubling issues. The doctor and nurses did not recognize the man who had been shot as John Lennon. In addition, the doctor admitted to with-holding and even destroying evidence of the crime. I believe the simple answer to why they didn't recognize the man as John Lennon & why they destroyed evidence is that John Lennon was a victim of impostor-replacement.

In Montreal, May 1969, there was a confrontation between "John," Yoko and Al Capp. Capp remarks to "John" to his face that "at least the other three guys are English...." "John" responds: "what does that mean?" Al Capp replied, "You think about it." What was this all about? Perhaps Capp was onto the impostor?

In 1967, "John" starred in the movie, "How I Won the War," which began shooting on 19 September 1966. However, in a 1966 interview, he said, "We all just don't agree with war. There's no need to kill anyone for any reason." [Source] It just seems a little strange that someone who was against war would star in a movie about war. Was this really John, or was it just his image being used to promote an agenda? This was 1967, and certain elements wanted to expand the war in Southeast Asia. When the powers that be are gunning for war, they will prep the masses with a spate of war-movies. It gets people "in the mood."

In my opinion, John Lennon's name and image were hijacked to make "him" an ineffectual "leader" of the anti-war movement. The double's interviews with the Illuminatus, Yoko Ono, while sitting in bags made the peace movement look ridiculous and the helped to discredit the peace movement. This would be an example of controlled opposition.

I will admit that the John-double is a better match than Faul, but if you study the following comparisons carefully, I believe you will be able to discern physical differences that betray the impostor. The main physical differences I have noticed are a square chin changing to a pointed chin, a straight nose turning into a beak, lips getting thinner, and the physique going from strong to thin and weak. There is also something about the eyes...

In this comp, the double's profile is more rounded than John's.

In this comp, the nostrils are noticeably different, and the nose on the right is a bit "sharper":

John Lennon had a particular idiosyncratic stance he assumed when he played live. The impostor failed to assume that position, which some consider to be a give-away.

John Lennon had a funny, cheeky sense of humor that the impostor just could not duplicate.

It is interesting that John was successful with his two books, "In His Own Write" and "A Spaniard in the Works," but never wrote another book.

In a 1965 interview, John said he wrote "all the time":

Q: "Have you been writing lately?"JOHN: "I write all the time. I don't actually put it on paper so much these days, it goes on tape. I've got lots of tape... which, if I put down on paper it would be a book. Thoughts come, and end up in songs or films. It's just a matter of... do I want to make those tapes into paper, or make those tapes into records."Q: "John, do you find your second book is doing as well as your first?"JOHN: "I haven't asked anybody, you know. It did as well initially. It wont sell as many, but it's a better book so I don't care."Q: "Do you plan another book in the near future?"JOHN: "I don't really plan them, you know. They just sort of happen. The publisher plans them, and I just sort of scribble."

I find it a little sad that people just blindly accepted without question that John abandoned his beautiful wife and child for an Elite Japanese banker's daughter who passed herself off as an "artist."

John and Cynthia Lennon

"John" and Yoko. Notice the height difference!

2 Fohns? Double Fantasy?

There are conflicting stories by Julian and "John" about how much time Julian spent with his father. "John" says at 3:17 his son (Julian) spends every weekend with him:

At the beginning of this interview, Julian talks about how he saw his dad "8, maybe 10 times" between when he left Cynthia and before his death:

Mark David Chapman was carrying a copy of A Catcher in the Rye when he was arrested. Interesting that the book is about phonies...

At 0:38, the self-proclaimed witch, Yoko Ono, says "the last John I remember is a very gregarious, energetic, high-spirited guy." Does this not sound like the last "John" in a series of "Johns?"

A set of John Lennon's fingerprints that were being auctioned for at least $100,000 was seized by the FBI on October 6, 2010.

Peter Siegel, co-founder of GOTTA HAVE IT!, the shop selling the fingerprint card, said he was bewildered by the FBI action and interest during the week also by Homeland Security. He said
"This great icon has been deceased for 30 years," he said. "This is not a national threat."

[Source: FBI seizes John Lennon’s fingerprints in N.Y.]

This occurrence bolsters the theory that John was replaced. Why would the Feds care if his fingerprints were in the public domain? Perhaps they are afraid people will compare the later set of fingerprints to the earlier set and prove John, too, was the victim of impostor-replacement.


 Tina Foster, Esq.

Author of The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

Interview requests: faulconandsnowjob at hotmail dot com

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Have you compared the ears? maybe its my imagination but john's ears look slightly different in the side profiles on the pictures when you are discussing the shape of the nose. the second John has a slightly thinner canal toward the lobe.

  2. "Capp remarks to "John" to his face that "at least the other three guys are English...." "John" responds: "what does that mean?" Al Capp replied, "You think about it." What was this all about? Perhaps Capp was onto the impostor?"

    No. Capp is referring to the picture on which John is in the nude (together with Yoko). John is uncircumcised as can be seen clearly. At the time he was born in England circumcision was widespread, especially among upper class people. That's what Capp meant by this. (Btw. the other "three guys" are also not all "english" by this definition of the word)..

  3. Anonymous above: You are gravely misinformed about circumcision in the UK, it is not common among any class, never has been.

    In addition all the members of the Beatles were very working class, so even the upper class idea is very wrong.

  4. Different Paul but its the same John Lennon

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. if you watch the movie "The US vs John Lennon", you will see that the later John is the same person as the younger one, just a little older.
      As for Paul or Faul, in my opinion, it could be one of 3 possibilities. An accidental death in 1966 in his car, or a murder by the ptb, either one, there was an imposter groomed to be singer and bass player for the beatles. 3rd possibility - a kidnapping of JPM by the psycopaths who rule this planet, with mind control experiments and plastic surgery used for any of the 3 possibilities. If only John were still alive, we might know the truth, although i believe his wife is a true psycopath who served as John's handler. She is despicable for participating in the cover-up of his murder, and every year when she calls for the continued incarceration of the patsy Mark Chapman, it is enough to make one vomit.

  5. I believe that there were multiple Lennons and McCartneys, and probably multiple Harrisons and Starrs as well. I wonder if people like Julian Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, Jane Asher and George Martin (assuming there are only one of each) know anything about this. If they do, they might know a heck of a lot about the specifics concerning exactly how many replacements there were and why each was replaced, stuff that internet conspiracy people can only speculate about. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  6. All The Beatles and All The Rolling Stones were replaced in 1966/1967

    1. I believe the beatles we're all replaced but why the rolling Stones?? Many of the bands did know that Paul died and was replaced and also many in the USA knew a lot of strange deaths after Paul was murdered

  7. 60 yr old Beatle fan here:

    All iconic personalities, politicians, rock stars, and entertainers use doubles. There are stunt men and women, shills used to divert crowds from limos, photo stand ins, etc. They come in handy in particular when the individual is traveling and level of security is high.

    Paul was absolutely replaced. No doubt in my mind. I met the fake Faul with John in 1968 and saw the face only two feet away....both of them. John, in my opinion was never replaced. I met John again in the 1970s and it was him, no imposter. John was heavier in his youth, but when he did drugs and got older, he lost a lot of weight and his features became sharp and more angular. Age will also pull down features since long term gravity is unkind. That could be why his nose appears more pointed as well as the chin. Look at the teeth, mandibular construction, and his ears. Those features always remain the same...generally if not tampered with.

  8. Tina, I'm having trouble believing that John was replaced. the comparison on looks like a perfect match.

  9. For those who STILL cannot see that John Lennon (as well as other members of The Beatles) was replaced... Download and enlarge this photo please Look at his forehead and see the border. Also look at his ears area, which is detached from his head. It is a silicone mask, the one this man was wearing in public, the one he was wearing when he was killed. The mask is clearly seen, it was taken off during autopsy, and then simply put over his face, because attaching it properly to the face needs special CIA skills.
    And please don't tell me about "autopsy", If you don't know, read about the ways the real autopsy on the head is conducted. They never cut the forehead, and they don't detach skin with the ears from the face - it has no point.
    CIA/FBI was following "John Lennon" because he was a replacement, their agent, performing special task.
    He was killed not because he was some political activist or a "hero", but because he expired, became useless due to rapidly changing political situation in USA, and unreliable due to heavy drug use.

    1. Another reason the imposter was killed running his mouth by telling secrets..

    2. Last night I watched videos of the Beatles 1964-1966 they we're so talented but the Beatles from 1966 aren't the same all anyone truly listen to the voices and look at as many photos as u can listen to interviews..Tina Foster is right and I can't wait till her book comes out and I hope she writes a book on the Featles..I am praying the truth comes out for the whole to see what was done to the greatest band ever..

  10. i think i quite obvious that if you compare photos where in one is smiling and in the other is not, their noses will look different.
    here is a photo from the 64

  11. Wow, unless that bodybag photo is doctored, it sure looks like a mask. As much as I'd hate to believe that Lennon was an imposter since 1966, imposter or not, the most spooky thing in this book that I just ordered today was that the last words of the track "Revolution 9 " are "block that kick. Hold the line" repeated. When his death was announced to the world it was during a a Monday Night Football game right when a blocked kick happened.

    "here is a prophecy at the very end of Revolution 9. The song ends at a sporting event. John included a recording of a crowd at an American football game chanting ‘hold the line, hold that line, block that kick, block that kick’. The song fades out with the crowds chant ‘block that kick’. These are the last spoken words in Revolution 9 and the song ends.

    It may be that fate played a role in the life of Alan Weiss on the evening of December 8, 1980. Alan was a producer for ABC-TV News in New York City. On the evening of December 8 he was involved in a motorcycle accident at 10 PM in Central Park and was taken to Roosevelt Hospital on 9th Avenue. Alan Weiss was lying in the emergency room when John Lennon was carried in by police officers. He reported the news to the ABC-TV News desk in New York City which in turn relayed it to ABC’s nationally televised Monday Night Football. The football game was being aired nationally on ABC between the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. At the time the game was in the 4th quarter and tied 13 to 13 and New England’s kicker John Smith was attempting a field goal with 3 seconds remaining on the clock. It was then Howard Cosell made the announcement to the world that John Lennon was shot and killed in front of the Dakota Apartments in New York City. The kick was blocked and the game went into overtime (block that kick, block that kick, block that kick…) "

    I am now 41 years old but when I was getting into the Beatles in the early 80s, 1981 or so, I heard that "Revolution 9" track and thought it was just too spooky. At the time I thought it was a haunting Paul Is Dead. Or something else. Later in the 90s I just assumed I was just a stupid little kid and did not 'get' the track because one had to be under the influence of pot and/or LSD. When I was doing those drugs often. Anyway, it was the scariest feeling hearing that song. Hearing the coincidnce there is a smoking gun, pardon the awlful pun. Not pun intended.

    I don't know if Lennon was replaced by an imposter. But come to think of it, he does indeed look way too different than in his Beatles days. More than Faul. The jury is out as to whether he was CIAReplaced or not.

  12. I just hope that body bag photo is just a doctoered photo. Otherwise, damn, is that the most disturbing proof that he replaced with an imposter

  13. I think that all the Beatles were replaced in 1966. Before I knew anything about this I used to collect Beatles LPs and would only buy ones up to 1966 as the quality of the musicianship after this was very much lower.

    From my study of the subject it seems that Paul McCartney was replaced by Trevor Philip Ackrill, John Lennon by Charlie Brill, Ringo Starr by Jimmy Nicoll and George Harrison by a relative of Damon Hill (perhaps an illegitimate son of Graham Hill?)

  14. I believe they were all replaced.johns features changed seemingly overnight.and it's obvious between the candlestick park concert and the street interview with the featles.the original were tavistok institute bred anyway.heather mills don't lie!

    1. The originels were tavistock bred? If so then why the need for replacements?

    2. @Richard: Exactly! The originals were NOT controlled puppets, that's why they had to be replaced.

  15. The reason there was a mask on the autopsy body is because the body was not John Lennon - replacement nor original [ if the were in fact different]. The different chin makes me believe the one with the faked death was a duplicate / stand - in to the original.. the thing I don't get is : Why does the impostor / double sound exactly like John Lennon? They must have replaced the original very early? I couldn't believe he actually wore a protestisis on his face to pretend he was a "cover artist" "John Lennon" impersonator.. I was amazed. "Double Fantasy" "I just had to laugh.. I saw the photograph" - - He's still alive.

  16. John and Paul were replaced. If you forget about the music they made after 1966 and just concentrate on the photos, it's pretty clear. The photo comparison of John towards the top of this page is quite good - the nostril is definitely different as is the distance from the top of the upper lip to the start of the nose. The music can confuse the issue as we've all become so used to associating all the Beatles' albums with the Beatles but I can definitely distinguish a difference in John's voice before and after. The real John had a more nasal sound and also a bit stronger, less weedy. I don't know about George and Ringo. It would stand to reason that George and Ringo were replaced too but I haven't analysed any of their photos yet.

    1. The original John was what the French call "costaud" -tough and thickset. The replacement was thin and willowy


    1. That gave them leverage. In private the conversation might have run something like, 'Shut up about Vietnam and legalising marijuana and the court case will disappear.' In fact, the whole deportation charade was just a dog and pony show to build up his role as a fake subversive. In Intel circles this is called a 'school play'.

  18. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political, economic and\or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the mortal enemy of the State."

    ..........Joseph Goebbels: minister of propaganda for Adolf Hitler and the third reich, Nazi Germany.....1933-1945.

  19. I'd say 4 Lennons in the first grid of 6. I would say 1 and 2 are straight away different. Number One is Colin Unwin to me. I'd say any of 4-6 could be Mark Staycer. Hard to distinguish, it's amazing how hair, moustaches and glasses can be manipulated. Number 2, 'Rubber Soul' looks like a happy, healthy guy. Number 3 'Pepper John is looking down his nose at us, enjoying the limelight. Number 4 'White Album' looks hopelessly depressed, the anguish seeps out of the picture. The story of their recruitment, their individual backgrounds, how they were paid, where they are today, whether they regretted it etc. would be the most fascinating story.

  20. My Two Cents. I think John & George Did used Stand ins once Paul Was killed and Replaced but were not permanently replaced like Paul.


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