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Firing A New Humanity Pt. 4 - Artists/Performers Pointing Towards Truth

It's all too easy to get caught up in, and focus on the negativity churned out both in the music and entertainment industry today. To say that much of the music and tv "programming" we are spoon-fed is soulless would be something of an understatement. So what artists have inspired people to look beyond the veil and get a glimpse of what the world might become, and who we really are? There are not very many, but there are some -

Bob Marley

If ever a musician was a walking avatar, it was Bob. I have yet to come across anyone to rival this man lyrically or musically when it comes to writing from source/getting to the root and stripping away what is not needed. Most musicians write ABOUT life, Bob wrote
from life itself - He was an expression of oneness, a rare beacon of light that only seems to manifest every once in a while. I'm not even a big fan of reggae (or ganja), but would urge people to listen to this man's music and read his interviews if nothing else.

Bill Hicks

Has become something of an internet phenomenon over the last few years. Quoted by many in the alternative media, it's hard to believe he has been deceased since 1994. Hicks was an intelligent comedian who possessed a raw, almost childlike humanity you'll find most people can identify with. Often hated by his own audiences in the American mid-west, Bill didn't care. He told it like it was from his perspective. While many comedians fall into the trap of playing to the audience and seeking their approval, Hicks genuinely didn't seem to care who liked/disliked what he had to say. It's just a pity he's not around today to give his take on the current political world climate.

John Lennon

Would the real John Lennon please stand up! Beatle, artist, poet, father, grouch, multi-millionaire and icon for peace... so who was John Lennon? Listening to Lennon's later material it's fair to say he was beginning to figure out his place in the world when his life was brutally cut short.

James Paul McCartney

An individual who no doubt would have gone on to much more success as a musician and songwriter. As well as writing timeless gems such as "Yesterday," JPM was also showing great promise as a talented composer, as showcased in "The Family Way." People might ask why include McCartney in a list of "awakened artists?" The awakening here is seeing that JPM was replaced by "a phoney" and that he hasn't been seen or heard from since late Sept 1966. As I've said before there's no point believing he was replaced, you have the see the differences/changes for yourself, then you know - seeing is believing. JPM's replacement Bill/Faul cannot be considered as a songwriter who comes from the root, lyrically most of his solo work is of a poor standard.

Kurt Cobain

It is said on coming close to awakening that the individual has two major choices - (s)he can accept
"what is"/there is no "me" and embrace everything which arises from this (the ego burns out/implodes/collapses in on itself), or secondly (s)he may go insane, further into the abyss. From listening to Cobain's lyrics it becomes apparent he was close to the edge... waking up/burning out the ego, but unfortunately Kurt brought about his own rapid decline. It's interesting he picked a song like "Oh Me" (from the Meatpuppets) to perform on Unplugged. Songs like "Breed" with the lyrics "I don't have a mind"... (similar to The Pixies "Where is my Mind") point towards an awareness of self which most other musicians, as well as most people in general, either do not have in them at present or fail to ponder.

Aimee Mann

An introspective Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter from Virginia. One of the standout talents of the 90's, get a copy of the "Magnolia" soundtrack if you can.
Tim Booth

Although presently turning his hand to acting, imho Tim Booth will always be more well known for his musical attributes. He rose to prominence with the band
James having some commercial success in Britain in the early 1990's. "Discover" is a classic from his 2004 album Bone.

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  1. I've been reading your excellent blog since your interview on the Free Zone.

    I thought you would be interested in this story.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for that information about Hitler, Steven. You might be interested in the Hitler thread at the Doppelganger forum:

  3. Bill Hicks was a genius. It's worth listening to Rant In E Minor, which was recorded when he was dying and had no need to hold back. And likewise, at the other end of the spectrum, Sane Man is wonderful as it shows a younger and more carefree comic who wasn't quite so out to make a point. Awesome fella!

  4. How Lennon could have written Working Class Hero if he too was replaced in '66?


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