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Firing A New Humanity Pt.3 - Technocracy Rising

The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of 
any significance in the major media.
~ Former CIA Director William E. Colby
(succeeded by George H.W Bush)

In the previous part, we examined some symbolism associated with the energetic manipulation of the masses. So what plans do
the powers that be have in store for humanity?

It is becoming ever more apparent in the music and entertainment industry of a push towards the synergistic merging of humanity with technology. With the rise of dance, rave and techno-funk scene of the late 1980's up to present day mainstream music, we have to ask the question, why is this type of programming being foisted on our youth?

The imaging visible in popular music today used to be the preserve of techno groups like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx and Royksopp. Now artists such as Madonna, Beyonce, Kyle, Kanye West and Rihanna (to name but a few) all have similar stage shows where they parade in robotic attire, aided by military precision dance acts with laser lighting effects. If we step back for a moment to take a broader look, is there a deep-rooted message here about where humanity as a species is being "guided"?

Not so long ago in his excellent series of videos exposing the fraud who poses as the present day
Paul McCartney, the poster Iamaphoney drew attention to developments which are taking place at The European Organisation for Nuclear Research at Cern, Switzerland.

Cern is a major centre for subatomic research regarding the so-called "God Particle." It hosts a seventeen mile underground
ring called the "Large Hadron Collider" which itself houses six particle detectors, and according to scientists will help recreate conditions present one billionth of a second after the Big Bang.

^ Known as "The Cathedral," note the similarity between it's structure and Mayan Calendar symbolism presented in Part 2.
The Grid

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"The internet, as we know it, could be obsolete within a decade. Forget dial-up; forget broadband: The future, it seems, is The Grid.

Harnessing PC power globally

It's the brainchild of CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research based in Geneva.
It's there that Sir Tim Berners-Lee first invented the internet, so it's appropriate that the next stage in its evolution should emerge there.

But what is the Grid?

In fact, it is a spin-off from another major research project. For several years, the particle physicists at CERN have been building a device called the Large Hadron Collider. 
Knowing they would need massive processing capability to cope with the data from the new device, the scientists set about integrating thousands of computers all around the world. 
Professor Tony Doyle, technical director of the project, says: "We need so much processing power, if all the computers were here at CERN there would be a problem getting enough electricity to run them.
"We had to have a new network powerful enough to send the data instantly to research partners in other countries." 
That network of linked computers - connected by superfast fibre-optic cable and combining together to act as one giant super-computer - is the Grid and, one day, it won't just be for scientists. We'll all be connected to it. 
It's not actually a new principle. SETI@home is a programme for PCs which is helping to analyse the data of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. 
It's been downloaded by half a million public-spirited people who allow the spare processing power of their personal computers to be used remotely by the astronomers to number-crunch their scientific data.
But while SETI@home runs on private PCs and over existing telephone cables, CERN's Grid uses fibre-optic links to dedicated resources in major computer centres and can therefore handle much more complex calculations. 
The long-term possibilities for home entertainment are immense.
It's estimated that connection speeds could be 1,000 times faster than current broadband capabilities. 
Imagine being able to download feature films in the blink of an eye, or the entire Beatles back catalogue in less than a second. Grainy webcam images would be replaced by crystal clear pictures and sound, and video gaming would be transformed. 
According to Professor David Britton, a leading figure in the Grid project: "With this kind of computing power, future generations will have the ability to communicate in ways older people like me cannot even imagine."
And there are also medical applications. It's already been used to help research anti-malarial drugs.
Researchers used the Grid to analyse 140 million different compounds - a process which would have taken 420 years to complete on a conventional internet-linked computer. The Grid might soon be used to help unlock the secrets of the human genome." [Source: Paul Brennan, Unlocking the Internet of the Future, April 10, 2008]
^ According to Steve Jobs of "Apple," the Large Hadron Collider will spit out all the data which presently exists on google every year. The Grid went online on 3rd October 2008. Cern 666

In his book "The God Particle," Fermilab Director Leon Lederman explains Cern physicists will finally understand why matter contains mass, thus giving humanity the keys to a bright future of scientific endeavour. However, is there more to the Cern experiment than simply finding answers to a few long held scientific questions regarding subatomic particles?

Researcher William Henry believes the public is being kept in the dark about what the broader implications of the Cern project entails. Recently, he gave an account of a conversation between one of Cern's top scientists, Bob Stanek, and CBS reporter, Steve Kroft, in October 2008.

Asked why scientists are interested in recreating what the universe was like a nanosecond after the Big Bang, Stanek told Kroft,
"It's in humans interests to know everything right?" Kroft replied, "Well you might want to know, but spending eight billion dollars to find out... it must be important?"
"So let me ask you this question - because we've studied the interactions of photons and electrons and elementary particles, we can understand how to take the light that bounces off me and you into that camera and take that signal and put it into Mom and Pop's living room.
Now... imagine in ten years, twenty years time, will we be able to take, instead of our photons,
me and you and put us in Mom and Pop's living room! So you tell me, is that worth it...?"

Kroft incredulous: "transport people...?" Stanek - "you tell me is that worth it... is that worth eight billion dollars?" [Source: A Trip Inside the Big Bang Machine, September 28, 2008]

As Henry points out, there's alot more going on at Cern than just a wild goose chase for some "God particle." He stated (and this has been alluded to in the movie "The Prestige"), theoretically if you teleport an individual what happens is the old molecular structure is broken up and a new one is recreated in the new designated location. In other words the individual to be tranported through space and time is actually
replicated/copied and then dematerialised, while a new copy of that individual materialises at the new location. I don't know about you people, but if that's the case I'll quite happily stick with trains, planes and automobiles.

Taking this on board, let's watch Iamaphoneys Paul is Dead 70 O vid -

Firstly, we're led to the cover of the
"Yesterday and Today" album (otherwise known as "The Butcher" cover) which created a lot of controversy on its release. It features the Beatles wearing white smocks and covered in decapitated baby dolls and pieces of meat. This is next linked to the "Apple/Ring of Fire" (2.03) we've seen quite often in Iamaphoneys vids, followed by the suitcase left in Cern.

Like I've said before, there are many different layers of meaning to symbolism like this. What comes through strongly to me is, as Paul was replaced by
"a good replica" (Faul's description of himself) without many taking notice, we too may go on to be replaced by poorer replicas of ourselves, dumbed down from repetitive programming (junk TV, idiotic movies and music), poor standard food, substance abuse and never really looking within to acknowledge the potential each and everyone of us holds to make life better for ourselves and others. If William Henry is correct about physical teleportation we may even become physically replaced by "hard copies" of ourselves... neat.

Something else to keep in mind, Bill/Faul now musically goes under the name
"The Fireman" (Ring of Fire) in his collaborations with Youth (Martin Glover).

Cern may be indicative of a rebirth for humanity, will it ultimately be a good thing for us? People can make up their own minds on it. For me, it's too much tinkering, looking outside of ourselves for answers we all hold in our own DNA. Humanity's technological developments are far outpacing our conscious evolution and this to me is disturbing. The war on human consciousness and the ultimate dumbing down/control of humanity is well underway.

The Borg Agenda 12 of 88

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  1. The butcher cover has always troubled me with regards to JPM. He was for it, not against it, according to reports from those who were involved. I'm wondering if he wasn't always on board with the agenda. I don't want to think that, but it's very possible. What if the car crash was truly an accident, and they brought in another 'Paul' so the agenda could proceed unhindered?

  2. Paul was pushing for the Butcher album cover, which I think was an to expose the Illuminati's Satanic ritual abuse of children. "They" were fighting him on it, but he managed to get it out. I'm sure that pissed them off. "They" withdrew the album almost as soon as it hit the shelves, but not before the message got out.

    Paul was not complying with the Agenda. If he had been, then there would have been no need to replace him. IMO

  3. do you really think any album art work is finalised by any of the beatles,or that they even get a say ???.....theres no way they do ,so all art work is illuminati,end ov.........

  4. I agree with Tina, that Paul was not cooperating with those people, but did wish to make the pubic aware of the satanism, and the abuse of children/pedophilia, that they practice. I have to think that John was conflicted when it came to Paul's growing list of new ideas["We Can Work It Out", in my estimation, was written due to the conflicting ideas that were growing between Paul and John on a number of things] especially when it came to Paul's wanting to let people know even a tiny bit of what was going on, and that's why he made that flip remark about having a photo of Paul decapitated placed on the cover instead of the baby dolls. I'm sure John must have regretted saying that after Paul was gone. It must have been due to tension that had to be steadily escalating as 1966 drew closer, not that either one foresaw what was to happen during that year.

    By 1965, or some point before the middle of that year, I think Paul had met a girl, someone he considered very special to him {"I've Just Seen a Face"; "Got To Get You Into My Life", both written by Paul around that time period, and both speak of a girl that he has fallen in love with, and wants to get her into his life, as per the title to the song}, and it was also around that same time period that he dreamed the tune to the song "Yesterday", which, when I listen to the reverse speech gleaned from playing it in reverse, I was stunned, since I honestly have to believe now that Paul was spiritually being awakened to the truth of what was really taking place in their lives, having to do with the nwo occultists/satanists who were running the show where their careers were concerned:

    Taken altogether, what it all seems to be showing is that the gap between them all was growing, simply because Paul was being called, spiritually, out from among them, and being awakened to the truth, and that led to him writing "We Can Word It Out"--from everything I've managed to glean from what I've heard, and read, that's what I'm now surmising.

    That all led up to him wanting to expose the ghoulish business the nwo handlers were involved with--I don't believe Ringo and George were 'horrified' at the idea of the baby parts because the very sight and thought of it horrified them--I now think they were horrified by the idea due to what they knew was behind it, and that they feared the Tavistock ghouls would also recognize it for what it meant.

    I think in order to be able to see into what was truly going on with the 4 of them, during that time at least, knowing more, and more about Paul, himself, seems imperative--otherwise, when people say things like, "George and Ringo were horrified" when it came to that 'butcher' picture being made into the cover for that album, we might tend to think George and Ringo were so much more sympathetic as individuals, so didn't like the sight of what was depicted, and that Paul was the strangely hard-hearted one among them, or something--and, that's just not so! :)


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