Sunday, April 11, 2010

PIA Disinfo Agent Extraordinaire: Light_man/Dakudo

Paul v. Faul

This post is a continuation of Faul in Line: PID, Truth Suppression, & Info Wars in Cyberspace, but it focuses on a single PIA disinfo agent who posts relentlessly on multiple forums and using multiple usernames to try to "debunk" PID. He has distinguished himself by his vile and reprehensible behavior, which stoops even below the already very low PIA standards.

As mentioned in Faul in Line, PID threads on different forums have been targeted by disinfo agents. This is what President Barack Obama's appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs called "cognitive infiltration" of groups that advocate "conspiracy theories." [see article]. As those engaged in psychological operations know, "new media tools such as online social networking have opened up new opportunities for the IO [Information Operations] community..." [source] The attacks against me and others were styled after COINTELPRO operating procedures and have the goal of silencing PID Truthers. They want to get the threads closed so as to kill any discussion of Paul McCartney's replacement.

The person who is the focus of this article posts as Light_man (possible allusion to the "Light Bearer" - Lucifer) on the David Icke forum and as "Dakudo" on Above Top Secret (ATS) and Macca's Fun House. This person's behavior is so shockingly bad, that it has even prompted negative comments from fellow PIA'ers. For ex., this comment was posted at Faul in Line:

Anonymous said...
Even though I am a PIA'er, I am embarrassed by Socrates/Light_man, whoever he is, doing this. At least you all don't stoop so low.
Light_man's actions violate a number of David Icke Forum guidelines:
Treating Others
... [W]e ask that you respect each other by not bullying or harassing other members of the forum.

This is not the place for personal attacks, or to deliberately stop the flow of conversation from taking place. Please ...
do not post irrelevant images or text in other people's topics for no reason other than disruption; do not make any personal insults...
Light_man's main strategy is to insult and harass his opponents, hoping that they will stop posting for fear of attack. He also tries to discredit them. Character Assasination is a routine Cointelpro PSYOPS tactic.
5. Call the skeptics names like "conspiracy theorist," "nut," "ranter," "kook," "crackpot," and of course, "rumor monger." You must then carefully avoid fair and open debate with any of the people you have thus maligned.

[Source: David Martin, Truth Suppression, Disinformation, Lies, Deceit and Deception: Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression]

18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents. If you can't do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how "sensitive they are to criticism"...

24. Silence critics. If the above methods do not prevail, consider removing opponents from circulation by some definitive solution so that the need to address issues is removed entirely. This can be by their death, arrest and detention, blackmail or destruction of their character by release of blackmail information, or merely by proper intimidation with blackmail or other threats.

Disinfo agents like Light_man will also use multiple usernames and give "each other" support. An agent will support his own posts with his various aliases to create the illusion that he has more support from other forum members than he really has. To outsiders, it makes it seem that there is more support for a particular viewpoint than there really is. The Icke Forum guidelines forbid this:
... Do not sign-up multiple user IDs for the purpose of trolling the forum or answering your own posts! ...
I caught "Light_man" posting as "Bealert" on the Icke forum once. "Bealert" was using the exact same signature as "Light_man" was using. He supports himself with his various aliases. "Light_man" will comment positively on "Bealert's" anti-PID comment and vice versa. I suspect Light_man is signed up under other usernames, as well. If he is signing up under different IP addresses, the forum moderators may not be able to catch him doing it.

A couple of weeks ago, Light_man resorted to a new low. He compromised my personal information on public forums by posting an avatar that used my face in it on the Icke forum and at Macca's Fun House. He was showing me that he knows who I am. This threatening posturing was his attempt to intimidate me into silence. I complained to the Icke forum staff that it was harassment and intimidation. He removed the avatar from his posts, but he left it on his profile. His actions were a serious breach of the Icke forum guidelines, which state:
We take privacy very seriously here, and anybody seen deliberately breaking this rule will be banned without warning.
Light_man's status at the Icke forum is now "inactive." Look for another vehement, rabid PIA'er to take his place. It could be the same person. My first bet would have been "Socrates," but it appears that username is not on the member list anymore. I suspect "Moving_finger," "Bealert," "Squire of Gothos," or "Formosan Termite" will take up where Light_man left off.

David Icke forum technical advisor, I_am, has a rather troubling attitude towards the disclosure of my personal information and the subtle threats made against me by Light_man. In correspondence from her today (April 11, 2010), she said, "What light_man did was wrong but one would have thought you would have kept a lower profile after this." Apparently, her attitude was that I should have "kept a lower profile" and allowed a bully to intimidate me into not posting.

I have revealed my true identity to some people who will investigate Light_man should something happen to me. If anyone thinks there is nothing to PID, then they should ask themselves why people who are involved in revealing the truth are being harassed and threatened.

It seems someone is rather peeved about recent occurrences. I got this message today from the Icke Forum (April 12, 2010):
Dear hermajesty,
Someone has tried to log into your account on David Icke's Official Forums with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to your account for the next 15 minutes.

The person trying to log into your account had the following
IP address:

All the best,
David Icke's Official Forums
That IP address - - is coming out of Berlin. Looks like someone is trying to hijack my account. So, was Light_man behind this hacking attempt? Some of us had speculated that he was British or Welsh MI-5. He once used the phrase "Ah diddums," which is something Americans or Irish never say. It's British. He also seemed to be into Welsh rugby, but that could have been an attempt to throw people. At any rate, whoever made the hack attack could have used a different IP address. In fact, it would be pretty dumb to use their real one.

Now I just received a warning at the David MI-cke's forum:
Reason: ------- Disruptive Spamming - First Notice
hi hermajesty as you have dissabled (sic) your pm function, i would ask that you do not discuss matters in regard to other members who are no longer here to answer such posts. i will remove the remark about lightman from this post, and ask that any further remarks are weighed with postal evidence of such so as to be fair.
Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.
This was a response to a post about how Light_man had been caught faulsifying evidence, something that he actually admitted to. I do not know what "postal evidence" is supposed to mean. I also never "disabled" my private message function. I think maybe someone did that for me. Not surprisingly, there is nothing in the forum guidelines preventing discussion of a forum member who is no longer there. They seem very concerned with being "fair" to a member who is no longer there, and who may not even see the post, and less concerned with other member's privacy and safety.

As far as I am concerned, this "warning" has a hidden agenda: to stop me from spreading the Truth. It might also be "punishment" for filing an official complaint against at the MI-cke forum. I was not going to expose the forum unless they moved against me. Now that they have, I will be exposing what I know. Stay tuned.

Let us not lose sight of what this is really about: exposing the replacement and probable murder of James Paul McCartney:

I will speak the Truth no matter what the cost.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. He'll be back within two weeks with a reactivated Socrates account or another new username. I doubt we've seen the last of dakudo/lightman/socrates/bealert etc.

  2. Fascinating. I stumbled across your blog and was surprised to see references to a troll named 'Socrates.'
    I used to run a controversial education blog that attempted to debunk many of the political motives behind education movement.
    A 'person' who called himself 'Socrates' was a frequent visitor who engaged in frequent and annoying attempts to discredit posts and others antagonize others who commented. He was rude, combative and insulting.
    We tried to find the source, but he used different IP addresses which could not be traced.

  3. "Rude, combative and insulting" sounds like our Socrates! By using different IP addresses, he could easily register under multiple usernames. Thank you for that information.

  4. He was a frequent visitor on our blog as well as others dedicated to discussing truth behind educational propaganda - until most of us banned him from making comments.
    He particularly despised me and "followed" me to my comments on other blogs; always one step behind, trying to refute my comments. I often accused him of stalking.
    My original blog used a pseudonym and when I started writing for another outlet under my real name, he followed me there as well! He left comments with statements like, "Is that you, 'so and so'?" Very creepy.
    He was also a pretty good photoshopper. For a brief time, he started his own education blog (for the purpose of refuting our ideas) and created a "cartoon" of one of the other bloggers.
    For a while, some of us in the edublogging community attempted to figure out who he was, but as before-mentioned, his IP addresses came up as being from all over the country - Newark NJ, Austin Texas, etc.

  5. It definitely sounds like Socrates - except the "He was also a pretty good photoshopper" part. While our Socrates does make liberal use of Photoshop to "faulsify" the evidence, he is sloppy & is often caught out.

    Check out this article for more of his (& other myoPIAs) "faulsifications":

  6. "A 'person' who called himself 'Socrates' was a frequent visitor who engaged in frequent and annoying attempts to discredit posts and others antagonize others who commented. He was rude, combative and insulting.
    We tried to find the source, but he used different IP addresses which could not be traced."

    Thanks so much for highlighting this to us - It appears to the be the same poster that has given you grief. Other usernames of his imo are -

    toty1994, Krakhead (forum adviser at the David Icke forum), redman, Squire of Gothos (all on Icke) and pmexplorer (at ATS). This guy gets around, make no mistake about it. As Plastic Macca said he has some way of scrambling ip addresses and often uses more than one name at a time.

  7. Fantastic work, PM ! People like lightman/socrates need to be revealed for what they are. Government operatives who are in it for the MONEY ! Truth is never on their agenda !

  8. Just since January, my computer has had to fight off attacks while researching PID. I've researched controversial subjects in the past, this is the first time I've suffered repeated attacks. Faul is very well protected. I've even wondered if the real Paul was still alive somewhere to account for no real exposure of Faul. I still don't know.

  9. PID is the domino that could open people's eyes to the amount of deception & control that is going on. Once people wake up & become aware of a tactic, it's harder for the powers that be (TPTB) to get away with it. At this point, most people are unaware of replaCIAments. TPTB are desperately trying to keep it that way. They are fighting hard to keep the lid on PID, b/c if people figure out that Paul was replaced, they will know such a thing is possible.

    Paul's ultimate fate is speculation, but I seriously doubt he's alive. If he were, he wouldn't let songs like "the Frog Chorus" go on his account. lol

    The fact that Faul hasn't been exposed is b/c he's protected by the mainstream media. They are complicit in the cover-up. See the LIFE article on this blog.

  10. 'Other usernames of his imo are -


    Just having a look at your blog and noticed this. No idea about the other usernames mentioned but he's definately not toty1994 - that's me. You can choose not to believe me if you wish :)

  11. Hello again, i am the anonymous poster who wrote on the Heather Mills article,i hope you can recognise me from my ip ad, i am still reading your blog and opened many other links from your very informative blog.
    ( i really admire all the independent researchers and bloggers who give so much of their life and time to spread knowledge and information while facing such bullying, so thank you for your generosity and courage,i am not that immune to bullying, this is why i usually very rarely comment on the internet...)
    I am more into international affairs/politics/human rights and i've never been a beatles fan, i came across your blog via david icke forum because i started researching hollywood's perverse marketing of pseudo philantropy and it's link to children abuse and satanism.And yes everything is connected.
    Anyway, reading this article, makes me wonder about david icke forum, hmm,i don't have an account there, but i enjoy reading many threads as an invisible guest, and i'd be very interested to read your opinion/position on it, so i will stay tuned :-).What is funny is that my firefox crashed like several times in only one hour since i've been reading all these beatles thread, ha!'s like this info is even more sensitive than the middle east/political stuff, and other human rights/political themes i usually read and deal with...

  12. Several people have complained that their computers have crashed a little "too" often when they start researching PID (not Macs, though :-)). It does seem to be a very sensitive subject b/c it opens the door to a lot of other sensitive topics. I think the impostor-replacement program is a secret they are trying to keep hidden, but we're onto them now.

    I think the Icke forum is controlled from the top, personally. I was going to do an exposé on it, but then thought better of it. As it stands, we are able to get the info about PID out. If we outed certain individuals, a new admin might come in & shut us down. So, we think the "devil you know is better than the devil you don't know" at this point.

    If you do sign up for the Icke forum, be aware that they can & will read your PM's.

    Thank you for your insightful comments :-)

  13. Hi again, it's me ( i hope you can recognise me i think i have the same ip) :-)
    My Firefox crashed several times and i am using a macbook,but today it's better, it didnt crash, i read A LOT your blog, almost entirely.
    ( thank you again for your generosity and courage) and i opened and read all the other links you put out.
    I was well aware of the Laurel Canyon/music/drug lsd, mtv channel/cia connection, was suspicious of the beatles, but since i was never a fan of them when i was a teen,( i was born in 1977) i never dwelved on it.
    In fact i think it's because i never liked Yoko Ono, bad bad vibe from her, (same from Trudie Styler), ( Bono from u2 makes me angry and mad,it's like angelina jolie talking about pakistan and darfur with anderson cooper and she cant even construct one complete simple sentence, try to watch her last interview with him when she returned from Irak, funny and sad at the same time,Bono/Geldof/Jolie/Pitt same puppet/shells for me, these are the ones that are ''explaining'' to the CNN viewers about world politics and humanity, but yoko ono it's something much deeper, she is much better at her game,she channels those that actually are educated and involved and read but are still stuck in the box, she is a much better left gatekeeper, sort of like Chomsky) and so all the give peace a chance photo op Yoko Ono/Lennon when i was a teen was for me just pure marketing,very artificial, perhaps because i lived/survived war as a kid and a teen so i knew the other side of the mirror...
    I am not going to sign up for Icke forum, even if sometimes i'd love to add a comment or an info, especially on the kurt cobain thread,that thread is really good, but i wont sign in,i dont handle quite well the bullying ( virtual and life), so nope,i wonder if David Icke himself is aware of what is happening in his forum, i already did the HUGE mistake to sign in on facebook 3 years ago, well actually it's our Master alma uni who signed us in, and it's like opening a can of worms,and we are stuck with it, but they say google is the same, and i use google, so i think we are already exposed.
    Thanks again for the work you put in your blog.

  14. Yoko definitely gives off a bad vibe. I personally think that the bagism, "hair peace" & other the silly gimmicks were a way to discredit the anti-war movement. To me, talking about war & peace while sitting in a bag is something Monty Python would do. It's just ridiculous. So, it seems like Illuminati Yoko was a way to hijack & derail the *serious* anti-war movement.

  15. Plastic Macca,

    It appears to me that "new" photos are being discovered lately that are trying to shut us down (such as over at ATS forum). At the Beatle Photo Blog, there appears to be a picture of Faul and John without Sgt. Pepper Mustaches.

    Can you check that photo over there and tell me what you think?

  16. Yoko's bad vibe comes from her being a witch.

  17. I just wanted to comment after reading all these other comments... I have never been a huge beatles fan or anything, but the whole PID mystery just fascinates me to no end... I'm 32 and so I'm not a Beatles era person, but when I came across this PID idea, it really made sense to me... I have been reading all of your blog posts and any other material I can get my hands on... Since I've started researching this, I have developed a strong love for the original Paul that I did not expect... Kind of like a need to defend his honor as silly as it may sound coming from someone who was never a Beatles fan... As well as a sort of great respect for what the original Beatles were doing... In my research, I have noticed lots of little details that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else... Things that I think might be connected or pertinent information... mostly little things that when added up make a compelling case... which makes me want to write an article or make a video for Youtube just putting in my 2 cents...
    It's been because of excellent bloggers and others like you, & all on this site, that have inspired me to look deeper and find the truth.
    So thank you for that- it is obviously a LOT of work to do all of this for years and years... Especially with annoying posters that are just out to stop the truth from reaching the masses.
    One funny thing I will say is, I thought I was crazy when my computer started acting up... As I've been researching PID, my computer has crashed, froze, closed down on it's own, more times than I can count... I thought it was my internet service! Lots of other little weird occurances have happened too... But I'm really glad to see that I'm not alone,lol! It hasn't dissuaded me in my research, but it sure is damn annoying!
    I think your blog is awesome and there are so many people out there that need to see this information... so keep up the good work!
    I know that nobody will intimidate you out of posting... and nobody will stop me from researching either!
    Thanks again for all you do... :-) Princess DI


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