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Firing a New Humanity Pt. 2 - Here Comes the Sun (and the Moon)

Mayan long count Calendar

Something I've examined over the last number of months is the vast amount of sun symbolism associated with the Beatles, and indeed the music and entertainment industry as a whole. Sun symbolism is something which is all around us in Western society yet we don't question why it's there and what it represents.

The Christos/Avatar frequency is represented by the numeric pattern 999. Nine is the number of universal oneness, harmony and the chi, ki or prana (depending on your culture) which flows through the chakra and meridian systems of all earthly bodies. Those who resonate with the nine tend to be selfless, compassionate and caring of others. The nine is representative of completion, death and rebirth into new beginnings and new understandings - We can take 9 as the whole.

The Divine Masculine frequency is that of the 666. Six, often referred to as the "pregnant number" or the number of love, is representative of a caring, nurturing individual. However the higher we increase the frequency (6666) it comes to denote the outer-self, the ego or action part of the persona (left brain orientated), sun symbolic. Mainstream Christianity tends to regard the 666 as evil, the anti-Christ. I understand this fear and loathing but it is completely misplaced. The 666 is not anti-Christ, it is a very important part of the Christ frequency. However those in the know who manipulate humanity push the Divine Masculine elements in society to its fullest. The history (his story) is that of a patriarchal humanity. An important balancing and harmonizing element has been left out.

The 333 frequency is indicative of the Divine Feminine, her story, the missing link. When I talk about Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, I don't simply mean male and female, but the yin/yang energy frequencies we all hold. The Divine Feminine (333) is naturally stronger in women but both sexes are connected to each frequency. Obviously, women in the limelight of the music and entertainment industry (Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce come to mind) tend to channel more of the Divine Masculine 666 frequency (ego, sex, outer-image persona) compared with the more well-balanced, everyday worldly woman. The 333 is representative of the link to higher-self, looking within, intuition, introspection, right-brain and moon symbolism.

Before we go any further lets take a look at a simple nursery rhyme we were all taught growing up - "Humpty Dumpty" and add another dimension to it. Humpty Dumpty (999 - Christos/Avatar)

Humpty Dumpty (999) sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the King's horses (666) and all the King's men (666),
Couldn't put Humpty together again.... why not???

Not until all the Queen's horses (333) and all the Queen's maidens (333) help out the King and his men, only then will we put Humpty Dumpty (999) back together again.

So even The Fall of Man can be hidden in a nursery rhyme in plain sight.
Where can we see examples of this sun (666) and moon (333) symbolism?

At the top of the post, I've placed the Mayan calendar which dates back to at least the 6th century BC (it is much older than this). There are eight significant pointers on the calendar and if we were to draw a line straight down through the centre and then a line across, we have what is referred to as a "Sun Cross." Next, if we draw two diagonal lines, we have a Lunar/Moon Cross. So the calendar numerically can be represented as 999 (unity consciousness), a 666 central Sun Cross (Divine Masculine) and a 333 Lunar Cross (Divine Feminine).
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If you look at the Pagan "Wheel of the Year" you can see what I'm pointing at. The Sun Cross is made up of the four festivals, Yule, Litha, Ostara and Mabon, while the Lunar festivals are Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas.

Take a look at the flag of the United Kingdom -

Do you see what I see? Hmmm.... it's a massive "Wheel of the Year" sigil on the flag of Great Britain (also on the Mayan calendar). So what is it telling us?

^ As you can see, "The Union Jack" is made up of three flags "St. Andrews" of Scotland, "St. Patricks" of Ireland (now Northern Ireland) and the St. Georges Cross of England.

An important point to note is that the St. Georges Cross in the Union Flag (the central Sun Cross) is dominant/to the fore with the diagonal Lunar (333) crosses of Scotland and Ireland in the background. This is telling us two things - The real powerbase is in England (land of the Sun Cross) and the 666 Divine Masculine frequency is subjugating the 333 Divine Feminine energies. The Union Jack "Wheel of the Year" symbol is not balanced/harmonious - The yin and yang are not in alignment.

Another good example of this symbolism of subjugation of the Divine Feminine is at St. Peters Square at the Vatican, Rome -

Again it's the Pagan Wheel of the Year (same as on The Union Jack). We have the Sun Cross in the centre and the narrower Lunar Cross with a large male phallus symbol (the obelisk) at the centre.

Think about it - Why are there no women priests at the Vatican (in Catholicism)?

If the Divine Feminine is naturally stronger in the female (greater intuition, nurturing, stronger link with higher self) wouldn't women make stronger links to the one (unity consciousness) moreso than men? How could they be any worse, look at all the sexual abuse scandals which have come to light over the last two decades. Why aren't male priests allowed to get married?
At least if there are no female priests... why are male Catholic priests made to take a vow of chastity? Why do we worship the Sun of God (666 incomplete frequency) on a Sun/day?

There was/is clearly an agenda within the higher echelons of Catholcism to subjugate the Divine Feminine energies and keep women out of the fold at all cost. How much easier it is to control the masses when our link to higher-self (333 intuitive/Goddess) is cut off.

To look at it symbolically - If Jesus is the sun/son... then who is the moon (333), and why are they hiding her?

Jesus the son/sun (666) cannot alone be representative of the Christ frequency (999)... do you see? There is a deliberate fragmentation of the energies going on here and it's still being played out.

Here are two short vids worth watching regarding sun symbolism -

So we come to the Beatles -

In the opening scene of the movie "Help" (1965), we are introduced to a religious cult about to carry out a ceremonial human sacrifice. The sacrifice cannot take place however as the "sacrifical ring" is not on the victim's finger. It turns out Ringo from the Beatles has the ring and the cult gives chase.

Symbolically, the Beatles are from England, land of the Sun Cross. Just like the biblical scribes Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the four Beatles are Ringo, George, Paul and John (same amount of syllables).

Why do we have "The Fab Four" in a film laced with so much religious symbolism and dark connotations? In the first few lines, we have a chant to the "black mother of darkness." The sacrifical victim is a young woman who is placed on a round table. This young lady about to be sacrificed is symbolic of the subjugation of the Divine Feminine frequency while the round table on which she's laid is the sun. Wasn't this film supposed to be a light-hearted comedy with the worlds favourite band... so why all the dark symbolism? It reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" which itself, although devoid of a human sacrifice, drew the audience's attention to the darker rituals which go on unbeknownst to most. (Kubricks final movie was heavily edited after he mysteriously died, so there may have been a sacrifice in the original footage). Considering Paul McCartney was himself double replaced in the band in late '66, could there be a possibility that he too was sacrificed?

There are plenty of examples of sun symbolism in music vids throughout the years. To take just two examples -

"Every Breath You Take" by The Police

Note at the beginning (ashtray and circular drum illuminated). Moving into the chorus, the curtain pulls back to reveal a large Sun Cross on the window. Also note the use of light and shade. For much of the video we see only one of Stings eyes at any one time, a pointer to the "All Seeing Eye." This becomes most apparent when the curtain draws back to reveal the Sun Cross - notice only one side of Stings face (with one eye) remains visible.

For anyone looking to research the rise of American rock n'roll in the 60's, Dave McGowan's online articles about the Laurel Canyon connection are highly recommended. McGowan points out that many big bands from the 60's/70's had links to the intelligence/military community. For example Stewart Copeland's father ("The Police") was a CIA agent. The above song is supposed to be about a stalker... Is it simply about a stalker or is that window cleaner with the peeked cap a spook?

"666 Conducer" by BRMC

"No one knows her name (333 - we know her number)... but they see her youth and use her..." (again subjugation of the Divine Fem).
"You're a 666 conducer, how do you do the things you do sir" (666)

These guys know the score or at least those behind the band do. Watch at the very beginning of the vid how the bass drum illuminates to become the sun. This track is from an album called "Baby 81." Their following album was released on 1st Nov 2008 at 3.33am - The album was titled "The Effects of 333."

The next part will be focusing on some of the symbolry in Iamaphoney's vids. Iamaphoney has done fantastic work in bringing a whole new light to the replacement of Paul McCartney esp on you tube.

I also want to acknowledge the brilliant insights from the poster McMenek1 on the David Icke forum, which are included in, and inspired this post.

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