Friday, August 16, 2019

The new McCartney Voice Print Analysis! The imposter unmasked!

Tonny Nowhere Man has now finished his voice print analysis of Paul McCartney (1966) vs. Faul (1967). The voice prints show that there were two "Paul" voices. 

Tonny said, "There are two 'Paul McCartneys' playing the significant parts, ever since September 1966. It means that Tina was absolutely right earlier, when she told us that the real Paul was most likely already replaced between August and September of 1966."

He continued (paraphrasing), "Dr. Truby, already back then, with the little means he had, in 1969, was on the right track!" Tonny added, "[Faul] was never [Vivian] Stanshall, for ex. - and so much more!"

Voiceprints constitute evidence of identity that are admissible in court. More info HERE.

YouTube and Vimeo promptly banned the video that contains his findings, but it is available on Brighteon HERE.

Tonny also proved using voiceprints that Vivian Stanshall was never a "Faul," which is a Faulse claim made in Memoirs of BS. More information HERE. This is confirmation of the face prints I did of Vivian Stanshall and Faul, which showed no match. I discuss that in Plastic Macca.

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