Saturday, September 21, 2019

Proof That Liam "Stinky" Steen is a Fraud

"Liam Steen," the author of "The Painful Truth About Paul McCartney," claims to be an elderly, educated British gentlemen who was a Beatles "insider." This is what, presumably, gives his claims legitimacy. 

When one is trying to pass oneself off as being educated, one actually has to BE educated, or at least, enough to fool people who actually are educated. And therein lies the rub.

They say that grammar matters. This is especially true when one is pretending to be erudite. When one is assessing another person's education, one considers word choice, sentence structure, and grammar. Poor grammar is a dead giveaway that someone is not particularly educated (thank common core). 

Byward Bob wrote today on the Plastic Macca Facebook page, "I highly doubt the Liam account was written by a 79 year old educated Brit. More likely a younger American, given the use of the preterite as past participle for the irregular verbs 'run' and 'go' (i.e. 'had ran' and 'had went' instead of 'run' and 'gone')."

It is clear that Steen does not know the difference between "lie" and "lay." He writes, "She found Paul laying there." Here, "lie" would have been correct. This makes it obvious that he was never taught the Queen's English, as an elderly British gentleman would have been.

In this sentence, "It ought to be remembered that The Beatles wasn't just a band," there is no subject-verb agreement. "The Beatles" are generally considered to be plural.  

In the prelude, Steen writes: "The width of the rumour has only kept on expanding and it's still extremely popular to this day." "The width of the rumour?" That is a very strange formulation and does not indicate to me that this person has any sort of feel for the English language. 

Another awkward articulation is, "I see a lot of extended theories floating around..." One gets the impression that "extended" sounded like a big, impressive word to use there without fully understanding what it meant. 

Yet another strange sentence is, "My father was a rather successful businessman who wanted me to follow his footsteps." The expression is actually to follow IN one's footsteps. 

Even more bizarre is, "It might not always be perfectly structurised..." I admit I find some humor in the irony of that.

Steen claims, "Once I finished university, I was a fully educated business manager." Is anyone ever "fully educated?" Even with my three graduate degrees, I would not claim to be "fully educated." 

Another  indication that Steen is not highly educated is his constant use of contractions in his book. He apparently admits this: "I am not in any way an educated author." Thank you for stating the obvious. 

He asks, "So why am I writing a non-profit book..." Has he actually sent up a non-profit, or is this an awkward way of saying that he is not going to profit from the book? The book is free, and in this case, you get what you pay for. 

Steen concludes the Prelude with: "I truly hope I'll be able to help wrapping your heads around this phenomenon called The Beatles. This book is, of course, dedicated to the very beloved and remembered man named James Paul McCartney.

Since when does one wrap someone else's head around something? One wraps one's own head around something, but it is not something that is done to someone else. Also, the "remembered man?" That is a very odd expression. 

Steen claims, "James Paul McCartney was an ill man. He suffered from CAD; coronary artery disease." One suspects that he is confusing Paul with Ringo, who actually was a sickly child. Since it has been established that Steen is not who he claims to be, and was therefore, not an insider, one can dismiss his baseless claims. The incorrect punctuation is further evidence that this person is not educated. 

Yet another preposterous assertion is "John would sometimes teasingly refer to him as 'Mr. Blood Vessel...'" Who actually believes such rubbish? 

It is unclear as to why Steen used a picture of Faul on the cover of the book. Perhaps he does not know the difference? Also, the book lacks page numbers, which does not instill confidence that this is a serious book. 

Even a cursory glance through the first "installment" of this book offers plenty of examples with which to discredit Steen. That he is a fraud is proven by his poor grammar, because the person he is claiming to be (elderly, educated British gentleman) would never make such mistakes.

This also makes it highly doubtful that he is Ringo Starr, who has never uttered such grammatical mistakes to my knowledge. (Brenda Jo Rodgers was the one telling people that Liam was Ringo, despite Kenny Milne saying that I was the one who bought into such nonsense.)

The truth is that this fan fiction is painful to read. The atrocious grammar makes it all the more difficult to stomach the drivel. This is just someone seeking attention at Paul McCartney's expense. Unfortunately, it also diverts from serious research endeavors into PID, such as my book, Plastic Macca

Liam: Congratulations. This is truly a piece of work. 

More information: Liam Steen: Stinky BS Artist & Disinfo Agent

Update: Liam is claiming that he is going to upload the book in parts because he "fears for his life." That actually makes no sense. If that were true (which it is not), why would he not upload it all at once? Why wait for someone to come kill him and prevent him from uploading it? What a cockamamie story. It's getting better all the time!  It would be funny, if it were not so sad how easily some gullible people are duped.

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