Friday, June 8, 2018

Beatles - "One After 909" comparison with Paul vs. with Faul

A musician friend (Revilo Zamora) sent me these two versions of John Lennon's song, "The One After 909." The first is with the original Beatle Paul McCartney, while the second is with the replacement, Plastic Macca. 

My musician friend said that the way John and Paul harmonize in the first version, it's like they become one voice. On the second version, it's just two guys singing. This convinced him that Faul was not the same person after 1966.

 Listen for yourself...

Beatles - One after 909 (unreleased)

The Beatles - One After 909

No doubt they were running out of material after Paul was disappeared, so they reached all the way back to this one for "Let It Be."

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