Friday, April 11, 2014

Emilio Lari talks about the 1966 death of Beatle Paul McCartney

Emilio Lari was the photographer for the Beatles' film "Help!" He gave an interview to Iamaphoney (pseudonym), which was used in the "The Rotten Apple" series (2006-2010) and in "The Winged Beatle" movie. He talks about Paul McCartney's death, among other things...

Emilio Lari talks about the 1966 death of Beatle Paul McCartney


Tina Foster, Esq.

Author of The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

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  1. Chilling interview. He's got such a thick accent, it's hard to understand him sometimes.

    So, it seems that Emilio thinks Paul did die in a horrible car crash, but I'm inferring that he also thinks it was murder, like the car was rigged to crash? Did I also hear him say all Beatles were murdered and replaced except Ringo?

    I like how he's completely sure Paul was replaced. There are so many people who knew Paul who could come out and back up Emilio and say, yeah this guy posing as Paul is a fraud, but I guess they are too scared of being murdered themselves. I admire Emilio for having the balls to expose the fakery and call it evil, which is what it is.

    Two others have come close to disclosure. Heather Mills and biographer Philip Norman, who said their true story is "supernatural', leaving all of us to wonder what he meant by that, exactly. Supernatural in what way, Phil? Please, please elaborate! All he explained was that 'Paul' (Faul) makes it all up as he goes along, as in lying.

  2. The general gist here is of things he heard but cannot say or does not say how he knows or where he heard them. With a subpoena we could know the extent of his full knowledge and how he heard what he heard here. However, the more important part of the interview beyond that, is where he says a personal experience which he heard -- and whose value simply is that he heard it, and when; it is a part of the interview in another place.

    He says he heard, in late 1966, in London, that Paul had died. That is a direct confirmation of the rumour that early. It goes beyond the Beatle Book Feb 1967 reference, back before it, and as well cannot have been gotten from that notice in Beatle Book.

    That part of his interview is in Iamaphoney's "Rotten Apple" series, item # 76. It would be great if you added that to your post, Tina. Best wishes and luv.

  3. He's a professional protographer and talks a lot about the height differences, and about his early photos of the real paul being rejected for big bussines people...

  4. He said that all of the Beatles were DEAD, except for Ringo Starr, which would simply refer to the known deaths of Lennon and Harrison and the putative death of McCartney in 1966. He didn't say they were murdered and replaced.


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