Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Loving Memory of Cynthia Lennon 1939 - 2015

From Julian Lennon's YouTube channel...

Interesting comments by Cynthia, interviewed by Mike Wallace on the American 'news' program popular in the 1970s, 60 Minutes...
Mike: "Was he (John) writing music at this time? (late 1966 - 1967)"
Cynthia: "No. There was a period of great, great change in his life and he didn't know what direction it was going to take, but the direction was chosen for him, anyway."
Cynthia: "He was surrounded by weird people."
Cynthia: "Seeing this man, who wasn't John anymore, doing the wildest things."
Fennon? to a NY Times reporter: "I'm sorry that you liked your moptops."

I don't think there is any doubt that some closely held secrets about what happened to The Beatles have been further kept quiet with the death of Cynthia Lennon. We continue to hope that the whole truth will emerge someday.
May she rest in peace.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. The John/Yoko circus was simply a mental breakdown caught on camera.

  2. the real Yoko artist active in the Fluxus contemporary art movement in the early 60's could have been secretly knocked off in 1965 and one or more agents could have assumed her identity.

    1. This is EXACTLY what I've been saying all along... the REAL Yoko Ono died prior to "fame" and was likely repla-CIA-ed with a CIA-lebrity look-alike by Military Intelligence, Tavistock Institute and the Illuminati. The ORIGINAL Yoko Ono was prettier, more feminine and looked friendlier than the various Cyborg Fem-bots -- who were devoid of personality and physical beauty... and were likely male PRETENDING to be females -- that took her place. Of course, the ACTUAL Cynthia had to go -- as well as her protective husband -- in order to put the fake Yoko and Featles onto the world stage to push the masses towards the New World Order.

      The Rabbit Hole/Warren goes deeper than we'll EVER know and TRUTH is indeed a LOT stranger than most fiction I've read in all of my life!

      Here are two channels that expose some of the celebrities that have been replaced various times, have various doubles (that are artificial lifeforms, by the way) and how many of the so-called "females" are actually MEN who have had sex changes and have been deceiving the public for AGES... take a look, for all of you who are interested, for there is a TON of steaming, piping-hot iced tea in these videos, and I feel that it's about HIGH-time that the TRUTH be exposed AND come out for all to see:

      VRILLEX -

      YAHWEHYAHWEH HolyGod -


      Enjoy, eat your hearts out and Peace and much Chicken Grease. *lol* ;D

    2. I hate to disappoint you all, but the ORIGINAL Cynthia -- as well as the REAL John -- was sacrificed to Satan shortly after they came back from their trip to Trinidad & Tobago back in January 1966. Her/The doubles, multiples, replacements, clones, etc. that stolen, assumed and co-opted her identity and took her place were devoid of personality, warmth and good looks. Additionally, they also looked different, having different teeth, hair, noses, facial structures, body types, eye colors, energy profiles, vibrations, etc.

      The individuals -- as a friend of mine from the UK often reiterates -- accompanying them on the trip were NOT the ACTUAL Maureen Cox and Ringo Starr, but were their handlers, in addition to the fact that the ORIGINAL Ringo had gone/went missing, having disappeared without a trace 18 months earlier and hasn't been seen since, according to my photographic evidence. There were also TWO "Maureen"s (with one being skinny and having that horrendous "thigh-gap" and the other was heavier, having thicker, prettier legs) and appears to be a transvestite.

      There were two Johns as well [like with the holiday to Tahiti back in late-May of 1964 with the TWO Cynthias, TWO Georges and TWO Patties, with one being the ORIGINAL and the others were the CIA-lebrity repla-CIA-ments put in place by the-powers-that-be], with one being the REAL deal and the other one that wasn't quite as stocky and handsome, looked more Fohn-ish, and who took over for John after he and his wife were ritually murdered in some demonic ceremony after the vacation ended.

    3. Hi--I just found your notes on here, and I'd like to ask you how you know such things about those people.such as Lennon and his wife, having been cloned?

      You are very sure of your beliefs on this subject, from the way you spoke about it. I'm still not so sure about cloning. I can believe people may have been replaced by doppelganger-style duplicates that are surgically changed in many ways to appear more like their 'namesake', so to speak. But, the idea of a duplicate made from the original's own DNA, that one doesn't seem to ring true to me. The reason is simple. People start out life as little babies, and take many years to grow up. Yet, the clones you speak of seem to pop up out of nowhere, and just take over the person's life somehow. It's simply impractical to my thinking is all.

      Also, the clones would not contain human souls, but demonic ones, since it's said that the DNA is added to, in order to create that clone. So, how are those demonic spirits inside those clones controlled, since they are fallen angels who are probably equipped with egos the size of Seattle? They would probably never be happy just singing and dancing on stage while posing as Britney or Madonna. They'd want to be inside a body that they could use to do something more befitting that ego of theirs, like say being the ruler of China, or even Saudi Arabia, etc. But, I've just begun checking this subject out, so the 'jury is still out', for now, with me in a way. However, I don't hold out much hope that I'll be changing my opinion on this any time soon. Because, for instance, to my thinking there's just no way 'f'aul is Paul's clone. A plastic-surgery altered doppelganger-style look-a-like possibly, but no clone. However, we'll see. I still have lots to check out on this subject first.
      Thanks for your comments, and the links to those videos. Very informative stuff. :)

    4. I agree with Christy Chiomento. A clone for McCartney has been proposed by Michael Wright, but he would have had to have been cloned in the '40s, so it doesn't seem very plausible.

    5. Faul is obviously not a clone of Paul. If he were, no one would have detected physical differences. Faul is just a bad double.

  3. Love your blog; how can I contact you with info?


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