Monday, April 16, 2018

YouTube video has Beatles interview from between Revolver and Sgt. Pepper, in which they joke about the nickname "Faul" by spontaneously riffing off the word "false" (at 14:53) ...

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  1. This is a very telling video with the tight shots of all four of their faces. This video is a great study in their voices as well. Paul simply had a deeper register than Faul.
    If you listen to early Faul he adopts a weird lilting sing-song vocal style that sounds nothing like the Paul of this video above. The real Paul's voice was very smooth, rather somber and would only occasionally go up in pitch. And although Paul would say "ya know" quite a lot in dialogue or in interviews he certainly did not say it compulsively and with the irritating frequency that Faul does!

    Study the tight shots of John Lennon in this video. Especially him mugging for the camera being his characteristically cheeky self. Does this really resemble the person who shortly after this supposedly went off to make the film How I Won The War in Spain?

    I've come to accept that the truth died with Neil Aspinall, Mal Evans and PRESS AGENT Derek Taylor. And of course it died with Brian Epstein. But dead men don't tell tales, do they Bill?


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