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New (?) Paul is Dead Clue from John Lennon

I was asked to pass on the following article that speculates that a drawing by Lennon was hinting at Paul McCartney's demise.  The 1971 drawing depicts a person with what appears severe head injuries. 

Off topic: New (?) Paul is Dead Clue from John Lennon

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  1. Hello. I've been checking this blog for one month. I was working on my McLennon fanfiction so I want to do some research (sorry I'm just an obsessive fangirl).

    It occured to me that John and Paul were so close together pre '67... During concert Paul was always caught staring lovingly into John's eyes and in the NME concert in 1965 John gave Paul a really big hug; during interviews he always touch Paul in one way or another. I know I'm getting silly but I can tell that they were very much in love, John and Paul were passionate soulmates.

    Then in 1967 everything about Paul seemed a bit off. I was always puzzled why such a fine, lovely person like Paul became an agressive a-hole in a matter of months. Often he looked weird and gross but I thought it was due to drug use. Because sometimes Bill DOES look like Paul, for example in "The Fool On The Hill" video.

    However, one noticeable thing was the Lennon-McCartney relationship. The chemistry were so poor especially in the 1968 interview, John seemed to be extremely distressed and angry and interrupt Bill so many times I lost count.

    Guess what... I'd found this blod I was totally shocked. However, I do think that Bill has some talent like Sgt. Pepper's and Hey Jude. Sometimes I wonder what happens when Bill die?

    1. I also think "Bill" (Sir Paul) has talent. I also think he's more complicit in crimes than many who like his sweet side (he has one) would think.

      I am grateful to the Beatles (with Sir Paul) for the work they did after 1966.

      But I, too, thought there was something weird about Paul after 1966; the man in the Magical Mystery Tour bus was, I assumed then, Paul after a few years. I felt this way as a kid, and forgot about it.

      The Wizard scene is Paul, however. They must have planned a cute film from 1966 already.

  2. On The McCartney Years DVD set, the inside box artwork is a disturbing torn-up bloody mess of a collage of photos of Faul, but two scary looking pictures are of a stranger's face, someone else. Why? You really have to see this.

    1. Do you have a place to upload the images, even in low res so it's not really a copyright infringement? I'd be curious to see it.

  3. I believe all the Beatles loved each other like brothers.They had a special bond no one could break.Whatever happened to Paul greatly affected them all their lives.Paul showed us love and kindness.John's picture shows us the pain he felt and maybe guilt over his loss.To me the picture shows a young man who loved his sheepdog.The man died a tragic death - a gun shot to the head.His feet look broken and there are marks on his arms.Was he beat?.As for the shovel, John buried him or that was how the man was found.With the sun setting it happened in the evening.This saddens my heart if it's Paul.

    1. Hi. The arms may indicate slices or blood trickle, but the line work there is looser, so it may be he drew the left arm too thin at first.

      The shovel and setting sun are symbolic at least, only maybe literal as well.

      The gun shot idea is as yet unproven; "Cream of the Beatles", produced by Apple, shows one image of it and the putative leak "60IF" electronic document suggests that (and a lot of other things which might all, some, or none be true). The only clue consistency is car crash and head wound. Again, even car crash may be stretching the issue, for it may be he was locked in a car or who knows, but a head wound is always portrayed. Gun involvement is hardly well attested, though it's a possibility.

      However, the only absolutes in the case are forensic, as of yet; even the Mal page (obviously genuine content, based on style, etc.) isn't "proven" to be a real item -- but if it is, it at least confirms the place of plastic surgery as Nairobi. (The word Nairobi, itself, is not pictured in "The Winged Beatle", where most of the page is shown, but rather in "big boys don't cry" [sic -- i.e., not capitalized] under the poster "Mal Evans" on Youtube, presumably an alias for Iamaphoney.)

      Knowing that Paul died and knowing John's drawings in general, and knowing PID content of "clues", we can say that of course it's Paul. And it saddens me, for John's sake, too. The survivors suffered.

  4. Tina I'm not a member of your site yet. I do think you have done a fantsatic job with your website. I wanted to bring to your attention (if you had not already noticed-although your expertise is awesome)The drawing is superimposed on top of the "Butcher Album"
    photo. Look closely... with the contrast down on your monitor.
    I'm seeing it. I don't know if your other viewers have seen it.
    What do you think of that?

  5. Pardon me Tina. I spoke too soon. The drawing looks like it was drawn on the back of what was a version of the original butcher cover. It is a reverse of the photo we have all seen.
    To top it all off, Paul is positioned directly overtop of (or underneath) the character in the drawing. If this is a larger drawing (I don't believe it is) how is the butcher cover the same size as this supposed life-sized drawing?
    Your thoughts...please.

    1. Hi, the drawing is life-size but the image (photo, file) is shorter than the album's total height. We know it's life-size, because the width is right for an album. The height is not. So presumably, the drawing does not reach to the bottom of the album.

  6. Wings Wildlife back cover has a similar drawing by Faul of the new quintet. Freak the Beatles or buck The Featles?

  7. Blog has new 21 screen shots of false ear from non-PID source (2 videos, posted 2010 on Youtube, of same John/Paul/Larry Kane 1968 interview -- one copy shorter than the other).

  8. Not correct... faul didn't make any of the sgt, peppers/magical mistery songs, he just pretend to have composed it (because PID). the songs of those records are obviously lennon-harrison compositions... faul just act, like madonna or britney... just look at his solo albums... not close to te beatles (unlike lennon and harrison)


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