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Art Critics Reconsider 'Mccartney Is Dead' Myth

Art Critics Reconsider 'McCartney Is Dead' Myth
25 September 2005

New York's top art critics are refuelling the rock 'n' roll myth that Paul McCartney died over three decades ago - after taking a rare close-up view of his paintings.

Top Big Apple celebrity art expert BAIRD JONES staged a one-night exhibition of John Lennon and McCartney art from his own personal collection at New York club Deep earlier this month (15SEP05) and was left stunned by the reactions of his "austere" friends.

A fan of McCartney's art for years, Jones admits it took the opinions of his critical pals to make him realise that the 'Paul is dead' rumours that started in the late 1960s could be true.

He explains, "There were lots of questions about why he (McCartney) predominantly uses the colour red in ways one would not. It's the colour of blood and death.

Thanks to HH for sending this image of a Faul painting that seems to show the real Paul with a head injury. 

"The critics were asking questions like, 'Why is there so much red in the garden (painting) and on the beach (painting)? It's macabre.' Call it art psychoanalysis, but the 'Paul is dead' rumour has started to spread.

"These were highbrow, austere people who take their art seriously. Some had never really had the chance to see McCartney's art up close."

Jones now claims there are major clues in McCartney's art that suggest the rocker might not be what he seems to be.

He explains, "It's one more sign that this man is communicating something. Red has been a dominant colour of his for some time.

"It might be evidence that the Paul McCartney we think we know is not Paul McCartney; he's an imposter - and here's a signal."

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  1. irishrose posted this at the PID Miss Him forum:

    i have been searching his paintings. i found two so far i think are interesting. one is named UNSPOKEN WORDS and the other is BOXER LIPS.unspoken words has three faces that have gags over their mouths.boxer lips has facial injuries - a hero that lost his fight (sad) according to faul.


  2. An interesting thought I had was how when I was in 8th grade (around 1998-99), we were made to complete an 8-week "Rock and Roll History" course at my public school. Looking back on that after knowing the truth about Faul and other insidious things in the music industry, it seems like there is an agenda to get an "official story" out there, an "official history" to be set in stone. Funny how the course focused on Sun Records, Elvis Presley, "The Day the Music Died", and the Beatles. We all know public schoolbooks are nothing more than propaganda, and it's odd that they want to propagandize the "history of rock" to children on an official, school-based level. Why is it so important that kids be fed the "official story" of all of this crap in school? Surely learning a basic instrument or being taught some music theory in "music class" would have been a more productive usage of those 8 weeks than forcing kids to memorize and recite the "official history" (propagandized version) of the beginnings of rock music? What was even crazier is the whole "Paul is dead" thing WAS addressed in that class (in the actual lesson plans) and was dismissed as rumor (disinfo).

    As far as the "official" story of Paul's death, the whole car accident and out of control fan scenario, that's all bullshit IMO. If Paul was killed and replaced, which certainly seems to be the case, I can guarantee we don't know what really happened. All we can do is speculate, but I would guess Paul's murder was more likely to have been carried out in an occult, ritualistic manner than a mob-style execution shot. It would've been done in a contained area where the body could then be hidden or disposed of without any sort of possible intervention through police.

    I've wondered if the other Beatles were forced to watch - or even partake, in a way - the slaying of Paul. If they were victims of Tavistock-style mind control, this scenario would actually fit in with their "programming". It would have been a significant trauma for the remaining Beatles and had ritualistic significance. Also it would've served the purpose of scaring the remaining Beatles into silence.

    It almost seems as though George Harrison could have possibly alluded to such a thing in the Guardian UK account of the Harrison stabbing:

    'Harrison said: "He stopped in the centre of the room and looked towards me. He started shouting and screaming." The man was yelling: "You get down here." Harrison asked who he was. The man replied: "You know, get down here."

    Harrison spotted the knife and the stone sword; a "personal memory" of another incident - which he did not specify - flashed through his mind.'

    What was that other, unspecified violent incident that flashed through George's mind?

    And the stone sword was taken from the St. George and the Dragon statue on George's property...

    1. You know, I had to take a Rock History class in 8th grade too, about 10 years earlier, and Paul is Dead was also in the lesson plan. Isn't that strange?

  3. You've put your finger on the crux of this, Anon 5/4. These people are plugged into big juice.

  4. First of all I want to call it the "Paul was Replaced Myth". To date it has been proven he was replaced; to date his death has not been proven.

    I'm sure many Artists not only reconsider the myth but embrace it as well. Artists have finely tuned senses. Those that have taken the time from their lives and explored this subject will see the photos, the video, hear the songs and put a timeline to it all and formulate a logical scenario of the truth.

    The reason, in my opinion, why individual Artists and others don't talk about the subject and offer their absolute opinion. aka the truth, is that their careers will be derailed and they know this.

    The Keystone cops would blow the whistle on this caper :}

    Keep plugging, the exposure of truth is sometimes right around the corner.

  5. I had a 16 Magazine from the Rubber Soul era which featured an abstract s-elf portrait of James Paul McCartney.

  6. 1962 -1965 was definitely the real Paul; after that comes the dark side. Deception, lies, drugs, obscurity, death.

  7. I took a music history class in the 7th grade and we learned about The Beatles and PID too. This was in the late 1980s. They had us watch The Complete Beatles documentary and that film and the class lectures about the band and PID is what got me into The Beatles. I was 13. I was the only kid in the class that was remotely interested, fascinated, even mesmerized by the band. I became a Beatles obsessive fanatic after that and have remained so until this very day. Of course, now I tend to believe in PID. It keeps me researching by day and keeps me awake at night.


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