Friday, October 4, 2013

Faul McCartney admits to forgetting parts of his back catalog

Another admission from Faul... Although he only admits to forgetting the period between the end of the Beatles and getting Wings going, those of us who know Faul is not the original Beatle Paul can read between the lines. His new album, "New," also seems to be a bit of a clue: The new McCartney, perhaps?

October 4, 2013

Paul McCartney admits to forgetting parts of his back catalogue

'There's a huge period in the '70s - I couldn't tell you what was on the albums then,' says the former Beatles member

Paul McCartney has said that he sometimes forgets what some of his lesser known songs sound like, as he recorded them in a period when he was "befuzzled". 

Speaking to NME in this week's issue, which is available digitally and on newsstands now, the former Beatle says that points in the period between The Beatles ending and getting his band Wings started are a mystery to him.

"There's a huge period in the '70s - I couldn't tell you what was on the albums then," says McCartney. "It was a bit befuzzled. It was after the end of The Beatles and I was a bit like, 'Oh God, where are we gonna go now?' Trying to get Wings together. There are some tracks there. I've seen tracklistings and thought, 'I wonder what that one's like?'" ...


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  1. "& the 1st 1 said to the 2nd (irregular) 1 there< ihope yer had enough I can't put up with anymore nononononono (ono eastman yeahyeahyeahyeah) Beatles and Bee Gees breakups announced in Teen Datebook prematurely (like Lennon's "bigger than Jesus comments two years before.)

  2. glutton free comments the fool is a clue

  3. I think Faul's new rocker "Early Days" on "New" says a lot:
    "Now everybody seems to have there own opinion
    Who did this and who did that
    But as for me I don't see how they can remember
    When they weren't where it was at"

  4. NEW album is another maudlin egomania toss off. How many super rich and oversized egos can you spot in the official Queenie Eye video. It's like "the one-percent" billionaires' club, but that aside, my comment on Faul not remembering his own catalog is that this guy came onto the scene when the current backup band was formed. He's the latest in a long line of Fauls. Sure, his touring band know him intimately as Paul, because he fakes it well, which is the main part of the job.

    He's always trying to reassure the public he's real. For example, explaining in the Making of Queenie Eye video that when they were kids in Liverpool, they played a game called Queenie Eye. Then, we seem to always get the sentimental nod to the Fab Four type song, which is Early Days on NEW. Just to keep reminding us he is the real Paul.

    The sickness is that this elderly guy has very little singing voice, dyes his hair, galavants around like trying to appear young, sings about love and girls and relationships and sex, is simply beyond pretentious, whilst common people drool over it all and the Faul business machine documents and capitalizes on the fawning. The real Paul would be aghast.


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