Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Paul McCartneys? It's a faux photo

This photo ca. 1968 has been touted as "proof" that Paul McCartney was still alive in 1968. Others have claimed it shows three Paul McCartneys.

Left - netting is suddenly gone

Middle - no netting

Right - This person's head does not appear to be behind the mast, but rather cut off (or covered up) by the mast. 

This "photo" appears to be a composite of several different images. It fails as "proof" that Paul was still around in 1968. It is not clear whether that is actually Paul's picture. Even if it is, it could easily have been pasted in.

If anyone notices any more problems with the photo, please post a comment. 

UPDATE: Someone named "Arma Andon" is claiming to be "Paul" on the left. He wrote a text to a friend, saying "I'm the wise guy leaning on the banister on the left next to the man in white. Peter Brown is standing right wearing a beard and lifting his arm up to his face."

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  1. Is this the largest number of Paul McCartneys that have ever been sighted at once?

  2. It was supposed to be around the 1966 not in the 1968...

  3. here there and everywhere. the fauls: sgt pepper era, hey jude era and beatles era.

  4. is the mast off center? it looks like it to me and therefore it would pose stability problems for the craft.

  5. Hi Tina:
    Love your stuff. Learned a lot.
    Here is A fuller picture on the boat:

    I am also a photographer and havea degree in Journalism going back to newspaper and television work in the 70’s in the U.S.

    I think the man IS sitting right up against the mast talking to Mel, the split directly into the wheel house is because two clearly visible nets split verically there as seen is the link provided from the actual publication and the same at left where the screen ends (looking closely one can see clearer vision at left).

    I do not think I am correct.
    I do not think ANYONE CAN be correct. This is CHAOS MAGICK IN THE FULLEST living sense AND regarding the picture..."One and one and one is three
    Got to be good looking, 'cause he's so hard to see
    Come together
    Right now
    Over me”

    My own little collection of photos after hours and hours skimming through CONTROLLED forums resulted in, “Sir Paul McCartney was Phil Ackrill and...”

    I bow to your effort.



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