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"How I Won the War" Paul is Dead/PID clue

John Lennon (right) vs. Fohn in "How I Won the War"

A friend sent this clue below. It needs to be fleshed out more, so if anyone wants to help with the research, please contact me.


In the dark comedy "How I Won the War" with what appears to be a John Lennon double, I believe there is a significant "clue" in the plot.       


                 In a twist of surrealism, each soldier that dies under the Lieutenant's command returns immediately after, replaced by a soldier painted to resemble a plastic army man. From Goodbody's perspective, that man is still alive. Footage shown during the death scenes of these characters is tinted a certain color for each incident (green, then pink, then red, then blue), and the dead soldier 'returns' in that color.

                Those are the same colors the new Beatles are dressed in on the cover of the Sergeant Peppers album!!



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  1. Now the filming of How I Won the War was started in September, officially on the 19th in fact. Lennon's sequences were finished "early" as they say, enabling him to come back to England on the 6th November.

    They would have to get news on set that McCartney had died somewhere between the 19th September through 5th November 1966 for this to be noted in the film. One would have to see the initial script and see if any amendments occurred to it on a specific date or schedule. And the colour choices in no way imply that Paul McCartney died. Unless the person in BLUE is made significant in some way (which is something I would think anonymous should pay attention to. Is the person in blue the "odd" one out of the 4. Which would be So PID, that it borders on the ludicrously PID. Like such films as PRIVILEGE (1967) - BLOW UP (1966) - IF .... (1968) - FINIAN'S RAINBOW (1968), O LUCKY MAN (1973), THE PASSENGER (1975), ENEMY (2013) - but I'm just naming a few. I haven't even mentioned the late 50's/early 60's television show HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, PARTICULARLY SEASON 5 (1962) Episode 23 entitled ONE TWO THREE. Or Isaac Asimov's Lucky Starr book series which was also in that same time period.

  2. DO you remember the fifth of November?

  3. I was not suggesting that they changed the script(especially when it is based on a book I believe), but that the Sergeant Peppers album cover was giving another "clue" that all four Beatles had been replaced.

    1. Agreed. I would like to add an interesting point that hasn't surfaced or been mentioned is the evidence showing that Sir Paul is a Freemason. There has been a lot of symbolism buried within Sir Paul's album covers, photo shoots, and beyond (both solo and with Wings). The hand above Sir Paul's head has been suggested to be the symbol of a dead man; but it also is a Freemason symbol for good will on any particular venture, as he demonstrates holding out his own hand on the Driving Rain cd cover. We may need to rethink the PID approach a bit to understand this, and it may be possible that if all this were true, then it would be more likely to say "Sir Paul 'died', as he was reborn a Freemason proper". If the other three were replaced (as I believe) and weren't killed, then James Paul my still be alive as well. I am aware of the astrological house symbolism as well, but in the hierarchy’s realm of things, taking the cards exactly as are is of little use when a Taro reader or a Oracle tells them to avoid certain themes, even in killing someone for sacrifice. Also, PID images and symbolism exists well before 1966 going back as early as late 1963.
      Another point I'd like to make is that there are pictures of Sir Paul as a Beatle that predate August 28th; the only problem here is that I'm still trying to track these images down, like the pic of the first Lennon being seen in London still with his mop top after the second Lennon had already left for filming "How I Won the War". The reason I point this out is that if the images of the Beatles that got off the plane in San Francisco on August 29th are studied with care, they appear to be the "Featles", and the pics of the group performing that night appear to be the originals. Now, if all this is both possible and true, then something a little more sinister has been going on for forty-eight years now (Sir Elton is not the original either I you carefully study his body language with the original).
      As the famous Shakespeare line from Hamlet goes: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." All too true


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