Monday, September 29, 2014

And in the end...

And in the end, quite a daring conspiracy to kill and replace a world famous musician has been revealed by various PID researchers. Oodles of circumstantial evidence that Paul McCartney was impostor-replaced has been presented over the years. Just based on the forensic comparative analysis alone (Carlesi and Gavazzeni, Wired Itala, 2009), it is obvious that Paul is no longer with us.

Once it sinks in that the lovable Mop Top was switched out, the natural impulse is to look for reasons as to why anyone would do such a thing. Unfortunately, this is difficult to determine and involves much speculation. However, one can look to clues left in the music and album art, as well as take into consideration other factors, such as people’s state of consciousness, music, the drug culture, and even the Vietnam War.

Once one realizes that Paul McCartney was effecting a change of consciousness, then what once seemed perplexing starts to make sense. During the Beatles’ reign as kings of the pop-charts, they saturated the airwaves with the frequency of Love. People responded by loving them in return. Paul wove Love into the fabric of his music. When people heard it, the melodies resonated with the heart chakra. The heart opened, and Love flowed from one person to the next. 

Once Love began to inundate people’s very souls, it started to cause a realignment towards Creator. In very real terms, the music was changing the world. Just as the shift was gaining momentum, the powers that be decided they had to stop it. To that end, Paul, as the instigator of the shift in consciousness, had to be removed. In what appears to have been a well-planned and executed operation, the famous Beatle was assassinated and impostor-replaced with a lookalike double. Paul was (perhaps) dumped in Puget Sound, never to resurface. In Los Angeles, Paul’s body double appeared in public for the first time on August 28, 1966. Upon the Beatles'/Featles' return to England, it was decided that it would be best to minimize the new Paul’s exposure. During the next few years, all public appearances were carefully managed. In the intervening years, the new Paul seems to have become confident in his role as the famous Beatle. In a joint action, Paul McCartney, as he is now known, seems to have tried to free himself from the constraints of being Beatle Paul. To that end, it seems he has tried putting out music under the alias of Fireman. Is the new Paul  desperate for approval of his work? Is he fed up with Paul’s work constantly being lauded while his is dismissed? Does he keep producing music in the hopes that he will be recognized for his own work one day? 

After stepping into Paul’s Beatle Boots, new Paul ceased to exist as his own person. Eventually, it appears he became angry and irritable stuck in the role of a much more talented musician. The relationship is akin to sibling rivalry, with Paul being the one who outshone his impostor. In the past, new Paul resented his famous target. Now, however, it seems he has learnt to deal with the dichotomy through conscious separation of his two identities. In very real terms, Paul’s stand in keeps Paul’s memory alive, even if it is a false impression of how reality was. 

Now that Paul is being separated out from the conjoined twin relationship he was forced into with new Paul, people are remembering what a talented bright light he was. Paul is being reclaimed as one of the public’s favorite heroes. In killing Paul, those responsible unwittingly created a situation in which his memory would impact future revelations. With the unmasking of his double, Paul has become the central figure in exposing the impostor-replacement psyops that occur behind the scenes. Because of Paul, many people are now aware of a most evil program to kill certain individuals and replace them with controlled doubles. Paul’s popularity, talent, and good looks make him the ideal vehicle for exposing this hidden agenda. It is quite ironic that those responsible who wanted to exploit his charm for propagating evil on the planet ended up revealing their own evil secret program through Paul’s inept impostor.

Tina's interview with Jim Fetzer, which aired on October 6. 2014, is available here and here. The possible replacement of John Lennon and the other lads was discussed. 

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  1. Thank you, Tina, for keeping Paul alive in our memories and for your uncompromising bravery against terrific odds.

  2. Reading this there's many other celebs that come to mind, many who this passage applies to, but the MAIN ones I think about are Los Angeles native vocalist Josh Groban (born in 1981 and disappeared in the summer of 2003 and these substandard impostors have taken his place ever since and are wreaking havoc and getting worse) and Brendon Urie, the lead vocalist and front-man from American band Panic! At The Disco.

    You see, Josh Groban & Brendon Urie -- in addition to the ORIGINAL Mariah Carey, who was repla-CIA-ed back in 1992 -- have a LOT in common with The Beatles (Paul McCartney in your books) in terms of looks, talent, charisma, charm, intelligence, warmth, sweetness, politeness, goodness, class, humility, expressiveness, artistry, morality, purity, ingenuity, musicianship, ethereal-ness, sense of style, etc. These precious individuals were cut down in their prime, being slain/executed/sacrificed and replaced with impostors who are pretentious, less talented, not as good-looking, more arrogant personas, different -- and leass pleasant -- energy profiles, auras & vibes/vibrations, mannerisms, body types, physical features, traits & characteristics and with less pleasing personalities and morals.

  3. If I'm being honest I just can't STAND these impostors -- and believe you ME there have been multiple people who have assumed, taken over and co-opted these people's identities over the years -- not just because of their arrogance and the apparent fact that I ALWAYS knew there was something amiss and out-of-bounds about these people, their music, personalities, looks, dress, image, and many other things about them that have became progressively WORSE over time, but mainly because they're frauds, going around here fooling most of their fans, having them believe that they're someone they're clearly NOT. Even WORSE, these ignorant, hoodwinked fans DO NOT know that the original people of whom their fans of have LONG SINCE been ritually -- and secretly -- slaughtered in cold blood, and most likely for the following reasons:

    -They became Christians (the Illuminati are God-haters and HATE Jesus Christ with a purple passion; Foxe's Book of Martyrs gives some insight into what these people had to go through before their deaths because of their faith in Jesus Christ). I even believe that these people were absolutely FORBIDDEN to have Bibles -- the King James Version, mainly -- as the satanic/demonic Roman Catholic Church have forbid people to do for so long, lest people find out the truth and get converted, their lives changed and leave Satan's/the Devil's kingdom to come to the Lord's Kingdom.

    -They simply knew too much, got their heads together and were going to expose the truth to their fans, as well as the rest of the world, but were stopped DEAD in their tracks before they could do so. [Study what happened to Elizabeth "The Black Dahlia" Short to get some insight into what happens to people who threaten to expose the Illuminati's plans and evil doings.]

    -They wouldn't "get with the program" and gave off many positive vibes to the world and their fans -- hence "affecting a (positive) change in consciousness", saturating the airwaves with the frequency of love, therefore causing an alignment towards our Creator and gaining momentum -- so the Illuminati had to step in and put a stop to it by taking these people out.

    -Since they were actual human beings, they had to be killed and repla-CIA-ed with clones because clones are artificial life forms and are therefore easier to control and program more to the Illuminati's specifications.

    These impostors are obviously clones because not only do they look FAKE they have this dead, vacant, soulless, empty, glazed-over look in their eyes that this race of human simulacra (artificially-conceived human beings) often have. They will also NEVER have many of the amazing qualities that their ORIGINAL counterparts possessed in SPADES. These people DO NOT measure up to the REAL McCoy's, and NEVER WILL. Man CANNOT improve on what God made to be PERFECT, no matter WHAT comes or goes. This stinking hot mess makes my blood boil more than ANYTHING.

    God bless you, Tina; keep fighting the fight to expose this nonsense for what it REALLY is. Peace.

  4. Thank you, Tina. What's taken place is not only horrific, it's abhorrent, and almost unthinkably sinister in it's make-up. If they could kill, then replace, someone like Paul, what chance has anyone else against such murderous deviousness?! I have no idea as to the deaths, then replacements, of other famous individuals, but I do believe the worst happened to Paul. Therefore, so as far as I can tell, anything goes--so, I believe many famous people truly have been murdered, and what we witness of them now are mere substitutions for what was very real. God bless you, from me, as well, and yes, please do keep up the good fight to expose this evil for what it truly is--"Murder Most Foul"! I only wish I could be of more help.


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