Thursday, October 2, 2014

Imagine: John Fennon

Imagine, if you will, a band of highly popular and influential musicians that butted heads with the controllers of the media. Before the Beatles made it big, they seemed harmless enough. The lovable Mop Tops crooned about love, loss, and normal problems everyone experiences. No one thought that, once they got big, they would use their position to improve the social consciousness. From their soapbox atop the world stage, they would draw attention to problems affecting humanity at a deeper level. The Beatles did continue to sing about love, but added societal concerns, such as excessive taxation and having to become enslaved to the state for one's survival. The song, "Taxman," criticized Her Majesty's government and its almost punitive taxation system. Many people who had never considered the lack of fairness in the tax system began to think about it. Multitudes of dissatisfied subjects are a threat to the ruling elite. The Beatles as social commentators was disturbing to those in power. In addition, the Beatles were promoting religious beliefs that had the potential to free people's minds from control. Meditation breaks the shackles of mind control. The belief in the eternal soul removes the fear of death. Many people have been controlled by the fear of death - either due to the threat of eternal damnation or the cessation of existence. Once people realize that the consciousness (the soul) continues on, then there is nothing to be afraid of.  The control once wielded to great effect is lost. No one amongst the ruling elite appreciated the Beatles exposing the masses to such ideas. 

John Lennon attacked Christianity outright. In his famous statement, he said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. HIs point was that the Beatles were comprising a larger part of people's lives than Jesus was. In good form, John apologized, but it did challenge people's belief structure. In his observation, John had hit a nerve. The outraged backlash betrayed how close to home John's words had struck. Many knew it was true, but did not want to admit it - not even to themselves. In actuality, Jesus was not the problem, but rather the control structure of the Christian Church. John had simply used Jesus as the symbol of the Church, and was heralding the loss of control over people the Church had suffered. His statement appears to have been exploited to tarnish John's image. After this statement, the Beatles as a threat to the established order could no longer be tolerated by the powers that be.

Once the decision had been made to remove the Beatles from the public stage, suitable replacements had to be found. As it turned out, the Beatles were easy to replace. Putting facial hair and colorful clothes on them, and keeping them out of the spotlight helped conceal the impostors. It is true that the public noticed that they seemed different, but only Paul was really suspected of having been replaced. His double did not portray Paul very well. In passing off the subterfuge, many techniques were employed. Audio and visual tampering helped create the illusion that the Fab Four were still with us. In addition, the infrequency of appearances helped people forget what the originals had been like. "John" appeared in "How I Won the War," but every screenshot was carefully managed. The actor playing John playing the character, Gripweed, had to study John to interpret how John would play that role. He did a pretty good job, as no one really suspected for a long time that it was not John.

At any rate, the doubles were completely bought and sold by their masters. It is important to understand that they were controlled opposition. The Beatles had been true to themselves and spoken their true minds. The replacements said what they were told to say. Even "John's" revelation about LSD was false information. He said LSD set people free, but in reality, it is a mind control drug. Many people incorrectly think that this statement precipitated his assassination. In actuality, John had been out of the picture for many years and his double was simply being retired. It was determined that it would be better for him to go out in a "blaze of glory" that would be seared into the public consciousness. Questioning the official story would be most unpopular, as it would be seen as a sign of disrespect. Only now can people entertain the possibility that the assassination was staged. It is not so far-fetched considering that a CIA guy (Jose Perdomo) was the doorman, how Paul's double reacted so nonchalantly to the news (It was a "drag"), and how quickly the body was "cremated." It may well be true that John was killed, only years earlier...

Now the time has come to wrap this up. Many indications exist pointing to Beatles' replacements. It may be more difficult to see that John was replaced than Paul, but the tells are there. Look at the eyes, the smile, the stance, the cutting wit, and the woman John chose - a beautiful blonde. The personality of Beatle John was nothing like "John" played by an actor. Discern subtle and not so subtle differences. Embark on the path to uncovering one of the most ambitious psyops in history - the impostor-replacement of the Beatles.

Tina's discussion with Jim Fetzer available here.


  1. The real John was also a fairly big dude especially compared against the frail Fennon replacement. People in their 20's don't shrink to the extent witnessed in Fennon unless they have a terminal disease.

    I am glad to see you pointed out that the actor in "How I won the War" was not John. I believe he is the first of multiple Fennons. It's amazing people back in the day didn't pick that up; they look so different.

    Also to note is Paul and John's criticism of the Vietnam war. The Johnson and Nixon administrations were ruthless against vocal opposition.

    1. What do you call big? When the celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Beatles 1st concert in Dublin a local department store people remarked how small they were. John was probably the most muscular but no more than about 5'8".

  2. Either way, he would have been 74 yesterday and we love him and miss him. Peace and Light.

  3. excellent interview. amazing how the truth is being exposed after all these years via the internet

  4. It appears Hollywood is at it again-

    Beatles before the exchange

  5. Compare the real John Lennon here to post 1967 Fennon. Sorry but people can not physically, mentally and stylistically change to the degree we were sold, absolutely impossible.

    The Beatles live in Paris was perhaps their best together as the Fab 4.

    Live at Palais des Sports Paris 1965 France from master source pt 3 / 4


    I actually feel bad for this guy because he is so far from honesty and humanity and the best of human beings. I often wonder if he has had regrets especially as he advances in age and perhaps wisdom.

    I still think Heather Mills knows a ton but being a good mother stays quite to protect children.

    I think she discovered the truth after she got married and being a person of high integrity that she is was justifiable horrified.

    Any way sorry to mix in Paul/Faul with Lennon/Fennon but they are connected forever.


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