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The Tragical History of Paul is Dead (PID) - Part 1

The Paul is Dead (PID) "rumor" began after fans noticed the Beatles had changed drastically seemingly overnight. For example, in March 1967, many audience members on the Dick Clark show  commented on the Beatles "new look," which was introduced in the promotional video for “Strawberry Fields Forever.” 1 Some complained that the Beatles looked “old” and “ugly.” In October 1967, during the filming for the "Magical Mystery Tour" movie in Nice, France, McCartney and Malcolm (“Mal”) Evans “were refused entry to the hotel restaurant because they didn't look the part." 2

Not only did the Beatles look different, they also acted differently (including becoming reclusive) to such an extent that fans sensed that there was something terribly wrong with the formerly happy-go-lucky Fab Four. After the lads returned from their summer 1966 U.S. tour, manager Brian Epstein publicly announced (on or about September 11, 1966) that the band would never play live again. Keeping Paul and the others out of the spotlight seemed deeply troubling because it was such a radical break with the past. 

Some grew suspicious that something was amiss with the group. Cynthia Lennon herself noted that this was a time of “tremendous ... mental and physical change for the Beatles” People began to whisper that Paul had died in a car crash, and the new Paul ("Faul") was keeping up appearances. 

The rumor of Paul’s death raged on, and before long, it was rampant around London. In February 1967, the Beatles Book Monthly, the Beatles' official fan club magazine issue #43,  responded with the following refutation: 

... The 7th of January was very icy, with dangerous conditions on the M1 motorway, linking London with the Midlands, and towards the end of the day, a rumor swept London that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash on the M1. But, of course, there was absolutely no truth in it at all... 4

Despite the Beatles Fan Club’s reassurances, fears that Paul was dead lingered. In the fall of 1968, someone approached Rolling Stone magazine about a list of McCartney death clues. Rolling Stone was not interested at the time because “too many people had seen Paul alive and it was the same old Paul...” 5

However, talk of Beatle Paul's death was so widespread that McCartney “was asked a thousand times” if he were “Paul or his clone” to which he prepared a ready-made answer: ‘I am neither Paul nor his clone, but I went out last night with your wife.’” 6 McCartney added “But it was a bit strange, because people started to look at me like, 'Is it really him or a very good double?' No, this is him!" 7

The rumor returned with a vengeance in September 1969. Adding fuel to the fire were a slew of clues to the switcheroo that fans gleaned from Beatles' lyrics, photos, and album covers. These were first exposed in a college newspaper article, and then picked up by a Detroit radio station before breaking worldwide with extensive coverage on all major TV and print media. By October 1969, people all over the world were crying over Paul McCartney. Many were convinced that he was dead. 

More to come...


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  1. Here's a link to the bad things that Faul McFartney -- and NOT JPM, as he was LONG gone by that time -- perpetrated on the individuals that were supposed to have been his family:


    The way that his supposed "close relatives" talked about him one would think -- and rightfully so -- that they considered this mind-controlled and programmed CROOK a mere stranger. Did they know what we now know about Faul McFartney? It wouldn't surprise me the least if they did, but were somehow forced to go along with the charade.

    I didn't know that Faul would be sick enough to hit on/make sexual advances towards his so-called 'stepsister'; that's just sick, low and grime-y in my proverbial books. I don't believe for a minute that JPM would have done something like that.

    Check out my blog -- http://commonhorsespiritualsense.wordpress.com -- to find out more about CIA-lebrity repla-CIA-ments and other conspiracies.

  2. Dick Clark, not Dave Clark 5!

  3. Check this out ... theory that all the Beatles were murdered at the end of their 1966 tour and replaced. http://www.reformation.org/beatles-were-titaniced-in-1966.html

  4. hi tina i read about www.reformation.org, do you belive beatles make sex with brian epstein... but not pete best.......................?
    we live in a cruel word ..........if a man had a gay friend , ALL PEOPLE SAY YOU ARE GAY...
    "After meeting with the Beatles, Brian proposed to become their manager and lead them to wealth and fame. Lack of songwriting talent was no obstacle, as Brian owned a record store in Liverpool, and he had friends in very, very high places in the music world. Pete Best was the only really talented and principled Beatle, but he was fired from the group because he refused to go to bed with Brian Epstein!! " DO YOU BELIVE THIS...

    do you really belive in blu jay away and iam that walrus , its not john lennon and george harrison genuine beatles?

    really IF all beatles died in candlestick park last concert 1966, i see a very strage car in youtube film...terrible film candlestick bed images, terrible... beatles images beatles live shows no restored with genuine beatles faces...
    thank you for help me...

  5. It wasn't a video. They didn't have videos in those days. It was a promotional film.

  6. I wish the link above were still available?


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