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James Paul McCartney's Fate Was Written in the Stars

An astrologer friend of mina (and fellow PID researcher), recently told me about some clues he had found in Paul McCartney's astrological chart. It might be a clue that Paul met an untimely and violent demise. The astrologer said that Paul's natal chart showed violence. Apparently, there was a Mars-Pluto conjunction in his 11th house [also see link for confirmation]. This supposedly showed that Paul had powerful enemies.

According to astrologer Dennis Harness, John F. Kennedy also had a Mars-Pluto conjunction (at 32:25):

Interview of Vedic Astrologer Dr. Dennis Harness

Direct link

Other tragic celebrities with Mars-Pluto conjunctions were Patsy Cline, who died aged 30 at the height of her fame as a Country music singer, and singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley, who died in an accident during his prime. [Link]
Mars stands for strife, war, conflict, aggressive force, violence, brutality, guns, shootings, knives, hatred, anger, belligerence, sexual violence, accidents and fires [among other things]. He rules the army, police, firefighters, militants and hot-heads and gets his justice by taking revenge. Pluto stands for groups, the international community (UN), cooperation or disunity, terrorists groups, the globalization of terror, dictators, tyrants, rogue countries, nuclear weapons, insidious barbarism, mass killings, threats, coercive enforcement, drastic measures, crime and crime networks. [Link
11th House: 
Traditionally known as the 'house of Good Fortune', the 11th house has rulership over friends and friendship, supporters, benefactors and those that help us directly or behind the scenes. It is the house of beneficial fate, positive hope, trust, praise, comfort, goals and ambitions. In modern astrology it is said to rule the wider social circle of acquaintances and groups, broader ambitions, political ideals and those who share our aims. Its condition indicates the fidelity or falseness of friends and it has rulership over promotion by recommendation of others.  
Historically it is associated with the king's (or ruler's) favourites, councillors, servants, their associates or allies. It represents parliament and councils generally, and supporters of the government or ruling power. [Link]

Mars In The Eleventh House in Horoscope (Mars in The 11th house) (especially relevant at end)

Pluto In The 11th House

Cally Roberts • 1 year ago (#1 of 6) The Astrology of Child Abuse and Murder: Observing Mars-Pluto in Aspect ... We can’t go and assume that everybody with this aspect will experience abuse. However, in the few cases of severe child abuse and murder in the family as seen below, the Mars-Pluto aspect shows up too frequently to be a “coincidence”...  
Mars-Pluto is sometimes found in the charts of people who suffer from a violent death... [Link]
As many people know, my personal feeling based on my research is that Paul was assassinated and his identity was hijacked by a controlled imposter. I think this happened because Paul was hoping to do good in some way (using his position as a Beatle), but the powers that be wanted to stop him. Is it possible that astrology supports this conclusion?
When Mars is in the 11th House... Arguments with colleagues... are very common with this placement because of the tendency of the Mars person to use the organisation as a platform for his own views and ambitions. [Link]
When allowed to lead, however, Mars in the eleventh house can shine and is often able to achieve a great deal of social change. [Link]
Pluto in the 11th House: 
A strong reformist streak can then develop in you and you'd need to be prepared to stand up and be counted at some stage. Because you emanate, consciously or otherwise, this aura of social change or upheaval, others are likely to react against it by projecting their own unconscious feelings (good and bad) on to you. They then reject you or are strongly drawn towards you, or both, alternately. Looked at in another sense, this propensity gives you a talent as a group leader and for paving a way into the future. [Link]
Some song clues that also might suggest a violent end to James Paul McCartney are "Happiness if a Warm Gun," "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" (what did you kill?), and "Why Don't We Do It in the Road." Yes, I suspect that they are NOT talking about sex, but about the scenario in "Condensed Cream of the Beatles," [link] which I think may be telling us that Paul's car was run off the road and he was assassinated.
If anyone can offer more insight into the astrology behind this, please leave a comment.


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  1. Mars conjunct pluto in a natal chart doesn't necessarily mean untimely death unless set off by TRANSITS that are similarly violent.

  2. It was in his 6th house, not his 11th house.

  3. I retract the above comment. That aspect was in the 11th house. He was born 2:00 pm, not 2:00 am.

  4. I generated JPM's Natal Astrological Birth Chart and posted it on this website to download from. Enjoy.

  5. I have always found vedic astrology charts to be more accurate than western astrology charts...
    Great info, as always!

    Btw, Tina - care to comment on the "change" in Renee Zellweger? I think she is one of the most obvious cases recently in celebrity imposter replacement.. Do you agree?

  6. Notes on Faul McCartney: The Monkees preferred Revolver over Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  7. Notes on Fall Part Two: The Beatles exposed the ignoble replete on the butcher album in 1966. They were murdered for their selfless act of courage. Today; the rest of the world finally acknowledges the many acts of insentience imposed upon us by the demon possessed individuals in positions of temporal power.

  8. Hi Tina, love your site.

    Yes, JPM's chart reveals a lot about his death. Quickly, for your purposes I'd say just one thing here:

    The planet Neptune sits on his Ascendant line. The Ascendant line represents the horizon on the chart and it's where the zodiac circle ends and begins. Metaphorically, it's represents both the end of the native’s life and his birth.

    For many astrologers (I'm one of them) a planet on the Ascendant line is the native’s most enduring and dominant influence, over a lifetime.
    Neptune rules death and transformation. Significantly, Neptune also rules secrets (and dreams, prisons, lots of other "transpersonal" things actually).

    In my opinion, Paul's placement would signify a “secret birth” or a “secret death”. Or both.

    I've asked you to friend me on FB as "James Q----". I can pm you if you like. I have a lot more.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Keep in mind that Faul was being switched in and out with Paul in various Beatles concerts including the second Ed Sullivan show in Miami and the 66 tour Shea Stadium prior the the very last sighting of Paul.

      Paul was aware of Faul and vice versa. The concert video evidence proves this fact. It wasn't as if Paul disappeared and then appeared this Faul character for the very first time.

  9. Paul McCartney knew it was going to be replaced since 1966 was a horrible year and sadness in his eyes showed McCartney in their last performances , Paul knew he would be replaced by faul , there was no escape , had to leave his life as a young artist , and move to anonymity , went into a deep depression and loneliness , was living in hell to stop being Paul McCartney , another person take his life , he was killed in life , taking his life.

  10. The transit position of Jupiter in Aug, Sep, Oct 1966 was conjunct Mars waxing until conjunct on Oct 15, 1966. Jupiter then conjuncted natal Pluto on Nov 9, 1966. Major Jupiter conjunctions over the
    natal Mars Pluto conjunction is an indication of a serious event at that time. Also, transiting Saturn was squaring the natal Sun position in May through September of 1966. Major life events such as
    death are always accompanied by these types of Jupiter and Saturn transits. Jupiter and Saturn transits are the most important in predictive Astrology. There was also a square of Uranus to the natal
    midheaven/nadir point and to Mercury. All of this is an Astrological confirmation of what you have found in your investigations. Great work Tina.

  11. Since I'm a Christian, it's the Mazzaroth mentioned in the book of Job, chapter 38[KJV], that I believe is where the idea of a Zodiac came from, since the Mazzaroth is referred to as the 12 signs of the Zodiac. I do believe God uses numbers, and the Mazzaroth, to show certain things about each of us, according to our date of birth, the time of birth, etc., based on God's usage of numbers.

    Paul was born on 6/18/1942--I'm going to try, using E. W. Bullinger's explanation concerning the Mazzaroth, { }, in the section entitled "Spiritual Significance" on that webpage, what God might tell us about Paul, based on the numbers found in just his birth date, alone--if anything:
    The Spiritual significance of the #6:

    "[6]...has to do with man; it is the number of imperfection; the human number; the number of MAN as destitute of God, without God, without Christ."
    Bullinger mentions that the 6th Commandment is the Commandment that deals with murder; it's the 6th clause in the Lord's Prayer that deals with our sin; God uses the #6 to indicate the "Labors and sorrows" of mankind throughout His written word.

    Paul was born on the 18th, but Bullinger says nothing about that number since apparently God did not emphasize it in His word--however, since numbers are often added together by numerologists, I added 1+8=9, and 9 is a very significant number to God. Bullinger says this about the #9:
    { }

    "The number nine is a most remarkable number in many respects. It is held in great reverence by all who study the occult sciences; and in mathematical science it possesses properties and powers which are found in no other number.*"
    Bullinger goes on to explain why 9, to God, indicates the "THE NUMBER OF FINALITY OR JUDGMENT", meaning "the end of man['s rule], and the summation of all man's works"[both good and bad works].

    So, in his birth date, Paul has both a 6 & a 9. Plus, the 42, as the year in which he was born, the 4+2=6--another 6. Also, 42 itself, in God's word, is associated with anti-Christ, the 'man of sin' the Bible speaks of in the books of Daniel and Revelation. {fear not--I love Paul, so couldn't believe anything as bad as that about him!}--so, I needed to see if there was anything God might allow us to know about Paul based on the numbers in Paul's appointed date of birth?--since this kind of thing with numbers is pretty new to me, I feared making some kind of mistake while trying to figure out how the numbers needed to be added up--they can be added up in many different ways, so I decided just to add all the numbers of his birthday up in a straightforward manner, and see what they amounted to, and here is what I got, and it's actually good news:


    Bullinger said this about 40:
    "FORTY has long been universally recognized as an important number, both on account of the frequency of its occurrence, and the uniformity of its association with a period of probation, trial, and chastisement—(not judgment, like the number 9, which stands in connection with the punishment of enemies, but the chastisement of sons, and of a covenant people). It is the product of 5 and 8, and points to the action of grace (5), leading to and ending in revival and renewal (8). This is certainly the case where forty relates to a period of evident probation."

    What I think is that the numbers, of 6 and 8 and 42, in his birth date indicate the insinuation of people associated with the new world order/anti-Christ into Paul's life, whether he wanted them there or not, and I strongly suspect he did not, once he realized what some of them were involved in, such as pedophilia.

    I agree with Bullinger's assessment of the Mazzaroth: that it is something God placed above our heads in the night's sky to be used as a guide to His plan of Salvation for mankind. :)

  12. I'm also an astrologer and the problem here is that we're not positive of PJM's time of birth - one biography says his mother was given a private room right after his birth at 2 am, and I believe Linda Mc gave the time as 2 pm. Neither is probably exactly right as when people give times on the hour or half hour, they're usually approximate. Even a change of only 15 minutes can make a big deal. So a change from 2am to 2pm would change Paul's rising sign from Pisces to Virgo - very different.He seems more Piscean to me. I think the aspects in late '66 were challenging, but I would tend to see them as major or ongoing illness rather than death. When I checked Lennon's chart at the time, I don't see someone close to him dying in such a shocking manner. I'd love to see more investigation of this angle though!


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