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Tara Browne’s car crash… real or faked?

Everyone who follows PID [Paul McCartney is Dead] knows the ‘official story’ of Tara Browne, Guinness heir and friend of The Beatles, being killed in a tragic car crash that, we are told, partially formed the inspiration for lyrics in A Day In The Life on the Sgt. Pepper album. Here are the basics in the Daily Mail Online in 2012…
Aside from John Huston calling Tara’s mother a witch (we won’t go there, although it is quite tempting), some of the so-called ‘facts’ in the case seem odd.
See also…
Let’s look at some troubling statements from these articles, as well as the famous ‘crash’ photo.
The Daily Mail calls their report ‘the true story,’ so they are pretty sure of themselves, but maybe they are perpetuating old lies. Right, so Tara slams his Lotus into the side of a parked van at 120 mph, does he? Here’s the famous crash photo…

 Does that look like a car that has slammed into anything at 120 mph? Here’s a crash test at 120 mph…

Now granted, the Ford Focus was made from different materials than a sixties Lotus, but does Tara’s car look like it hit a parked van at 120 mph?
Looks more like the Lotus was parked behind the old car you can see parked in front of it and someone gave the Lotus repeated blows with a sledgehammer. A swinging sledgehammer could have bashed the top back to rest on the rear of the car, mangled the driver’s side dash and knocked in the steering column, and the head of the sledgehammer could have made the odd gashes we see on the driver’s side of the Lotus. Whatever made the gashes and holes in the car’s body, it’s plain to see that the body was made of fiberglass, not steel. A steel body would dent, not show gashes and holes like that. Would a fiberglass car body hold up better than the body of a Ford Focus crashing at 120 mph? No, it would have splintered into bits and been crushed like the Ford Focus in the video crash test. No front seat survivors possible. Lots of blood.
Personally, I’m convinced someone bashed into ‘Tara’s car’ with a sledgehammer. Were they trying to make it look like a crash or was someone angry at Tara and did the clubbing (while Tara and reportedly Suki Poitier were indoors doing a different kind of clubbing)? Where’s the white van in the photo? Nowhere to be seen. According to the Abbey Road album (if one makes the connection as so many have) it was not a white van, but a ‘yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go’ (meaning you couldn’t avoid it at high speed). If there was ‘nowhere to go,’ he would have hit the yellow lorry, not a parked white van.
Interestingly in the Beatles Bible articles, just by pure coincidence, Tara was swerving to avoid an oncoming Volkswagen. A Beetle, right? Why not? There’s one parked in Abbey Road on the cover and we see the mystical Beetle in Stanley Kubrick films and Apple promos and films. Didn’t want to hit that Beetle, did he?
Would anyone have been angry at Tara at the time? His estranged wife, Nicki, for one. Her father, for another. Can’t blame me for speculating, when I’m just ‘reading between the lines’ of these articles. I’m not imagining Nicki herself wielding a sledgehammer, but I’ve heard that thugs were and are available for hire in Jolly Old London town, not to mention MI6.
So if Tara wasn’t killed in the so-called car crash, what happened to him and how did he disappear? Did the cops and newspapers and coroner fake the story? If so, then we will mention MI6.
Kensington and Chelsea are in densely populated central London. Could anyone drive 120 mph through it, even if insane enough to try? Why would a traffic light make any difference, if you’re flying through streets at 120 mph? You couldn’t stop quickly at that speed anyway, so what’s the nonsense about the traffic light Tara, according to John's lyrics, didn’t notice?
The Daily Mail have Tara driving Suki home after dinner at a restaurant. The Beatles Bible article, Tara Dies, reports that they left a friend’s house just before 1:00 a.m. and they were “in search of food.” At 120 mph, they were looking for a restaurant open late? Really?
When Tara and Nicki separated, she moved to Spain. To me, it’s mildly interesting that Nicki and ‘John Lennon’ were both in Spain in 1966, for very different reasons, we suppose. Nicki moved to Spain to get away from Tara and John and Dick Lester and crew moved down there to shoot a movie. Just lots of folks moving to Spain temporarily in 1966.
Tara died of his injuries the following day. Suki was ‘unharmed’ (again, see video of 120 mph crash test). Wait, what’s not right? The Beatles Bible says Tara died of his injuries the following day. The third paragraph of the Daily Mail story says he was ‘killed instantly.’ If Suki had not been in the car at all during the beating it took, then it would make sense that she was unharmed that night. There isn’t a drop of blood to be seen in the photo the Daily Mail calls ‘horrific wreckage,’ so we’re to believe Tara was ‘killed instantly,’ but didn’t bleed.
Seriously, I don’t think anyone died in the bloodless car in that photo. It was parked and no one was in it when the damage occurred. If it wasn't mauled by a sledgehammer, maybe something big and heavy was dropped from above on it, but I think a sledgehammer made the gashes (and probably all the other damage).
Sorry for the digression, but oddly, this reminds me of a Peter Gabriel song...

you'd better call the sledgehammer put your mind at rest I'm going to be-the sledgehammer this can be my testimony I'm your sledgehammer
let there be no doubt about it
The Beatles Bible articles quote Lennon in Anthology recalling the two Daily Mail articles he saw that inspired him to write A Day In The Life. One was Tara’s crash and the other was about the holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. This is an odd quote, ‘One was about the Guinness heir who killed himself in a car.’ Tara was supposed to be a close friend of both Paul and John, so why doesn’t John say ‘our friend’ instead of distancing himself by saying ‘the Guinness heir’? Why does he say Tara ‘killed himself in a car,’ which sounds like suicide?
In the dubious Barry Miles bio of McCartney, ‘Paul’ says it was a politician who ‘blew his mind out in a car.’ A politician? Sir Paul says it was nothing to do with a crash, but it may have been to John, but they wrote the song together. What?
As in so many tales of Beatles lore and legend, the Tara Browne crash story is full of holes, just like Blackburn, Lancashire. The Albert Hall, coincidentally, is not far away from the so-called Tara Browne crash scene in South Kensington, which was most likely nothing but a faked, psyop event.
But don't ask me what really happened to Tara, Paul, John, George and Ringo before 1967. Probably dead, but how and why?

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Mike Worley: "I used to work traffic accidents as a Deputy Sheriff and I have also worked my share of bodywork rebuilding wrecked cars. One look at this photos tells me all I need to know. There is no way the car impacted anything with the front. There is no crinkling along the side of the car. All the damage appears to have been done by hydraulically clipping off sections of the sheet metal, removing a door and bashing the upper fender with something like a sledge hammer. The interior has also been smashed and cut but there is no sign of blood on the clean white paint or anywhere inside the driver compartment. To me...it just appears to be a poorly staged photo by someone who doesn’t understand physics or has never seen a car after a real high speed collision."


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  1. Apparently, Tara Browne died on Keith Richards' 23rd birthday. Keith also went by the names Keef and Keith Richard. And of course, on the cover of Sgt. Pepper, you have a scale model of the Aston Martin (undamaged) on the lap of the bloody doll with the Rolling Stones shirt. The Stones' manager, Andrew Loog-Oldham (the man behind the temporary name change of Richards to Richard) kicked Ian Stewart out of the band because 6 faces were too many for the fans to remember. So you have The Featles covering up their true identities as they are surrounded by a backdrop of a diverse crowd on the cover of Pepper. Hence, the recent memory The Beatles on their final US album cover, Yesterday and Today {1966} is buried just as they are on the most overrated album in the history of the music industry; Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band {1967. } To quote Faul: "Can you dig it?"

  2. It was not a Volkswagen he avoided. I said this ages ago. It was a white Volvo (this was mentioned two times in articles following his death)- the only other type of car mentioned was an E-Type Jaguar - since the Volvo got mentioned more often, go Volvo. Not Volkswagen. That's mythology.

  3. forum thread on Tara Browne...


  4. Did Tara become part of the Featles? Good question. I thought his Asian-ish eyes and slim build sort of matched with the 'John' in How I Won The War. The need for plastic surgery on the nose to get that caved in thing on the sides of the nose would mean that he would have had to be out of the public eye long enough for the surgery and healing. That could only happen if you plant a double for Tara in the weeks leading up to the faked crash. Not likely.

  5. I'm in Central London right now. Even with a 2015 top of the line sports car, you would really, really struggle to get up to 120 mph in these streets. 80 mph would be ridiculously dangerous, over the top showing off.

    Note how the front wheels did not even slightly move towards the rear of the car after the alleged impact. And this was a Lotus, a light weight car.

  6. I notice that Tara’s brother, Garech Browne/de Brun died 10/3/2018, 7 days before St Patrick’s Day. After a bit of rooting around I found out some interesting connections and info. The family was essentially the main Guiness heirs also connected to the Rothschilds and possibly Ireland’s most prominent ‘illuminati’ bloodline family. Their home was called Luggala, a castle like property a few miles South of Dublin, set on the edge of a lake in the Wicklow mountains amidst stunning scenery. The property and environs are uncannily similar to that of Crowley’s Boleskine House. Tara was named after the Hill of Tara in County Meath Ireland where Irish kings were crowned in ancient history. The name is possibly derived from RA as in To ‘RA’ the sun god (Here Comes/The Sun/King). St. Patrick, according to legend, visited the site immediately on his arrival to Ireland. There is a pagan monument with an obelisk still there today. The family home ‘Luggala’ is named after the Celtic Pagan God ‘Lug’ a Sun God represented with a tool or weapon like Vulcan, part Sun god,part master craftsman (see Tubal Cain/Hiram Abiff early key masons). Back to Tara, socialite of Swinging London. We know that Tara is reported as having died in the crash analysed above 18/12/66 and mythologised in the song A Day In The Life. Tara was allegedly with Paul McCartney in Liverpool/the Wirral in December 1965 when Paul had the moped crash and chipped a tooth. A year later was the car crash that killed Tara uncannily similar to the car crash that killed Paul in late 66 on 9/11 or 11/9 as has been speculated. A Daily Mail article from 2015 about Tara makes a point of saying that Paul couldn’t be at Tara’s birthday 4/3/66 as he was recording revolver despite the party being a who’s who of major 60s figures. With Browne on 18/12 was one Suki Poitier who later became Brian Jones’s girlfriend. Potier died in a car crash along with her husband Robert Ho aged 33 25/6/82. The car crash/ bike crash motif is an odd recurring motif here as is the socialite ‘dabbling’ in the music scene. Garech was a patron of the arts in Ireland starting the record label that gave the Chieftans their big break and he had an association with artists and poets like Lucien Freud and Seamus Heaney. What’s with all of this cosying up to the artists of the day? I would suggest some serious influence peddling and nefarious social engineering techniques by blue blooded families eager to control/steer the major artists of the time’s themes and ideas in order to in turn influence the public. The car crash is highly suspect as shown above. Did Tara go ‘underground’ or assume a new identity. The publicity surrounding the crash may have been intended for certain parties to assume Tara was dead while he slipped into the shadows or into an assumed identity. There’s a short documentary about Luggala which takes the viewer on a tour of its immaculate and opulent interior. Interestingly Tara’s bedroom is preserved as it was the day he died by Garech.


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